Top Gear US

Season 1 Episode 1

Cobra Attack

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2010 on The History Channel
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Rutledge Wood and Tanner Faust pit a Cobra attack helicopter up against a Viper SRT through the streets of Georgia. Later, Adam Ferrera joins the fray for a Lamborghini test.

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  • I honestly didn't expect it to even come close to the UK version, but this show was shockingly terrible. If I were an advertiser I would demand my money back. Please cancel this show as soon as possible so I can resume my role as a proud American.moreless

    I have watched the UK version of Top Gear for years, and I was excited to hear that there would be an American version. Not that there is anything wrong the UK version as it is one of my top 5 favorite shows, but I just wanted to see more Top Gear goodness! The American version of this show is absolutely terrible. The three d-bags they have hosting the show seem as if they are guest hosts from the audience that have no broadcasting experience period. Their personalities were about as interesting as a hat full of dog excrement. Typically I am a proud American, but I am absolutely embarrassed by this show. The up side is I can't wait to see what the real Top Gear crew has to say about this waste of air space.moreless
  • Good episode. On par with the first episodes of Top Gear UK.(New format)

    Good episode. Some people that say the UK version is better.(Before they seen the show and prejudged it.) They forget that the UK version has been around longer. The new format since 2002. I have seen almost all the episodes of Top Gear UK. This show is on par with the first episodes of the UK version. It has a good American feel to the show. The original format of Top Gear resembles how Fifth Gear is now than Top Gear now.

    This show has a lot of potential and if it is around as long as Top Gear has been it will become a great show. This is by far the best American car show we have folks.

    Just curious where is all the whining about Top Gear Australia? This show is easily as good as that one. I mean come on they use a car/truck(Ford XG Falcon utility) around the track with a brush guard. Not to mention using the metric systems and instead of HP they give kilowatts. My engine has x kilowatts of power. I still watch that show as well because I am a Top Gear fan. If I had to rate them it would be 1.UK - 2.US - 3.AUS. For those of you who do not like the show.. Change the channel and let the viewers be the ones who actually enjoy the show.moreless
  • Showed some promise

    Let me start out by saying that this is not the British version. It's not as smooth, or as funny, or even as well produced, and it seemed like some of the banter was forced. However in watching the show I saw how it could get better as the host's get more experienced. It was obvious Ferrara didn't know a ton about cars and isn't an experienced driver, but he was funny, and during his 180 mile drive you saw the excitement of someone who was doing it for the first time and how scary it is to drive that fast. while it will take some time to come together I think that this show can reach a level of excitement and funniness that will make it its own show, and not just a copy of the british version.moreless
  • Not good. Watch UK version instead.

    For the first episode of a series that already exists in the UK, you would expect the US producers to start off with something awesome. Well, they sure didn't. These guys seem like they have no chemistry together, something the UK version does not have a problem with. I really wish they could have got Adam Carolla. Oh well, I probably won't watch another episode. Even the filming is junk compared to the UK version. If anyone is reading this, and they've never watched the UK version of Top Gear, please do. You will love it, I guarantee it.moreless

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