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  • So is this show dead?

    Loved this show, last show aired 3 years ago yet it still says "In season" Anyone know?
  • Hilarious! :D

    I am not really into cars, but I love this show because Adam, Rut, and Tanner are awesome! Always picking on each other, they are like brothers and I love what they do with the show!! I have learned so much about cars watching this imply because they make it entertaining:D I loved the latest season, hope there is more to come!! <3
  • Clumsy American knock off

    The premise is good; take what works over there and make it American... but something got lost in the translation. Perhaps they're trying to hard to be like the BBC gem. If they let the American writers and producers and presenters do their own thing it would be palatable. Perhaps they do, and the American writers and producers don't have any original ideas and so they rip off the original program, but what makes it funny and makes it work for Jeremy, James and Richard does not come across the same. How could it? Without those quirks and personalities it's not funny.

    The only time I have been actively seeking this program is for the fifth series, where they're going to be at a friend's farm in New Hampshire. That one episode is all I want to see, and it's only for the scenes of home for this Granite State expatriate. Because nothing to do with the cars, personalities, insights for chemistry on the show because there isn't any to be had.
  • Pretty sure the show airs on tuesdays at 9p

    They'll be back after Adam finishes filming Nurse Jackie!
  • I just love it

    Better than the any Japanese game show
  • One of the best.

    I love this show. Love the cast. Funny as hell. Wish I had their job.
  • Better off being a Japanese Game Show--

    I believe 30% of the episodes time is dedicated to seriously testing a mainstream car and the rest of the time is just goofing around and trashing cars. This just doesn't make any sense to me, guys? There are a lot of topics and experimentation that will benefit the consumers like us! Case in point is how about testing if the Big Fuel Companies' gasoline really gets better mileage as they claim to be in their advertisements? Or what about the best tires for you car? Sooo many...!
  • Good for the wrong reasons

    Its good because its funny. Plus its fun to watch them destroy old cars. As a car enthusiast? Not a good show. Top gear is supposed to be about drivers cars, not mini-vans. Actually, theres really only one driver, Tanner. Adam is an actor and I dont know what the hell Rutledge does.If you want real cars watch Top Gear UK online like I do. You just have to get past the Brits hatred of American cars.
  • A really good show

    Too bad EVERYONE compares the US version of the show (produced by the BBC) to the British version. On its own it is a very good and entertaining show. Not sure where all the hate comes from for this version.
  • I love cars but...

    I love cars but this show sucks especially when half of the time they're doing stupid stuff that has nothing to do with hot rides. I mean what happened to drag racing, doing 360's, and properly reviewing a car inside and out. All three presenters are not feeling it and they are terrible actors,too! They just wanna copy the very successful UK show but honestly they don't come close. All they do is talk about trucks and American cars, I mean c'mon people there are other cars out there!!! I give this a 5 mediocre rating because I kinda enjoyed a few episodes and/or segments, but if it wasn't for the cars i would give this show a 2.. yes out of 10 :)
  • Sorry, but Blazer666_uk has gotten his shows mixed up, this is the US version of the show. It only had a short life on NBC. Put simply, this show is a poor substitute for the original UK goodness.

    Top Gear got rid of their US showings of the UK show in 2007 only to shove this piece of show in its place early 2008. THIS show features Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust, and Eric Stromer. And if the words "Adam" "Carolla" don't repel you, maybe you should read a review by Jay Leno the would-be host (he declined).


    "I like the show just the way it is. Jeremy and the guys are extremely talented, so maybe it would be an idea to do an American show similar to Top Gear but not with the same name, because I think it would be impossible to recreate or live up to the standards of the British show. " -Jay Leno

    What a poor substitute of perfectly great show. Oh and good luck watching the UK show in the US. Top Gear blocked all US IP address for watching videos on their site and don't play them on cable channels.

  • Let's all just take a deep breath and look at this show independent from the original.

