Top Design

Season 1 Episode 9

ELLE DECOR Cover Inspiration

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Oh my only two left and Carissa is one of them :(

    I loved Matt's room even though he didn't get to finish it completely, he definitly deserved to win!!

    Andrea's room rocked I thought! I think it was really high class! What where the judges thinking??? She has a great talent and wow the details where the best. It wasnice to see that she added color and the judges even said she did great. I personally liked all the furniture one height, it would look wierd if they weren't in my opinion.

    OMG Carissa room was horriable. Ok I am not just saying that because I don't really like her it is because my goodness that orange and all those pillows, can we say freaky and cheap! What was she thinking, that was not high class at all and the point of the rooms where to make a high class living room with only the money they got. She always uses orange!! Get a grip women and way to much junk, that part I agree with the judges. But they still kept her, WHY?????? The only good thing about her room was the fake brick wall, which she shouldn't have gotten credit for cause her idea didn't work her carpenter's idea did. And the cracking the judges liked was because of him. Of course she made it look like she did it all and he was not listening but from where I was sitting he did great! Go Carl!!!!
  • Andrea, they shocked me!!

    Wow, didn't not expect what was coming in this episode. In this episode, the remaining contestants design a cover for Elle Magazine. I absolutely thought that Andrea and Matt would most definitely be the remaining contestants not Matt and Carisa. Carisa I think has her own style, and if that client happens to like her style then great, but I think she has problems incorporating things outside of "Carisa's circle" into her design. Matt has a touch. He can do different things but his designs retain a touch of Matt while looking different from his previous designs. Now unless someone throws a big money-wrench in or something, I most definitely think that Matt is a shoe-in for the winner. There is little doubt in my mind that Matt will be the winner. Good luck to Carisa, but there were times when I thought she survive by a string. But great episode, maybe they chose Andrea to go because I really don't remember her that well at the beginning of the series. But I'm looking forward to the finale. Great Show!!!