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Does this show break the world's record .....

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    [1]Mar 13, 2007
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    ... for the nastiest (my original adjective was censored) judges on television?  I mean who but a claws-out beast would say to a contestant, "You can stay.  For now." 

    I love the camera pans of the judges' faces during the White Room sessions.  If you can read body language at all, you nearly hiccup at the "no reaction" shots that plainly radiate hostility.

    Who'd want to work in an industry like that?

    And what's with that blonde drupka's hair?  Every episode it's a different hairpiece, not even well blended or masked and on one show it's straight Aubrey Beardsley, sticking out like a porcupine's quills.  Can't stand her. 

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    [2]Mar 13, 2007
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    that is foul to tell someone they can stay for now and to make it so bad the man tries to look so caring and sensitive, but as far as facial expressions and criticing goes i think the judges on project runway are just as harsh. i haven't seen any of these judges work but i would like to see if their stuff looks that much better or just ok. during the first season of project runway i really didn't care much for michael kors until i saw some of his fashion shows so i figured he can talk the talk and walk the walk. we all know the fashion industry can be cold so maybe this industry is the same but i also think they add a little extra just for the camera and their egos. there was another design show on hgtv last summer and the judges were the same too. as for that judge with the hair issues if you're talking about the blonde, she looks like she's stuck in the 80's and her make up can be  horrible at times.

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