Top Design

Season 1 Episode 6

Life of the Party

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Bravo

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  • I finally liked one of the team challeges for a change, great idea to what the designers could do and more about their tastes.

    I don't think it was Eric's turn to go home but hey if it meant Goil stayed that I am ok with it. I couldn't beleive that Carrisa didn't get sent home again she was lucky that she wasn't on the losing team. That is the only reason I think she is there. I really don't like her and the way she said she did the design all herself is bogis! Freak but then again look at Top Chef most people didn't like Marsel but he made it to the finals, granted I liked him :) just not Carissa :( wtich witch!!! Andrea is a freak too, and thos flowers OMG they where horrible! And the judges are right flowers are not fuzzy. She could have gone home instead of Eric but really.
    Michael and Matt did good I think and it was nice to see that Matt saw what Mike sees in Carissa. I thought it was great when they gave reach other high fives at judges room and not her, I laughed like crazy. And Beauty is right why didn't they try harder to put her in her place. But if she ends up winning I think I will shoot myself (not really) but you get the point.
    The judges where not that harsh this week compared to last week. And Todd contiues to do good but this week he was more in the back round rather than spot light, makes me wonder.
    My favorite part was the bouncer the winning team had :) How cute and funny!!!
  • The team's challenge is to create a party room for Elle Decor Magazine. I really disliked the way they treated Goil on this episode, but he does need to force his opinion more or willing to argue more over what needs to be done maybe.

    They are split into 2 teams of three. Marisa, Michael, and Matt are one team and Erik, Goil, and Andrea is the second team. Of course, at the mention of Marisa and Michael as teammates, there is going to be a clash. And surprisingly in the second team, Goil really isn't being heard whatsoever. The team get to pick out the food for the party and actually get to eat food made by Wolfgang Puck. But that's not really what's important. Goil is seriously being pushed around. I don't think his word was heard enough on a DESIGN he created. They kinda pushed him aside and act like him was an annoyance, which Goil picked right up on and didn't like it. He's basically treated as the do-boy for this project, just another one of the carpenter's. Carisa & Michael keep butting heads because basically they both want things their own way. Carisa is disorganized @ some point. The other team can't function together properly, therefore, they are missing on the execution of their ideas. As far as looks go, my favorite was Goil, Andrea, and Erik's room, but Carisa, Michael, and Matt seems much more functional and efficient for a party. In the judging room, Carisa seems left out as far as teamwork goes and for the second team Goil was more so on the outside, or Andrea vs. Goil. He designs an idea and basically she tries to execute it. Not going to work. But tune in to see if the room with a bouncer wins or the room without the bouncer.