Top Chef

Season 5 Episode Special

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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2009 on Bravo

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  • Great finale, to an otherwise not so good season!

    This was not, a great season of Top Chef. As I think, first of all. There were so many unlikable people on there. Except for Arianne, who got kicked to the curb by, Hosea & Leah. Carla and Fabio. Also, hope that UK judge Toby Young won't be coming back, anymore. If he does, I will stop watching it when he is on. Really like Gail a lot. And glad she came back, to the finale. Nobody was sore sports, like in season's pasts. And everybody was in a, good mood. Fabio won fan favorite. If he couldn't had won, hoped that Carla would had won. Hope season six, is better.