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Who would you have sent home?

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    [1]Mar 31, 2007
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    Designing a motel room for guest judge Linda O'Keeffe based on elements of the earth. So how did the last four fair? 'See you later decorator' to Goil in the end. But who would you have sent home?
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    [2]Apr 1, 2007
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    Well they really messed up these past two weeks. Last week Carissa should have been sent packing for not completing the room. Which would have left Michael to get sent home this week, because there was no way he could have beaten Andrea, Goil, or Matt. I liked Matt's room this week. The judges themselves said he had the easiest element and that should have been taken into consideration. Andrea's room was airy but it was a bit boring. Goil had the hardest - again, the judges made that clear - but he did a good job with it. Carissa's room was alright but I hated how the desk had you sitting with your back to the couch. For that reason I would have sent her home. With Goil gone I don't really care who wins as long as it isn't Carissa, she just gets on my nerves. I doubt I will even watch it during it's first airing this week since Goil isn't there. Seems like a lot of people feel the same way judging on the posts here.
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    [3]Apr 1, 2007
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    We're at the stage of the competition now where it's not picking who screwed up, but who wowed the least. I thought all four rooms were positively stunning.


    Matt - This was a fabulous room, but I thought the color resembled air more then water. All that light color was a little much though. Still, well designed, things were in the right place, and even the glass tables were awesome. If I had to offera suggestion, more glass and less white. 


    Carisa - Actually pretty good. Her blue was more of a water then an air, but still, the room was whimisical. The vents were a little much, but the idea of negative space was sound. 


    Andrea - Earth is a tough one, and Andrea stuck to her element. Unfortunately, earth is drab. However, it was well-put together, the grass could've gone, but I actually liked the herb wall art. The most interesting thing about earth is it's bounty, after all. Maybe if the room looked more like the woods, she would have done better.


    Goil - Goil seems to be the one everyone seems to love, but his room was the worst this time. Still very good, and the wall was sound, but there is more to a room then it's walls. I wish he wasn't so red. I believe he said when you strike a match, it's not red (it's actually never red. You get red fire from specific chemicals burning, like strontium) So I think he was too metaphorical and not literal.  

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    [4]Apr 2, 2007
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    Carissa's room is my favorite..  I thought it was colorful and clean.. 

    Seems like they favor Matt..  I really don't think he grasped the concept of water..  If someone asked me waht his room was I would've said air... 

    I really wish Andrea went home..  I don't care for her or her designs..  I still say she should've went home during the garage challange.. 

    I don't care who wins as long as it isn't Andrea..

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