Top Design

Season 1 Episode 10

Lofty Designs

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on Bravo

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  • Matt won and I knew it!

    I knew that Matt would Win!!! It's not that I don't like Carisa's design but Matt seem more of a professional than Carisa. I was surprise by what Carisa produced and it was nice but to me it seemed like a little bit too much was going on in that loft. I'm like Matt. I like things sterile and comfortable though I thought the glass question concerning his daughter might put him out in the end especially after the big surprise of Andrea getting kicked off, but I think Carisa was kinda out of her league. Whether its Matt vs. Carisa or Matt vs. Andrea, I'm still on Matt's team, but I would think Andrea would've been more competition, but then maybe they were trying to pit one style against another for a fair representation of something, I don't know. But Matt Won and I'm Happy. Great Show!
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