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  • Season 4 Episode 14: Finale

  • Stephanie mentions that Dale Levitski, runner-up of season 3, knew her and suggested that she try out for season 4.

  • Eric Ripert's Protein Selection: caviar, clams, sea urchin, lobster, hamachi, snapper, poussins (baby chickens) quail, quail eggs, chorizo, bacon, veal tenderloin, and rack of lamb.
    Dan Barber's Protein Selection: abalone, calamari, scallops, tuna, halibut, guinea hen, duck, duck fat, foie gras, prosciutto, pork belly, rabbit, and venison.
    April Bloomfield's Protein Selection: oysters, octopus, head on prawns, jumbo lump crab, mahi mahi, organic chicken, squab, pancetta, sweetbreads, oxtails, beef tongue, wagyu strip, and ostrich steaks.

  • Final Challenge Menus:

    * First Course - Grilled Prawns with Chili Basil Sauce & Crab, Homemade Potato Chips
    * Second Course - Tom Kha Gai Soup with Dumplings
    * Third Course - Wagyu Beef with Chayote & Cucumber Salad, Hot Sauce & Garlic Chips
    * Dessert Course - Black Thai Rice Pudding with Lime & Mango Creme, Taro & Coconut

    * First Course - Seared Red Snapper, Truffled Clam & Asparagus Broth, Asparagus Salad
    * Second Course - Quail Breast over Lobster Ravioli with Mango-Lobster Sauce and Quail Egg
    * Third Course - Lamb with Maitake Mushrooms, Braised Pistachios, Blackberry & Olive Tapenade
    * Dessert Course - Ricotta Pound Cake with Tropical Fruit & Banana Creme

    * First Course - Scallop with Mango & Pineapple Vinegar
    * Second Course - Guinea Hen, Chicken Egg, Foie Gras & Spring Vegetables
    * Third Course - Pickled Radishes, Mirin Broth & Pork Belly
    * Dessert Course - Banana "Scallop" with Bacon Ice Cream

  • First-run Fan Poll:

    Who do you think should be Top Chef?

    A. Lisa 4%
    B. Richard 36%
    C. Stephanie 60%

    (all percentages are as of the end of the episode)

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Puerto Rico

  • QuickFire Challenge Dishes Shown:

    • Stephanie - Tostones with Seared Tuna; Pork and Shrimp Fritter with Brown Butter, Lime and Basil Sauce
    • Antonia - Crispy Oysters with Cilantro Plantain Jam; Fried Yellow Plantain with Spicy Slaw
    • Lisa - Tostones with Pan Roasted Duck and Mango Papaya Salsa; Sweet Plantain, Red Onion & Chorizo Fritter with Chutney Slaw
    • Richard - Pork Meatball with Ripe Plantain Sauce; Green Plantain Chips with Ripe Plantain Salsa

  • Elimination Challenge Dishes Shown:

    Stephanie (Sous Chef: Dale)
    • Pork Satay on Sugar Cane Skewer with Miso Almond Sauce
    • Coconut Braised Pork with Black Plantain Pancake
    • Tropical Fruit and Prosciutto Salad with Chicharrones

    Richard (Sous Chef: Spike)

    • Fresh Ham with Local Beans
    • Pressure Cooked Pork Belly with Pickled Watermelon
    • Pork Ribs with Malta and Soy Glaze
    • BBQ Pork Shoulder with Braised Greens and Mango

    Lisa (Sous Chef: Andrew)
    • Citrus Braised Pork Belly with Potato and Plantain Mash
    • Adobo Roasted Pork, Black Bean and Onion Tostone
    • Pork-Filled Yuca Rellena with Pineapple Mojo

    Antonia (Sous Chef: Nikki)
    • Honey Pork Belly with Pickled Sweet Pepper Salad
    • Curried Pork with Pumpkin and Yuca
    • Pigeon Peas with Pork Sausage

  • First-Run Fan Poll:

    Who do you think should pack their knives and go?

    A. Antonia 4%
    B. Lisa 91%
    C. Richard 3%
    D. Stephanie 2%

    (all percentages are as of the end of the episode.)

  • Richard is the winner of the Elimination Challenge and drives away in a 2009 Toyota Corolla. Antonia is told to pack her knives and go home.

