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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Food on the Fly

  • Graphics misspelled the ingredient Funyun as "Funion" in the QuickFire Challenge.

  • QuickFire Challenge Winner: Lee Anne

  • Elimination Challenge Top Three:
    Tiffani - Winner

    Elimination Challenge Bottom Three:
    Candice - Eliminated

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Blind Confusion

  • There were 20 different ingredients for the QuickFire Taste Test Challenge, but only 13 were shown to the viewers. They were: longan, tamarind, hibiscus, agave, konnyaku, chili paste, durian, nopal, kampyo, curry paste, nato, umeboshi plum, and ghee.

  • Lisa: You got the jicama?
    Harold: (not hearing what she said) What's that?

    Back at the Top Chef kitchen, Lisa asked Harold in passing if he packed the jicama, but he didn't hear her and she didn't repeat the question, at least in the broadcast version of this scene.

  • Elimination Challenge Dishes:

    Latin / Chinese – Lee Anne & Stephen

    Corn Sope with Char Siu Pork: Avocado Cream, Sope Tart Shell / Char Siu Pork, Pickled Asian Slaw

    Latin / Indian – Andrea & Miguel

    Curried Chicken and Lentil Burrito: Flour Tortilla, Spanish Rice / Masala Chicken, Spiced Lentils

    Latin / Moroccan – Tiffani & Dave

    Moroccan Cubano Pork Sandwich: Flour Gorditas, Pickled Carrots and Red Onion / Curry Pork, Stone Fruit Chutney.

    Latin / Japanese – Lisa & Harold

    Seared Tuna Avocado Salad: Jicama (forgotten) and Avocado Salad / Seared Tuna, Daikon Sprouts

  • The competitors unwind after a difficult day by holding their own taste test contest, "The Fatass Snackmaster Challenge". Dave and Miguel were given 5 minutes to identify 20 common snacks, from Whoppers to Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. It was a close competition, but in the end Miguel was crowned "The Snackmaster".

  • QuickFire Challenge Winner: Andrea.

  • The back of Chef Yakura's shirt reads, "Council Bluffs Jaycees".

  • Dave and Tiffani won the Elimination Challenge. Lisa lost and was asked to leave.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Guess Who's Coming To Din...

  • Stephen used AOL to research recipes for his dessert course.

  • Miguel: (during the QuickFire Challenge) Who turned my back burner off?! That was nice.

    This is the third case of possible sabotage in the first season.

  • Elimination Challenge Dishes:

    1st Course Cold Appetizer
    Andrea – Smoked scallops & caviar on a latke (Miguel's dish).

    2nd Course Soup
    Stephen – Chanterelle soup (Dave's dish).

    3rd Course Fish
    Dave – John Dory fish (Andrea's dish).

    4th Course Poultry
    Lee Anne – Duck breast with fig stuffed gnocchi (Tiffany´s dish).

    5th Course Meat
    Tiffany – Roasted prime beef and swiss chard (Harold's dish).

    6th Course Pre-Dessert
    Miguel – Fourme d'Ambert cheese & beet salad (Lee Anne´s dish).

    7th Course Dessert
    Harold – Chocolate dessert trio (Stephen´s dish).

  • QuickFire Challenge Dishes:

    • Stephen – Poached Baby Manila Clams over Grilled Sea Beans. Cost: $2.84
    • Miguel – Antipasti Plate. Cost: $1.50
    • Lee Anne – Deep Fried Oysters with Reduced Lemon Garlic Cream. Cost: $2.98
    • Harold – Bacon Wrapped Trevisano with Gorgonzola Brûlée. Cost: $2.93
    • Tiffani – Oysters Three Ways. Cost: $2.76
    • Andrea – Carrot and Pear Salad. Cost: $1.56
    • Dave – Cumin and Oregano Chicken Skewers with Adobo Honey Butter. Cost: $2.57

  • Nitpick: Harold states he's been "really comfortable in every QuickFire Challenge," apparently forgetting his attack of nerves in Chef Keller's kitchen during episode one.

  • The bottom three are Dave, Andrea and Miguel. Andrea is eliminated.

  • The top three in the Elimination Challenge are Tiffany, Lee Anne, and Stephen. Lee Anne is the winner of the challenge.

  • The winner of the QuickFire Challenge was Stephen.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Restaurant Wars

  • The winner of the QuickFire Challenge didn't receive immunity. Instead, the winning sandwich will be featured on the 'wichcraft menu when it opens in San Francisco.

  • Harold was the winner of the QuickFire Challenge. He could be considered to have a leg up on the other competitors, since he had eaten in Tom's New York 'wichcraft restaurant many times and was familiar with what was on, and more importantly, what was not on the menu already.

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