Top Chef

Season 3 Episode 11

Snacks on a Plane

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Padme uses the quickfire to sell her cookbook even though she is not a chef, and they cook airplane food in the elimination Challenge.

    Okay I really like Padme has a hostess, but she crossed the line by trying to promote her cookbook on the show. She divorces Salman Rushdie after she comes into her own a little bit and now sells a cookbook when she's not even a chef! Can you say golddigger? The quickfire challenge was a joke because of this. In the elimination challenge C.J. goes home because of his "broccolini". Something Tom called the worst dish in the history of the show. C.J. was in the deep end with a lot of good chefs and clearly out of his element. I still say Casey, (who won) has cast some kind of spell over the judges with her very large rack. (and I'm not talking a cooking rack here, lol.) I really don't see the talent in her cooking. My point here is proven by the fact that other chefs when they won the elimination challenge received books, while she got a computer last episode, and a trip anywhere in the world this episode. Goes to show that if you're hot, it doesn't matter how badly you cook, even if the guest judge is Anthony Bourdain. Maybe they went out after the show!
  • For anyone who has traveled and eaten airplane food, it now becomes a lot clearer why it is not the best. Interesting take on cooking, but it was a worthy episode.

    This whole show had twists, with Padhma waking them up and having them make her breakfast was entirely something new. No guest judge with their preconceived ideas, this was different.
    The breakfasts were for the most part incredible, and convincing Padhma to like steak and eggs that dish had to be really good.
    Cooking airplane food is a lot more difficult that we think. Even with the best starting ingredients making reheated food taste good and fresh is a lot harder than it seems. The dishes as they said were all over the place, and some of them were reheating related.
    At this level part of the competition there were some bad decisions still being made. As the judges commented that more than one of the dishes should never have been served. I did not pay too much attention to Casey early as she did not appear to be much of a start, but lately she has shown just why she belongs there. She is not playing it safe, she is playing to win. She might make a bad dish next week, but it will be because she tried to make something tasty and not conservative.
    CJ sorry to see you go, thought you and Padhma were going to have breakfast in bed, just kidding.
  • The chefs must make some first class airplane food.

    I understand that this show is a competition and they must do interesting challenges to keep up ratings and such, but airplane food? When there are only 6 left? This should have been a challenge much earlier in the season not toward the end when they should be pulling out the big guns cooking wise. I really enjoyed CJ but he definitely should have been the one to go home because I actually think he should have gone home two weeks ago instead of Trey. I am worried about the next couple of episodes because i think that some of the chefs that are left should have been sent home a while ago and the level talent in the chefs that are left i think is lower than some of the people sent home! We will see next week. I cant wait for NY!