    Inevitably, a show sharing the same name of a much loved original is going to draw some flack and speculation. Also inevitably, there will be people who will view this new show with only the old one in mind and hate the new one no matter what. Well, I'm here to drop some knowledge and awaken you rudely: This is a different show. This isn't the original. This will never be the original and it's unfair to keep trying to compare this to the original, so stop trying!! Once you do that, you may be able to enjoy this show for what it is; a show about cars.
    Another thing you need to take into consideration is the fact that the UK's car culture and the U.S.'s car culture are both different. If the show here in the U.S. did the same things that the UK show did, what would the point be? What mainstream, non car junky audience would watch that?
    I will say that I am a car junky and I have been eagerly awaiting a show like top gear for years. There's just a void of decent automotive entertainment around these days. Networks like Speed were supposed to fill that void, but every time I tune in there's always some show about "How to pimp your ride", or "Mighty Morphin' Monster Trucks!!".
    Top Gear shows me cars that I want to see. Not only do they show the uber-expensive super cars that I can't afford in my dreams, but also more affordable cars, and cars that have almost been forgotten. It's entertaining. The hosts are okay. I will say that the only one I recognize is Tanner Foust, but they seem to work together okay. Sometimes I even laugh and I hardly ever laugh at a television show!
    Look, it's a new show unfairly trying to live up to the original. Give it a chance and stop trying to compare and you might find yourself enjoying it.
  • Terrible knock-off of the UK version.

    This show is terrible! I review many shows but I checked this out thinking that it was the UK version. They have missed the mark reviewing worthless Honda Hybrids (they just don't compare to Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus etc). They missed the mark on the challenges by becoming used car salesmen. In short they missed the mark on this entire show. UK version is far better, more fun, witty and exciting with the cars that they test. Try again to make a better show. Test cars that are a lot cooler than pointless cars anybody can buy. Better yet leave it to the Brit's to make the show.
  • Not as good as the UK version, but that would be near impossible.

    The show has grown leaps and bounds since its ropey but still OK opening episode. The banter still comes out overly scripted and doesn't flow like it should, but hey its early days, Top Gear UK didn't even have Captain Slow in their first season.

    Saying they are copying the format is silly as well, it's Top Gear USA, the format is what it is, in whatever country. Being English myself I find it very interesting learning more about the American car, the Coupe DeVille in particular was jaw droppingly mad. I have no idea what the last reviewer is talking about, he's obviously only watched one episode. For starters Top Gear UK do review electric cars and Top Gear US have only reviewed one, along with the - Dodge Viper SRT-10
    Dodge Viper ACR
    Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
    Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2
    Lamborghini Murciélago SuperVeloce
    Mitsubishi Evo
    Aston Martin Vantage
    Nissan 370Z
    Benz SLS
    F-150 Raptor
    Morgan Aerosport
    Lotus Evora
    Ferrari California and more.

    In conclusion the show has delivered, it's creaky in places, but if the show continues those creaks will be ironed out. The cinematography has improved greatly since episode 1 which is a good sign. Top gear still holds the crown, but Top Gear US is a fun diversion.
  • In general perfect show

    I love this show.It is the best.So much better than the UK version.Thanks guys for testing all this cars and showing us what is on the market and what they can do.Keep up the good work.Any chance we could see some reviews for some SUV's in the future?
  • Top Gear UK is past it's prime. Top Gear US has all the fun Jeremy and the boys lost 4 years ago.


    Sure, the first season was not great. But starting "Top Gear" means that I had high expectations. Which of course could not be met.

    But this second season so far has been great. Classic episodes which can easily rival the best Top Gear UK shows. If this remains the standard I hope that the show will keep running for years to come.

    And it is great that the show has now been picked up here in The Netherlands as well.

  • Not a reality show! and this show also started in 1977 not 2008!

    No need for a review really! everyone knows Top Gear. Great format (although again who ever put this show on TV.COM has got things wrong. Top Gear is NOT a reality show! ha! - So its real life driving 200MPH across America? or blowing up caravans? Or trekking across the Arctic!!!! hmm don't think so, get it right TV.COM , also this show didn't start in 2008 either! It started in 1977. Also has won an Emmy!

    Great reviewers (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and the Stig! Very VERY show funny even my wife watches this, great family viewing, love Clarkson's comments - he just doesn't care what people think of him (great stuff Jeremy, keep up the good work, just don't mention truckers LOL).
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