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Sunday 8:00 PM on BBC Two spoiling this guide

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    [1]Sep 11, 2013
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    Some of you might have noticed some very odd entries to the Top Gear guide. I want to assure you that these entries are absolutely nothing to do with me.

    Earlier this year, took the decision to add 'made for America only' special compilation editions of Top Gear. These programmes were made for BBC America and feature Hammond introducing clips based on various themes. These programmes were not made by the BBC in the U.K. - therefore they have no place in the guide. They are not 'proper' Top Gear episodes.

    Now I find they have added what appears to be some sort of recording of a Top Gear Live show. Then, to my utter dismay, someone added the Worst Car in the World DVD from last year! What is wrong with these people? To say I'm pissed off about this is understatement of the highest order!

    This guide was a total mess when I took it on. I spent a huge amount of time getting it in order by adding information, notes, allusions and synopses to the earlier series'. I think this is a pretty good guide and I'm damned if I'm going to let people who are several thousand miles away make arbitrary decisions.

    This is a pretty easy guide to maintain as I'm a Top Gear fan. It's also a pretty easy guide to ruin - as is demonstrating with this behaviour. I am the Editor. I know what should be included and what should not.

    I shall continue to edit this guide despite the interference. Hopefully's arbitrary arrogance won't spoil it to much for you, the proper Top Gear fans who actually watch the programme and know more about it than some of the people interfering with it.

    Thank you for reading my rant.


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    Hello, Matthew!

    If you need help cleaning up the guides, please contact Jessica or myself via PM (jessicakroeber or Andrew_Moore.)

    Sometimes sites put up DVD specials and we want fans of the show to have access to everything. We do our best to provide access to these specials. In the past we put these into a "specials season," which seems to have worked out well.

    Shoot me a PM and we'll work with you on getting these two items moved.

    -- Andrew
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