Top Cops - Season 1

CBS (ended 1993)


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Episode Guide

  • David Miles / Pat Logan and Doug Edgington / Steve Sadlock
    Florida officer David Miles's bullet-resistant vest saves his life; two Connecticut cops close down a narcotics den; and Canada's Steve Shadlock pursues a car thief.
  • Robert Howell / Jim Dean
    Pennsylvania Trooper Robert Howell tracks a killer who struck along the Appalachian Trail; while Ohio's Jim Dean's drug bust turns into a shoot-out.
  • Anne Smith / James Love / Rita Rowe
    Iowa's Anne Smith responds to a family disturbance involving an armed man; Chicago James Love encounters a gunmen hired to kill him; and Idaho's Rita Rowe investigates a child-abuse case.
  • Robert Dwyer / Neta Weston / Bruce Hanson
    Ohio trooper Robert Dwyer pulls over a motorist who is driving erratically; Neta Weston of the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation woeks a missing-persons case; and Kansas officer Bruce Hanson shoots it out with a bank robber.
  • Rob Natale / John Hennessy / Randall Black
    Rob Natale negotiates with a man intent on jumping from a balcony; Bronx cop John Hennessy works on a case involving a stabbing; and Indiana's Randall Black confronts a troubled young man.
  • Richard Pastorella / Frank Friel / Jim McKinney
    Richard Pastorella and his partner on the NYPD bomb squad spend a New Year's Eve responding to an explosion; Philadelphia officer Frank Friel investigates a businessman's murder; and Indiana Sheriff Jim McKinney captures a kidnapper while off duty.
  • Ronald Nelson / Bruce Adams
    Trooper Ronald Nelson has to shoot a man who is threatening to harm a child; a California patrolman is involved in a high-speed chase; and New Orleans cop Bruce Adams finds himself in a shootout with a robber.
  • Dave Driscoll and Robert Cea / Robert Martinez and Mark Gil / Pete Pilitire
    Partners Dave Driscoll and Robert Cea deal with a bribery offer; Texas officers Robert Martinez and Mark Gil investigate a gang shooting; and Louisiana's Pete Pelitire escorts a store manager to a bank, where they encounter a gunman.
  • James Potter / Patrick Brosnan and John Fleming / Gary Ferguson
    James Potter pursues a burglar; N.Y. detectives Patrick Brosnan and John Fleming try to bust up a gang; and Florida's Gary Ferguson gets in a high-speed pursuit of robbery suspects.
  • Brenna Neinast / Ron Andrews
    U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brenna Neinast tracks suspected marijuana smugglers; and Toronto's Ron Andrews helps break Canada's "biggest case of bank theft."
  • Craig Chew / Denny Joyce / Norman Pressley
    Oakland's Craig Chew hunts down suspects in convenience-store robberies; FBI agent Denny Joyce attempts to find four females who may have been abducted; and undercover detective Norman Pressley goes after crack dealers.
  • Jerry Parr / Eugene Maloney
    Secret Service agent Jerry Parr pushes Ronald Reagan into his limousine after John Hinckley, Jr. opens fire on the President and then directs the driver to the hospital, saving Reagan's life; while officer Eugene Maloney takes on a gunman who has been terrorizing local merchants.
  • John White / George Gundlach and Frank DeMarco
    Boston trooper John White negotiates with a suicidal man; while New York's George Gundlach solved a series of burglaries with help from Detective Frank DeMarco.
  • Melvin Turner / Richard Smith / Robert Gallagher
    Chief of Police Melvin Turner re-instates a narcotics investigative unit and as a result, busts a drug ring and ends up with the city seizing over $200,000 in drug money. Officer Richard Smith faces down a drug dealer while NYPD detective Robert Gallagher hunts for the man who murdered his partner.moreless
  • Steve Sessler / Jerry Smith / Terry Blaylock
