Top Design

Season 2 Episode 7

Room of the Future

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on Bravo

Episode Recap

Pop Design: Pop Quiz (Winner Receives Immunity, Judged by India and Jonathan) Part One – The Real Deal? (sudden death) Part Two – Choose the Most Expensive Lamp Challenge: Design a room that represents the year 2108 Mode: Individual Time Frame: Two-and-a-Half Days Day One: 4 Hours (plus 45 minutes planning with carpenter and shopping time below) Day Two: 6 Hours Day Three: 90 minutes Budget: $7,000 Jo-Ann Fabrics – $250 (45 minutes) Modernica – $4,000 (45 minutes) Ikea – no amount given (one hour - day two) Materials – no amount given (shopping by carpenters) Designs: • Nathan – Concept: "Bachelor Pad of the Future" • Eddie – Concept: "The Golden Clone" • Andrea – Concept: "Futuristic Pod Living" • Preston – Concept: "Modern Hotel in Space" • Natalie – Concept: "Hydraulic Living Space" • Ondine – Concept: "Global Warming Sanctuary" Pop Design Winner: Nathan Challenge Winner: Preston (Eddie and Nathan Top Three) Challenge Loser: Natalie (Ondine and Andrea Bottom Three)