Top Gear US - Season 2

Sunday 8:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Nov 21, 2010 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Worst Cars
    Episode 16

    The guys each buy what they believe to be the worst car in the states. Tanner nips over to England to see how fast a new super car, the Noble M600 (with no official top speed) can go.

  • Continental Divide
    Episode 12

    The guys purchase themselves a minivan each, and proceed to cross the continental divide.

  • 2/28/12
    The guys each choose a car that has at some point earned the title of 'most dangerous car in the country' and try to restore its reputation in a series of crazy challenges ending in a demolition derby. And Rutledge tries to teach Adam that it's possible to drive a car without breaking it by getting him behind the wheel of one of the quickest, most dangerous vehicles around.moreless
  • Big Rigs
    Episode 9

    The guys each purchase themselves a semi and are given tasks to determine the abilities of their machines. Ed Burns is this week's guest.

  • Limousines
    Episode 14
    Limousines have become more about Bachelorette parties than star-studded premieres, so Adam, Rutledge and Tanner decide it’s time to get some of the glamour back by building their own. To find out which is best, each of them has to transport a celebrity to the Primetime Emmy Awards.
  • Muscle Cars
    Episode 10

    The guys discover what the best modern muscle car is by putting their choices through several challenges.

  • Hollywood Cars
    Episode 8

    The guys are set the task of constructing their own versions of their favorite Hollywood cars, after which they pit their creations again each other to see whose is best. Tanner drives the new Subaru Impreza WRX STi in a race against a biker. Steve Schirripa is this week's star in a small car.

  • First Cars
    Episode 2

    Tanner, Rutledge and Adam challenge each other to see who had the best first car in high school. Tanner and Adam race the Corvette ZR1 and the Ferrari 458. Pawn Stars Rick and Chumlee compete on the Top Gear test track.

  • Beating Tanner
    Episode 7

    Adam and Rutledge are fed up with Tanner's driving prowess and decide to take him down a notch. They issue him a series of challenges they are sure he cannot possibly win, including drifting a bus, racing a real life Lexus LFA against a time set in a computer game around the Infineon Raceway, and breaking the world indoor speed record. Bridget Marquardt is the week's Big Star in a Small Car.

  • Supercars
    Episode 13

    The guys complete challenges in the supercar of their choice.

  • 8/7/11

    The guys take it to the mountains to find America's toughest truck, Tanner races a new off-roader against an air-boat through the Louisiana swamps, and comedian Bill Engvall is the week's Big Star in a Small Car.

  • Texas
    Episode 1

    The guys race across Texas in $2,000 cars in an attempt to find an alternative to the pickup truck.

  • Death Valley
    Episode 4

    Tanner, Rutledge and Adam journey 400 miles through the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas in an attempt to find out how much 4x4 you can get for $5,000.

  • The $500 Challenge
    Episode 6

    The guys buy $500 cars and race each other along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and Twin Peaks. Rutledge reviews the Cadillac CTSV, pitting it against a Ferrari California, and Adam Levine stops by the Top Gear test track.

  • 8/21/11

    Tanner, Rutledge and Adam journey to New Jersey to buy the most luxurious cars they can find for $5,000, after which the guys head for the Hamptons, where they try to pass off as locals in their new purchases. Tanner races the new 911 GT2 through downtown Los Angeles at night, and Arlene Tur takes a lap around the Top Gear test track.

  • Rut's Show
    Episode 15
    Rut's Show from the show Top Gear US is a British television series produced by John Hesling and Scott Messick. The program focuses on the world of motor racing and is presented by professional racing driver Tanner Foust, standup comedian Adam Ferrera and racing analyst Rutledge Wood. The episode Ruts Show is hosted by Rutledge Wood who risks his life during a truck race championship and almost kills his co host Adam Ferrara.moreless