Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 7

The Raw and the Cooked

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on Bravo

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  • Well at least this time they actually cooked something...

    I was mildly impressed with this episode. For once they actually cooked food and did a half way decent job of it. I am glad that Marcel won the quick fire, he did good. And I am impressed with Betty, she was not as evil and actually nice this time. The team actually used team work. Frank for sure needed to go, what a jerk. Ok I don't really like Mike that much but he is better than Frank any day. I thought it was cool that they did a beach and surfing. And it was cute to see Marcel and Elia playing together. All in all it was an ok show maybe they will all step it up a little.
  • Fun and Sun at the beach -NOT!

    This was an interesting set of challenges. The cold challenge was ok. I am not sure why Marcel won, I don't consider his dish an entree. I thought it was a good looking salad. Also, once again we see Marcel doing the multi item plate instead of one item.

    For the elimination challenge I thought the beach was great. It was like a huge equalizer. I was glad to see Betty get back on track and for that matter all of the women in the top three.

    I don't think Frank should have been eliminated. I think you see one of the problems with the single elimination format. Frank is a strong cook who has done well in prior challenges and yet one error and he is gone. If that was the way it should be then Micheal would have been gone long ago. I would love to see this show go to double elimination. It would not be hard. Any combination of two loses Quick fire or Elimination and you are gone. Get rid of immunity and I think this makes a contest of it.
  • Breakfast on the beach

    Betty was chosen in the bottom again for her quick fire dish. Marcel won his first quick fire challange and won imunity for the next elimination round. The next elimination challange is to cook breakfast for athletes outside in the sand over a pit. Michael left his eggs so he solicited the help of the others. I was glad they helped him. I think this was the first elimination challange where majortiy of the chefs were nervious about their dish. The top three were all women and I was happy about that. At the end Frank was the one that got sent home.
  • This week's theme was to work wih limitations. In the Quickfire they were asked to shop at a fresh market and then create a dish without cooking. The Elimination Challenge was to cook breakfast over a barbecue pit at a beach for surfers.

    The chefs were told that they were going to be asked to work with some major limitations for this one and they didn't lie. In the Quickfire their task was to use products obtained at a fresh market in a dish that they were not allowed to heat. A surprising number of the chefs hit the seafood vendors with mixed results. Elia's tuna was well received but Betty's halibut was one of the worst dishes. They also approved of Frank's scallops and Marcel's watermelon steak with Marcel topping the group and earning immunity. The Elimination challenge was presented as a mystery. They were told that they would be cooking for athletes after a workout at their training ground but were <i>not</i> told what equipment would be available to them. This proved crucial, since the athletes were surfers and they were expected to cook over beach barbecue pits. This difficulty was overcome with grace by the three women but Frank, Sam, and Cliff greatly rued their choices at the supermarket of the previous day. In the end Elia was the favorite and Frank, who's salmon scramble was a long way from his planned quiche was told to pack his knives and go. The contestants as a whole rose gracefully to this challenge. The judges had few complaints about the <i>flavors</i> of even the bottom three chefs, and the decision came down to presentation. I would have picked Mia as the winner, and Cliff as the loser simply because of the sand in his food. There was good interaction amongst the chefs- Michael and Frank's sniping, Marcel's arrogance, and Betty's redemptive moment when she gave Michael some of her eggs. Even Mia was a gracious loser, looking genuinely pleased for Elia instead of furious that she was passed over yet again.
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