  • Stephanie is declared the winner of the QuickFire Challenge and wins the opportunity to assign sous chefs to pair with the Top Chef contestants for the Elimination Challenge.

  • Season 4 Episode 12: High Steaks

  • Chef Tramonto asks each contestant how long they rested their steak before serving it to him in the Quickfire Challenge. Meat is rested, or allowed to sit for varying lengths of time depending on the cut, because as it's heated, the juices are forced from the edges into the center by the heat. Resting allows the juices to return to the outer edges, so it's juicy all the way through, and when cut the juices don't puddle on the plate. A second reason for resting the meat lies in the fact that it continues to cook for a few minutes after it's removed from it's source of heat, so the meat should be taken off the stove a little bit before it's up to the desired temperature, so that it won't overcook.

  • First-Run Fan Poll:

    Who was chopped too soon?

    A. Andrew 18%
    B. Dale 53%
    C. Jennifer 29%

    (all percentages are as of the end of the episode.)

  • Stephanie is announced the winner of the Elimination Challenge and wins Rick Tramonto's new cookbook, Fantastico! and a complete set of GE Monogram appliances. Spike is told to pack his knives and go.

  • Spike is the winner of the QuickFire Challenge and is allowed first choice of proteins for the Elimination Challenge.

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Restaurant Wars

  • Elimination Challenge Dishes:

    Warehouse Kitchen - Antonia, Richard & Stephanie
    Concept: Gastro Pub

    First Course
    * Beet Salad with Goat Cheese & Ras el Hanout Spices
    * Linguine & Clams with Sausage & Horseradish Creme Fraiche

    Second Course
    * Trout with Cauliflower
    * "Lamb Squared" - Lamb Loin & Braised Lamb Shank

    Third Course
    * Gorgonzola Cheesecake with Sweet Potato Puree & Concord Grape Sauce
    * Banana "Scallops" with Banana Guacamole & Chocolate Ice Cream

    Mai Buddha - Dale, Lisa & Spike
    Concept: Asian Fusion

    First Course
    * Spicy Coconut Shrimp Laksa
    * Pork & Pickled Plum Pot Stickers

    Second Course
    * Braised Short Ribs with Pickled Red Cabbage & Apple Basil Salad
    * Butterscotch Miso Scallops, Spicy Eggplant & Pickled Long Beans

    Third Course
    * Halo-Halo with Cantaloupe, Coconut, Kiwi, Avocado & Candied Nuts
    * Mango Sticky Rice with Toasted Coconut

  • The close-up comment card read, in part:

    Asian feel, "BUT" since I am Asian – the Asian ingredients wr not paired well. Maybe less… .

  • Stephanie's pasta was called linguine, but it appeared to actually be fettucine. Linguine is a narrower version of fettucine, and is usually described as flat spaghetti. Fettucine is the same width of the common supermarket staple egg noodles.

  • Dale insists that he did not choose the rice used for Lisa's dessert. When they can't find the proper sticky rice, the footage at Whole Foods shows Spike saying "How about this?" and Dale pulling several bags off the shelf, saying, "'Exceptional for rice puddings,'" and Spike saying, "Oh, well there you go." Lisa says nothing one way or the other in the footage shown.

  • Stephanie is the winner of the elimination challenge; Dale is told to pack his knives and go.

  • Antonia is chosen as the winner of the QuickFire Challenge and wins the right to choose her team for the Elimination Challenge. She selects Richard and Stephanie as her teammates.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Serve and Protect

  • QuickFire Challenge Dishes Shown:

    • Andrew - "Thai Fruit Salad" with Mangoes, Strawberries, Raspberries and Sriracho Dressing
    • Spike - "Sensual Beef Salad" with Pineapple, Radish, Cucmber and Skirt Steak
    • Lisa - "Sexy Banana Salad" with Squid, Lobster Tail, Bananas and Yuzu Vinaigrette
    • Stephanie - "Fall Duet" with Pear Vinaigrette, Poached Pear and Artichokes
    • Antonia - "Poached Egg with Wild Mushroom Salad" with Bacon Vinaigrette and Squash Blossoms
    • Richard - "Fresh and Clean Salad" with Ceviche of Fruits and Vegetables
    • Dale - "Poached Chicken Salad" with Nori Paste, Mirin, Sake, and Rice Wine Vinegar

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