Top Chef

Season 3 Episode Special

Watch What Happens

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2007 on Bravo

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  • OMg cute and fun, but lacking in Dave. We want more Dave!

    lol oops thanks for correcting that!........nice to see Harold's new place!!!! but what a let down no one is datinganother cast/chef,so there was not a juicey romance. But Harold called out the judges for a smack down that was sweet. And OMG in the preview videos: Hung 'goes either way'.........?????????? And Sam wants to make love in duck what???? Wow some of them are out there. It was funny to see Tim Gunn asking about Steven. I am sorry but Illan looked bad in his tucks cause they looked like high waters. Harold was his normal sexy self and of course with his signarture flip flops, and Sam shaved his head and still sexy as well. And to see the attention that Sam got over Illan in Italy was sweet, and you know yah I wanted him to win!!!! WOW loved him and nice to see he is getting some things that he deserves!!!!!!!! And loved the make fun of the judges tape that the players of season two did when they got bored! but that leads to the question: Why was Dave so quiet?!?!?!?!?

    My favorites where there and cute as ever: Harold and Sam!!
  • Members of the three seasons get together with the judges to discuss the show.

    Usually I like the reunion shows and having the guests from the three seasons all together was originally appealing to me but this one was terribly boring. They didn't have on any of the controversial characters such as Marcel, Hung, Stephen... they didn't even have Tiffany or Miguel on. I thought overall it was really a waste of an hour. The show is pretty drama filled, especially for a cooking show, and to not showcase that during this reunion was really a bad choice I felt. I am surprised that they could not get all the contestants from all the seasons to come back... and if they could and chose not to it was an even worse decision.
  • A look back into the first two and a half years of the series and it gave some behind the scenes looks. Worth the watch.

    This show had it's moments of greatness. The spoof quick fire was the best, with Elia as Padhma giving the chefs 30 seconds to cook steak and eggs. It was well done and very funny. Ilan seems to be just taking anything he can without opening or thinking about opening a new place, and Harold has opened his place in New York.
    Michael said that his time on the show has given him free drinks, and all agreed they would do it again.
    They showed the chefs drinking, cooking and having fun as there was no TV, internet, phones, cell phones or any contact with the outside world, so why not drink.
    All in all, I learned a lot about all the people on the show, and it was worth the watch.
    Their favorite dishes were a little surprising, especially Toms pick, a risoto, that had to be world class, as of all the dishes I could think of many I would rather have.