Top Chef

Season 2 Episode 10

Unhappy Customers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Whose was better

    This was another quick fire challange that I didn't really understand. They were to make a snack with mayo and a key ingredient. The remaining contestants were spit into two different groups and had to operate there own resteraunt. I personally liked Sam, Michael, and Ian's team because they did italian food which I love so i would have automatically chosen their team. I think Michael messed up big time for not getting the wine. That real important for an itlaian resturant. Cliff is definitly not a "front of the house" person, he should have stayed in the back. The judges decided it was time to send Michael home.
  • A let down after last years restruant wars...

    Ok again they have the same over all problem, all that drama and not good cooking. I mean come on, this year's chefs just are way to caught up in the drama to even show good of cooks they are.
    I loved restruant wars last season and this season it looked promising. The ideas they had where good and if they ahd lost hte drama I think they would have stood out better than last season.
    I was happy that Marcel was a winner with Sam in the Quickfire, he is a good cook and he might be cockie sometimes but at least he cooks. Sam really needs to step up and grow up if he will ever be top chef and talking down to Mike was uncalled for and off base.
    No I did not feel that Mike should have gone home this time, while he might not be quite top chef this wa snot his turn. Cliff needed to and should have gone home. One he so was a bummer to the front of the house and the thought that he should be just shows his head need to be deflated. Then he didn't even cook anything big and got crabby over a sauce when the judges where talking to Marcel. Cliff needed and should have gone a long time ago.
    Ilan wasn't great at front of the house but at least he tried and he cooked something. Actually the only one who cooked anything good on his team.
    Sam come on Italian with no wine???? And you can't blame Mike either. Sam what about the desert??? Who you going to blame this time.
  • We start off with Marcel rapping, that was random, but fun.

    I'll start off with what I think about the quick fire challenge. Mike tends to bomb on challenges that you would think would be easy for him. I think it's because he over thinks them. That works for the harder challenges, but not for the easier ones. Overall I was happy with the winners on that challenge. Now on to the elimination challenge. One, did they tell Mike before they went shopping that they would be serving olives, if so, why wasn't a dish added to the list to receive the olive pits. Maybe Mike should have thought of them, but neither did Sam and Ilan. And two, why should he buy wine glasses? He was told there would be no wine. Sam didn't allow Mike to get anything done in the kitchen. Mike should have stood up and taken more of a position on what he thought, but it's true that his mentality was, "just let me squeak by", Not, "Let me win". I don't disagree with his elimination, just for the reasons they stated. I agree with their decision on there being no winner. No one stepped up and delivered a winning performance.
  • Mike is gone, and the group that is left are just not as good as first season in my opinion!

    This elimination challenge was almost identical to the first season challenge. The biggest difference in my mind is the quality of the contestant. It is my opinion that the chef’s in the first season were better and had more personality. One thing that I found fascinating was that Marcel was let off the hook even though he sent out raw chicken. Those of you who watch Hell’s Kitchen know that this is a killing offense in Chef Ramsey’s kitchen, and it does not matter if you make 1 or twenty dishes correctly after that!

    I was sorry to see Mike go, but frankly he was way in over his depth. I think he is probably a good line cook, but he does not have the drive to be a Top Chef.

    I am looking forward to the finale. This season just does not seem to have to kick that the first season had, and I think it maybe because of the apparent immaturity of this group.