Top Design

Season 1 Episode 5

Garage Band

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • Challenge: Redesign a Garage for a new GMC Acadia.

      Mode: Team of all the designers.

      Budget: $5,100 for the total design.

      Day One: Create 3D model of design in two hours. Winning designer becomes team leader and gets immunity. Build everything that must be completed in advance using the remaining five-and-a-half hours.

      Day Two: Clear and set up garage in six-and-a-half hours.

  • Quotes

    • Ryan: If my aesthetic doesn't please the judges, so be it. I can walk home to the slum that is the art world tomorrow, and be perfectly happy.

    • Goil: The immunity is a great thing, but I know it is a blessing in disguise. It's gonna be a mad house tomorrow, I mean, who wants to be a team leader?

    • Matt: The garage is insane; there is so much crap in here that they have not gone through for years. Get me a match, and like, that's the solution to this problem, right there.

  • Notes

    • The remaining designers select carpenters who will be with them until elimination or final win:

      Carisa – Carl Mueller
      Andrea – Blair Toland
      Matt – Ed Schoen
      Goil – Sarah Miller
      Ryan – Robert Menna
      Michael – Cary Kirk
      Erik – Jared Dostie

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