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"Light It Up" -- Official Discussion & Poll (Spoilers)

Should Andrea have been allowed to withdraw from the competition?

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    Please use this thread for all discussion of the episode "Light It Up".

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    Of course they were right to allow Andrea to withdraw, all competition contestants are allowed to. You can give up anytime. Moreover it was clear from the very beginning that Andrea was missing her family. I find her story really touching, she's so emotional and nice. However it's also a weakness as she couldn't keep up with the others… And it shows in her design : Pure, white, fragile…

    It leads us to Eddie. My god ! What a total jack ass. I can't believe they allowed such a freak to compete with the others. He thinks he's a genius and doesn't respect anyone but his good friend Nathan. I can't believe how disrespectful he was towards Todd ! His comments are so dumb and make the show so less interesting. Andrea was totally right when she said he wasn't genuine, calling her "Gorgeous" all the time. Thank god Preston is still there. He's so talented and humble. I also like Ondine even if her last design was quite boring and messy.

    By the way what did you think of their designs ? Eddie sucked and I'm glad the judges said he was lucky to have immunity. Nathan was very creative again but he never manages to pull things together, like a real interior designer. I think he's more of an artist, but a quite talented one. Andrea impressed me with her glamourous room, good wallpaper choice. Preston's design had a few flaws but overall it was the best, by far. His chandelier was so awful ! I can't believe people would buy such a crap.

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