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Sunday 8:00 PM on BBC TwoBetween Seasons

Series 11 - Episode 5

What did you think of the episode?

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    [1]Jul 20, 2008
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    I thought this was a great episode and the best of series so far. The ending with the hunt was really funny.
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    [2]Jul 21, 2008
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    So, to start, the offical review of the Nissan GT-R at Fuji was interesting, Clarkson (with his "hideous eye infection") crammed in alot of facts and figures, but it was all easy to understand.

    And lest we forget, as he was barrelling round the circuit pulling them G's he pulled one too many and spasmed his neck out, and the "lawmower and the dustbin lorry" came to help him.

    And with a time of 1.19.7, the Nissan GT-R is a very impressive car. I agree with what Jeremy said in his review, Nissan haven't built a new car, they've built a new yardstick. Well done Nissan!

    And in the news, Jeremy showing us the Mercedes SL Black, which is a very cool looking car.

    I loved Jeremy and James' car challenge, my favourite part was when they're trying to park somewhere in London, they get angry and the G-Whiz's, then James runs out of petrol right next to a building site, (not ideal, i know) May shouts for Jeremy to come and help him, stating "I'm gonna get raped", that had me in stitches! I was actually dying with laughter.

    Same goes for when James discovered that to service Jeremy's Reich-mobile, he had to pay over £15,000, and stated "Did they get you a Golf?" And the horn on that Merc was immensely loud!

    Now, onto the hunt, the rest of this episode was brilliant, but what really made this one for me was this challenge, it was basically due to Jeremy's quotes and the little things that you'd imagine Jeremy would do, when Jeremy was "helping" Richard onto the horse and just shoved him right over, then when he finally did get his legs on they were really high up, and let's face it, on that horse, Richard was the highest he's ever been.

    And Clarkson saying that "everyone that does off roading dresses like a murderer", then sees some people later on and asks if they wanted him to murder them, brilliant!

    All of a sudden Jeremy comes across a gate, leaves the car to open it, drives through, leaves the car to close it again, forgets to put the handbrake on, the car starts gently rolling down the hill, then after a few seconds you see him running back to the car shouting "THAT'S NOT GONE WEEELLLL!!" Classic Top Gear.

    And the best moment for me in the race was at the end (just before he was eaten by the dogs), when Jezza crashed into the muddy ditch, and he called the AA! And was screaming at the person down the phone "I'm a pregnant woman and i'm all on my own", it was so genius i laughed for hours afterwards!

    Best Top Gear episode yet this series.


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    [3]Jul 21, 2008
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    A good episode, especially the May/Clarkson challenge, but there was too much Clarkson ranting all through the episode (which is normally mostly confined to the news section). Kind of spoiled it for me a bit.
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    [4]Jul 22, 2008
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    Quite a few moments that made me laugh out loud this week. Strangest of all, was the horn on Jeremy's 600 Grosse. I know it's as big as a boat, but does it need a horn to rival one?

    James May's comment about 500 burgers and a poo chute wins the Funniest Line of the Week award, hands down.

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