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    CBS Books Matt LeBlanc for a New Comedy From the Writers of That '70s Show

    The Friends star is keeping very, very busy.

  • JOEY!

    The Newest Presenter for Top Gear Is... Matt LeBlanc?

    The Episodes star will head across the pond to host the British car show.

  • Jeremy Clarkson

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Presenter [2002 - 2015]

    Richard Hammond

    Richard Hammond

    Presenter [2002 - 2015]

    James May

    James May

    Presenter [2003 - 2015]

    Jason Dawe

    Jason Dawe

    Presenter [2002]

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    • BBC "Top Gear" New Cast is FAIL

      To be honest, I withheld judgement on the new presenters of Top Gear. I honestly thought that BBC's failure to just 'Fine' Clarkson instead of firing him showed a failure in how BBC was being managed. So with such an opinion of the debacle, I want to be sure my prejudice against the change in presenters did not tarnish my review of the new season.

      I also wanted to give time for the new presenters and producers to find their ground, so I waited to watch the new series until now.

      I just reviewed the currently available six episodes. I was really hoping something watchable would be salvaged, I was wrong. Unfortunately from the first show to the last one available, they are horrible. Gone are the banter and interaction within an almost perfect cast. The monologue is dry and boring. In effect, the show as lost everything that made it great. Even the added technology subtracts from the show, like adding glitter on a horrible painting.

      The sad fact is, even with this show bombing as badly as it has, BBC still will not admit they are the ones who made a mistake by firing Clarkson instead of punishing him. Clarkson was wrong in his anger, but BBC failed to make a rational decision.

      Those here in this country get the idea an aristocracy of 'Derby Hat with Umbrella', "League of Silly Walkers", BBC Executives were showing their authority to the 'lowers' instead of a rational business decision after Clarkson through his tantrum in anger.

      So be it, Top Gear BBC appears to be 'Down the Tube'. Perhaps "The Grand Tour" will recapture the audience with the original 'boys'. At least we get one more season of Doc Martin to keep the subscription to BBC America.


    • Over enthusiastic and unnatural

      It's (maybe) okay the witty jokes have been toned down but please stop shouting. LeBlanc, Schmitz and Harris should take the show.
    • The end for me was the disrepect!

      I absolutely loved the original Top Gear and all the whacky stuff they did.

      Now I may have missed it but I do not recall the original crew ever intentionally damaging a new car being tested.

      Using up scaled drink glasses to test the smooth ride of new 4wd vehicles and having them slosh over into the car (a bit of Glad Wrap would not do anything) is just about the most disrespectful thing I have seen on Top Gear and has ruined any chance of me becoming a fan of the new show.

      The old crew regularly destroyed old cars and even though I was sad to see a few of them go it was great television and totally enjoyable - Just don't disrespect new cars that way.moreless
    • I'll give the new show a 10 ... on a scale of 100!

      OMG, what has BBC done? Those original three had a chemistry that will hopefully follow them to Netflix. The new hosts are cute, PC, sexually balanced and humorous but they don't have "it".

      Maybe they'll get it together and create their own vibe but I really don't like anything about them. Am I old fashioned, probably, but there are plenty of other cars show to watch. And I have Netflix!!!!moreless
    • Flop Gear

      Stig was the only good thing about this poor imitation of the true Top Gear. Although Matt LaBlanc wasn't a total failure. He at least brought a little levity.

      Chris Evans is a complete disaster and a moron. No automotive knowledge at all. There is NO camaraderie as found with Clarkson, Hammond and May. Those three were fantastic together..

      BBC you made a big mistake. Huge. Colossal.

      If there was a rating lower than 1 star, I would it. But, one star is as low as I can go.

      I will, as will all of my family, continue to watch all the original Top Gears. You know, the ones that are actually entertaining.

      I will not ever tune in to the new Top rather, more accurately, Flop Gear.moreless

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