Top Chef

Season 3 Episode Special

Top Chef Holiday Special

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Fun for the holidays but the teeth are out for $20,000.00........

    I agree I don't think that people like Josie or whats her face with the funny blonde hair gay one) should have been their. Betty I think they did that because of Marcel but I can over look that. CJ well he did make it farther than Tre did so...

    I didn't like that fact that it was about the holidays and this time it was money for them instead of charity. Maybe it should have been in reverse with the Four Star All-Stars.

    How do I feel about Tiff winning, well she did go ok but we didn't see much really 'great' come from her. But I did perfer her last dish over Tre, mostly because Tre's dish was more Betty than him. And to tell the true I was hoping for Marcel to win. I would have like it to be Tre and Marcel one on one. Without being there to taste the food I can't say for sure who should have won.

    The challenge was sweet, head to head each meal and then two elimated after each course, until there was two left. Yah that was sweet.