Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on Bravo

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  • Thankgiving dinner

    This episode's quick fire dish was a pretty good one but I dont think it was that hard. They had to prepare a dish out of can foods. There were five winners in this challange and none of the five were able to be eliminated. The other five remaning were the only one participating in the elimination challange. Their challange was to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for the winning five. I dont think Marcel was wrong for putting Franks bag on the floor because thats was nasty and he should have cleaned up after himself. Carlos went home for the salad he made.
  • Ok it is a holiday but they sure didn't have much seasonal spirit.

    So ok I am not sure how fair it was that half got the day/episode off but it is a contest and so it does make sense was good idea...was it fair ahhh I guess I am stuck on more of who was on the winning half.
    And wooo Betty has shown her real face now and it isn't pretty! What a witch, and that smile drives me nuts because we plainly see it is not real! Reality check she is a back stabbing, whining, blaming everyone else freak. Does she not know what team work is???? Dah! She is as bad as her desert.
    That said I thought it was cute about the chocolate thing but it wasn't Betty's idea so that is why it was great.
    And what up with Sam and Frank. First wow I didn't exprect Sam to start stuff between people but as contests go we expect it and in this group we know they are doing anyting but good cooking. Not to them drama doesn't make your plate better.
    Frank is a freak for one, and too he is a slob. The whole yelling out at Marcel is just dumb and stupid. He needs to go home!
    Go Marcel for being the only one to go all out, way to go. He might not be the most like able person but at least he is honest about being a dork and up front with everyone.
    Over all the dinner was very diappointing, expecially compared to last season when it came to big dinner. I thought the geust judge was awesome! Sweet! And for once Mike was not too much of a jerk and what a team player. him and Marcel did great.
  • Disappointed by number of passes given out!

    I was very distressed with this episode. I do not understand why they gave out so many "get out of jail free" cards. Immunity should only be for the best of the bunch period! By giving it five contestants you diminish it and make it almost a joke.

    I can understand Elias anger. The rules changed in the middle of the game. Wether her quickfire dish was good or bad, the rules should not have changed. I am disappointed in Betty, she seems to have completely lost her focus since winning the T.G.I.F. challange. I'm not sure if she got cocky or just can't handle the pressure. Marcel drives me crazy, I think he is even less likeable then Stephen from season one. And what can you say about Mike! Ya love him and can't wait for him to go all at the same time!