Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 5

Social Service

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • The parts of animals which were considered leftovers in the challenges are not leftovers in some Asian countries like China, Korea and Vietnam.

    • Elimination Challenge Dishes:

      Course # 1: Duo of Salmon - Marcel & Frank
      Duo of salmon, tartare & mousse, with red & gold beets.

      Course # 2: Scallops & Foie Gras - Cliff & Sam
      Seared diver scallops & seared foie gras with a fig gastrique.

      Course # 3: Seafood Paella - Michael & Ilan
      Lobster, shrimp & mushroom paella, fried softshell crab.

      Course # 4: Seared Duck Napoleon - Mia & Betty
      Seared duck with sweet potatoes & green beans.

      Course # 5: "The Awakening Trio" - Josie & Marisa
      Prickly pear & coconut soup, fennel & apple salad, sauteed pineapple salad.

      Course # 6: Dessert Trio - Carlos & Elia
      Chilled pomegranate & orange juice with basil, phyllo & mascarpone Napoleon, apple or pineapple sorbet with pistachio.

    • QuickFire Challenge Dishes Shown:

    • Frank - Veal sweetbread & arugula tart, cream of catfish head & basil soup.
    • Marisa - Homemade pappardelle, Greek style beef cheek Bolognese.
    • Elia - Seared kidneys with sweetbreads & fingerling potatoes.
    • Sam - Sweetbread & scallion beignets, Chinese five spice & sweet soy broth.
    • Marcel - Veal sweetbread schnitzel, pork blood & kidney sauce, capellini & pistou.
    • Cliff - Sautéed sweetbreads, shallots, olives & a sweet sandwich of braised oxtail.
    • Michael - Veal tail & tongue stew, sunny side up egg on toast.
    • Mia - Braised pig's feet with sautéed arugula & homemade cornbread.
    • Josie - Braised oxtail with carrot broth, potato purée & tripe cracklings.
    • Betty - Fish head & beef cheek en Brodo, black pepper fettuccini.
    • Carlos - Sautéed sweetbreads, cilantro lime sauce, almond & ginger rice.
    • Ilan - Almond crusted sweetbreads, fingerling potatoes & scallions.
  • Quotes

    • Marcel: Frank asked me, 'Do you want to be my partner?' It was kind of like being asked to go on prom with somebody that you're not totally interested in, but for fear of not having anybody else to go to prom with, you're like, 'Okay.'

    • Tom Colicchio: These are about choices. Someone's gotta say, 'Hey, that looks like Pepto-Bismol we can't serve that. Let's fix it. Let's fix the problem.'

    • Elia: (after being told her kidneys taste too much of kidney) Is this woman for real? I'm supposed to make kidney taste like olives, with a sauce?

    • Betty: Marcel went for that pig's blood. Kinda looks like a vampire, don't you think? (thunder sound)

    • Chef Joseph Ojeda: (about the basil in the pomegranate drink) It's not very sexy to be plucking out greens out of your mouth while you're in a dinner date.

  • Notes

    • Chef Joseph Ojeda, Executive Chef at Social Hollywood, is present and gives his opinions during the luncheon.

    • Guest Judge - Michelle Bernstein. Chef Bernstein is the chef and owner of Michy's in Miami, and consulting chef for the Social restaurants in Los Angeles and Miami.

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