Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 5

Social Service

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on Bravo

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  • A six course meal

    How gross was this quick fire challange. I would have been sick to my stomach trying to prepare a dish from the leftover parts of animals. The final challange was to cook and prepare an six course meal working in pairs of two. I did think Mia and Betty had started to work on the duck a little to early. I think Cliff and his partner Sam's dish looked great. i was really shocked that they decides to send both Jose and her parnter home. But when it came down to trying to determine who was ultimatly responsible for the dish, they couldn't decide so i guess it was fair to send them both home.
  • Ok wasn't the idea to "cook" something????

    Wow both Josie and Marsia got the knife last week. I for one am glad both got sent home. One they didn't do anything at all worth cooking for the challenge so it was their loss. And yes Marsia should have gone home long ago, I am sorry but all you hear is about her deserts and I haven't seen a good one yet. Josie I liked in the beginning but the last two weeks she really has gotten on my nerves. She talked like she has something to cook and to win but she never showed it. And she got way to...what is the word...cockie kind of. They didn't even cook anything at all for their part of the meal. And that was suppose to be a refersher, yah more like dulled the actually ok dinner that had already come out. Three hours on a salad, must be world record, call someone and write it down.

    I can't wait until next week, I am glad that Tom is right on their "butts" even though I kind of feel bad that he had to eat the dinner from behind the scenes instead of sitting enjoying out front. But go Tom, they need a reality check.

    Look at Betty, she is getting to caught up in the blah blah fighting rather than cooking. How disappointing!

    Ha and everyone thought Marcel would be first or second to go and look he is still there and actually doing something. Of course the previews show him and Frank (dork) fighting next week.

    And it is about time that Mike got his knife out of his butt, that was nice for a change that he was not a big a** to bad this episode.

    Ok now for goodness sack start cooking something....
  • 2 down 10 to go, and Tom is Grumpy!

    I believe that playtime is over. The judges delivered the definitive message \"strighen up and fly right or you are out\". In his blog, Tom talks about his dislike of style over substance. We saw alot of that from Steven in season one, and for some reason it seems like many of the chefs this season are going that route.

    I was suprised to see Betty going that way. This does not appear to be her style and I am not sure why she has deviated from the stye that had her winning.

    I was glad to see Mike buckle down and come up a winner. I think he was more suprised then anyone!

    Next week should be facinating. I look forward to seeing if the chef\'s learned a lesson from this week.