Top Chef

Season 1 Episode 8

Wedding Bell Blues

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Bravo
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The five remaining contestants compete in interconnected challenges that concern a Commitment Ceremony reception.

Guest Judge: Marcy Blum

Quickfire Challenge: Design a Wedding Reception Menu, Sketch a Wedding Cake and Create a Sample Cold Prawn Canapé in 90 Minutes

Elimination Challenge: Cater a Wedding Reception in Less than 16 Hours

Round Eight.


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  • Steven is gone, made the episode worth watching.

    I think Dave was right, the other chefs had no concept of what was involved with catering an event.

    The menu was to complex in scope, shopping at the supermarket was a mistake, and how can anyone mess up a cake mix?

    Steven as usual was Steven, which in this challange finally proved to be his undoing! Once again he showed that he was a front of the house guy, and frankly I really wonder about how good he is at that. He just comes off as so arrogant and condescending. His final comments about how he will set the bar for service and food to a new level yet unreached in the industry just show how out of touch with reality he is.

    I was glad to see that Lee Ann gave Dave major kusos,and I was sorry that she had to bear the brunt of the criticism for the food problems. While it is true that it was her menu, it is irrational to expect 4 chef\'s to cater a wedding for 100 in just 16 hours. I think the group sans Steven did an admiral job.

  • No immunity, and no winner!

    This was a very out of character episode of Top Chef because of the quickfire challenge directly relating to the elimination challenge, and also there was no immunity for the winner of the quickfire challenge, but just a high stress leadership position. Also all of the judges were extremly harsh for this episode. I mean they were only given 16 hours to cater a "commitment ceremony" (Which by the way was so pun intended!) and then they were grilled for cutting corners. Also I am so glad that Stephen is finally off of the show. He has gotten on my nerves ever since he started fighting with Candice, and then again after he started over explaining every little thing to every person that would try his or the groups food.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • QuickFire Challenge Dishes:

      • Stephen – Tangerine Prawn Escabèche
      • Tiffani – Shrimp Spring Rolls
      • Harold – Poached Prawns Wrapped in Cabbage
      • Dave – Prawn Bruschetta
      • Lee Anne – Crispy Prawn Toast

    • Elimination Challenge Dishes:

      Dave - Crispy Prawn Toast, Crab Meat with Pita Chips.

      Stephen - Lobster Harumaki, Glazed Oyster, Yazu Marinated Roe, Crab Soup Dumplings.

      Harold - Seared Salmon Salad, Thai Green Papaya, Lime & Chili Vinaigrette.

      The Lovers' Nest
      Tiffani - Seafood and Fresh Vegetables, Potato Taro Root Basket, Mango & Coconut.

      Lee Anne - Peking Style Beef, Crispy Scallion Pancakes, Cucumber Salad.

      Wedding Cake & Truffles
      Tiffani, Lee Anne, Dave & Harold - Passion Fruit & Ginger Scented Cake, with White Chocolate Butter Cream; Milk Chocolate & Sesame, White Chocolate & Sake, and Dark Chocolate & Ginger Truffles.

    • Although Katie asks for hors d'oeuvres, Scott and Scott specfied canapes. Dave and Lee Anne were the only chefs to make appetizers that fit the traditional definition of a canape.

    • The QuickFire Challenge winner was Lee Anne.

    • This is the first episode with no winner from the Elimination Challenge.

    • Stephen was eliminated.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Dave: (of Stephen who's out rehearsing the wait staff) Dónde Top Sommelier?

    • Tiffani: The closer people get to feeling like they're about to be eliminated the more thy're sort of making it personal and throwing people under the bus and grasping at straws on their way out, so I refuse to do that. At no point am I going to attack anyone in this competition.

    • Harold: (at the grocery store) She won't sell me the fish, man!
      Stephen: Why not?
      Harold: I don't know!

    • Scott: (speaking his wedding vows) Many days you give me butterflies in my stomach, and on other days you make me want to pull out the remnants of my hair…

    • Lee Anne: Every cook has humbling moments and for me, pardon the pun, this one takes the cake.

    • Tom Colicchio: This is going to sound harsh; I've had better from a take-out place in New York.

    • Guest: The salmon was USELESS! …I was all of a sudden in a bad convention – it might as well have been boiled chicken.

    • Stephen: Now that my role in this competition has finally come to an end I'm going to be a restaurateur, and that is my goal in life. I will probably influence the industry and raise the bar to a level of excellence that I don't think has been achieved yet to date in this country.

    • Stephen: (explaining his time away from the kitchen) I needed to talk to some of the members of the hotel, and making sure that the execution – the foremost important part of this whole entire event – was intact.

    • Stephen: A chef's responsibility is to delegate. He is a leader, he is a manager in the kitchen; no one took that role. No one, except for myself.

    • Stephen: This wedding cake had no potential whatsoever. I did not want to attach my name – even if I were to help – because, you know, mediocrity is not my game and I just didn't want to have anything to do with it.

    • Harold: Stephen definitely deserved to go home. I could have backed him up, but he called Lee Anne out. There was no way I was gonna let Lee Anne go out like that.

    • Harold: Who caters a wedding out of a Supermarket?! That's unheard of. That's ridiculous! You have specialty purveyors that you go to… that specialize.

    • Harold: (about the wedding cake) It's why God created Betty Crocker.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Marcy Blum, the Elimination Challenge guest judge, is a nationally known wedding and party planner with many celebrity and well-heeled clients, including Top Chef's own Katie Lee Joel. She is the owner of Marcy Blum Associates, Inc., has been trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and authored the 1999 self-help book, Weddings for Dummies.

    • Also Featured in this Episode:

      Scott and Scott (no last name given) had dual roles; they were the guest clients throughout the round, and guest judged the QuickFire Challenge.


    • Canape: Canapes are finger foods prepared on some form of bread (crackers, toast, etc.) and topped with a savory food (meat, cheese, caviar, foie gras, purees, relish).
      Hors d'Oeuvre: Hors d'oeuvres are any type of appetizer. All canapes are hors d'oeuvres, but all hors d'oeuvres are not canapes.
      Amuse-Bouche: Served before the hors d'oeuvres or the first course, an amuse-bouche is a tiny, bite sized morsel meant to excite the taste buds and offer a glimpse into the chef's approach to cooking.