Top Design

Season 2 Episode 3

Window Display

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 2008 on Bravo

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  • Nice concept. Great seeing other contestants from a sister show. Bad elimination.

    I was in total unbelief! How in the world did Kerry get eliminated? Especially over the likes of Wisit and Shazia? Wisit isn't too bad at the designing, great shadow-boxes he did in the first episode, though in this one, he didn't get Jeffrey's vision at all, in which Kerry had an inkling of at least. And Shazia. Goodness, what has she done since she's been on the show? Not too much from where I can see, and yet she remains.

    Speaking of Jeffrey, it was great to see him, Santino, Andre, Daniel, and the rest from Project Runway. Gotta say Daniel's window was really good, and the garment he made for it was the most beautiful. He did a really good job. But my enjoyment of seeing them has been marred by Kerry's dismissal. Of all these shows I watch where judges decide on someone's leaving, this episode is one of the most surprising I've seen.