    Detective Steve Sessler works on a cold case to uncover a young girl's murderer; San Jose police officer Jerry Smith goes after an Asian gang responsible for residential robberies; and Chino, CA officer Terry Blaylock helps a woman being threatened by an intruder in her home.
  • Deborah Harper / Janice Blakely / Dawn Robinson / Rudy Ayala / Terry Brown
    Deborah Harper, Janice Blakeley and Dawn Robinson pose as runaway teens in an operation targeting pimps; Border Patrol Agent Rudy Ayala works to net drug smugglers; and West Virginia's Terry Brown pursues a prisoner who escapes from a hospital, taking a nurse hostage.
  • Rocky Bridges / Mike Stapleton
    Officer Rocky Bridges struggles with a gunman after his partner is fatally shot; and NYPD officer Mike Stapleton tries to prevent a patient from jumping off the roof of a mental hospital.
  • James Garcia / Mike Coleman
    James Garcia, a Mount Vernon, N.Y., detective's cover is blown while working with an informant to nab a drug dealer; while off duty Cleveland detective Mike Coleman is wounded during a bar shooting, but is able to help locate the suspects.
  • Michael Chitwood / Alan J. Medina / Bill Scott
    Before he was Portland, Maine, Chief Of Police, Michael Chitwood worked on a narcotics squad in the Philadelphia Police Department where a drug dealer used a baby as a human shield; FBI special agent Alan J. Medina works with an informant to set up a sting to nail a suspect dealing drugs and stolen merchandise; and Deputy U.S. Marshall Bill Scott thwarts a prison escape.moreless
  • Ken Dellinger and Johnny Gomez / Gary Burke / Charles Woods
    California cops Ken Dellinger and Johnny Gomez pull off a sting operation that destroys a car theft ring; officer Gary Burke hunts for poachers; Michigan patrolman Charles Woods pursues a pair of armed robbery suspects.
  • George Cadavid / Bill Willis / Andrea Huff
    Miami detective George Cadavid walks into a shootout at the mall; Illinois policeman Bill Willis works the case of a kidnapped businessman buried alive; and Andrea Huff steps out in her first experience as a hostage negotiator in North Carolina.
  • Vincent Esposito
    Vincent Esposito
    Episode 6
    Officer Vincent Esposito chases on-foot an armed suspect; while a U.S. Marshal encounters trouble while transporting prisoners from Connecticut to Manhattan.
  • Mel McDougal
    Mel McDougal
    Episode 4
    Officer Mel McDougal negotiates for nine hours for the safety of hostages.
  • Robert Crocker and Butch Beckham
    Officers Robert Crocker and Butch Beckham must handle an armed man who reported a prowler; a Customs Agent comes up with a plan to nab a suspected drug smuggler; and a Federal Agent investigates a dentist suspected of murder.
  • Mel Waxman / Maureen Ford / John Partington
    New York detective Mel Waxman and his wife walks in on a robbery at a pharmacy; Deputy U.S. marshal John Partington helps launch the Federal Witness Protection Program in Providence, Rhode Island when he is assigned to protect a mob hit man; officer Maureen Ford pursues a murder suspect.
  • Greg Armstrong / Kathy Burke
    Officer Greg Armstrong is involved in a shootout with escaped convicts; a Federal agent investigates a woman suspected of a string of murders; and a New York City detective trails a suspected bank robber.
  • Cheryl Brown / James Fairchild / Richard Singleton / Michelle Haines
    Cleveland officer Cheryl Brown confronts a man threatening his family with a gun; Detective James Fairchild hunts for "a crazed Uzi-toting murderer"; Galveston, Texas officer Richard Singleton searches for a missing child; rookie officer Michelle Haines spots a suspicious car.
  • Paul Ragonese / Ron Malfi / John Snidersich
    Paul Ragonese races against time to disarm a bomb; Secret Service agent Ron Malfi infiltrates a Hell's Kitchen New York gang in order to bust a counterfeiting ring; and John Snidersich pursues an armed bank robber.
  • Andrea Marcus-Mace and Mike Cipo
    Partners Andrea Marcus-Mace and Mike Cipo investigate an abduction and rape.