Top Chef

Season 6 Episode 1

Sin City Vice

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2009 on Bravo

Episode Recap

The chefs move in, see the kitchen for the first time and learn their QuickFire challenge – the Mise en Place Relay Race. The first leg of the challenge is to shuck 15 clams, then peel 30 spot prongs, clean up 5 lobsters, and finally butcher 2 chops from the prime rib. The contestants draw chips to pick teams and Robin drew the gold chip with was immunity from the elimination challenge and a free pass from the QuickFire. Black Team was Mike, Ashley, Hector, and Eli. The blue team was Jennifer, Bryan, Jesse, and Mattin. The green team was Laurine, Ron, Ash, and Jen. The red team was Kevin, Preeti, Eve, and Michael. The blue team won the challenge but there is a cook off to determine the winner of a chip worth $15,000 from the M resort.

Robin was given the offer to give up her immunity for a chance at the $15,000, and she turned it down. The contestants had to make a meal in 30 minutes using the ingredients they worked with in the QuickFire challenge. Bryan and Mattin's dishes were the least liked, and Jennifer and Jesse's dishes were the favorites; Jennifer won the $15,000 with her Clam Ceviche with Citron Vinegar.

For the Elimination Challenge, the contestants had to make a dish consisting of their personal vices. Robin contends with the blue team for the challenge.

Wolfgang Puck was the guest judge for this week's elimination challenge. Padma called Jennifer C., Kevin, Mike, and Ron to the Judges' Table to tell them they were the best of their groups. Wolfgang tells Kevin that he won the challenge with his Arctic Char with Turnip Salsa Verde. Eve, Hector, Jen, and Jesse were called in front of the judges and they were told their dishes were deemed the least favorite. Jen was eliminated by her Chile Relleno stuffed with Seitan and Tomatillo Salsa.
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