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Sunday 8:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Oct 20, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • Best show on the planet

    well done
  • 10,9,8,7,6,5,......

    The show wont last a year.

    It will be cancelled before that.

    Crappy Show.

    Shame on you BBC
  • Very Entertaining

    I was disappointed with the 2016 Top Gear series and after watching all the episodes of Grand Tour, I recently wrote a negative review of both the programme and especially the three presenters. Last night's episode of Top Gear brought back so many happy memories of what a good car programme is all about. The BBC is superb in presenting real car entertainment and not only was I impressed with the programme, but I laughed at the real fun and games the three presenters got up to. They are already proving to be a very successful and likeable team. There are still a few areas that no doubt will be improved but well done to the BBC and the Top Gear team - Superb viewing.
  • Stupid Beeb killed the golden goose.

    Crap presenters, crap stunts, crappy jokes, and that's just the nicer things about the Chris Evans-hosted Top Gear. After that debacle the ginger one did us all a favour by falling on his sword - that guy isn't fit to lace Jezza's drinks - but the real culprits in all this have been the BBC themselves.

    Clarkson was sacked for punching a producer, but in the BBC's eyes his worst crime was not being a PC loving, Oxbridge educated snob like themselves. Now their stupid arrogance has come back to bite them on the bum. Tough.

    Rather than let Flop Gear die a lingering, painful death with a bunch of useless new pesenters the BBC should admit its mistakes and put this sorry mess of a show out of its misery.
  • BBC "Top Gear" New Cast is FAIL

    To be honest, I withheld judgement on the new presenters of Top Gear. I honestly thought that BBC's failure to just 'Fine' Clarkson instead of firing him showed a failure in how BBC was being managed. So with such an opinion of the debacle, I want to be sure my prejudice against the change in presenters did not tarnish my review of the new season.

    I also wanted to give time for the new presenters and producers to find their ground, so I waited to watch the new series until now.

    I just reviewed the currently available six episodes. I was really hoping something watchable would be salvaged, I was wrong. Unfortunately from the first show to the last one available, they are horrible. Gone are the banter and interaction within an almost perfect cast. The monologue is dry and boring. In effect, the show as lost everything that made it great. Even the added technology subtracts from the show, like adding glitter on a horrible painting.

    The sad fact is, even with this show bombing as badly as it has, BBC still will not admit they are the ones who made a mistake by firing Clarkson instead of punishing him. Clarkson was wrong in his anger, but BBC failed to make a rational decision.

    Those here in this country get the idea an aristocracy of 'Derby Hat with Umbrella', "League of Silly Walkers", BBC Executives were showing their authority to the 'lowers' instead of a rational business decision after Clarkson through his tantrum in anger.

    So be it, Top Gear BBC appears to be 'Down the Tube'. Perhaps "The Grand Tour" will recapture the audience with the original 'boys'. At least we get one more season of Doc Martin to keep the subscription to BBC America.


  • Over enthusiastic and unnatural

    It's (maybe) okay the witty jokes have been toned down but please stop shouting. LeBlanc, Schmitz and Harris should take the show.
  • The end for me was the disrepect!

    I absolutely loved the original Top Gear and all the whacky stuff they did.

    Now I may have missed it but I do not recall the original crew ever intentionally damaging a new car being tested.

    Using up scaled drink glasses to test the smooth ride of new 4wd vehicles and having them slosh over into the car (a bit of Glad Wrap would not do anything) is just about the most disrespectful thing I have seen on Top Gear and has ruined any chance of me becoming a fan of the new show.

    The old crew regularly destroyed old cars and even though I was sad to see a few of them go it was great television and totally enjoyable - Just don't disrespect new cars that way.
  • I'll give the new show a 10 ... on a scale of 100!

    OMG, what has BBC done? Those original three had a chemistry that will hopefully follow them to Netflix. The new hosts are cute, PC, sexually balanced and humorous but they don't have "it".

    Maybe they'll get it together and create their own vibe but I really don't like anything about them. Am I old fashioned, probably, but there are plenty of other cars show to watch. And I have Netflix!!!!
  • Flop Gear

    Stig was the only good thing about this poor imitation of the true Top Gear. Although Matt LaBlanc wasn't a total failure. He at least brought a little levity.

    Chris Evans is a complete disaster and a moron. No automotive knowledge at all. There is NO camaraderie as found with Clarkson, Hammond and May. Those three were fantastic together..

    BBC you made a big mistake. Huge. Colossal.

    If there was a rating lower than 1 star, I would it. But, one star is as low as I can go.

    I will, as will all of my family, continue to watch all the original Top Gears. You know, the ones that are actually entertaining.

    I will not ever tune in to the new Top rather, more accurately, Flop Gear.
  • Crap Gear

    I waited with great anticipation for the new Top Gear. After 10 minutes I switched channels!! What a load of crap!! It was so pathetic and not a shadow of the Clarkson was a dick, he was a funny likeable dick.. Please cancel further broadcasts and bring back Clarkson, May and Hammond.
  • Too Bad it's over

    Love that show so much
  • The End Of Top Gear!

    With Jeremey Clarkson being sacked, and none of the other host want to return without Clarskon. I must confess that I think this show is soon to be DEAD.

    What people don't like about the Hosts or the show itself is fine, there is always a button on your remote to either switch or turn off your tv. So for me and my family this is the absolute end of Top Gear, hopefully we will see the Hosts back on iTV with something similar. Called Hot Cars, or Burning Tires, or something in that tone. Plus 10 when the team was complete, now that Clarkson is sacked a -1
  • It was best show ever for years 10/10 ! now its just medicaore 5.5/10 ! :(

    It was how you Brits say bloody brilliant show till now. I am very sorry for saying those harsh words but Top Gear isn't as good as it used to be.

    Jokes now are just stupid, specials boring, car reviews only fancy top notch HD well edited videos. Well they used to do stupid things but they were smart things - sarcasm etc.

    Sorry fans......
  • laid by clarkson, lays another dog egg!

    given the downward spiraling of the once watchable top gear that now is just laughable, how do you the makers of this sh@t feel ?

    do you care,are you bothered,does it matter as long as it generates money, well it seems that it is being produced by teenagers for prepubescent teenagers much the same way as old channel 4 tv was aimed at the people that fell out of pubs at closing time and wanted to drawl at some cheaply made dross that catered for the lowest . in the land, the lager lout.

    i have to hand it to you and really pat yourselves on the back for creating such crap, you are in a league of one and no one could come close to the level at which you have set the bar.

    so where does someone start who actually knows about cars?

    because i have made and repaired and sold all types of cars in some 28 years now,large small cheap and expensive saloon estate ect,but you lot only care for one type,the wet dream ultra expensive types, is that why there are less and less program's( thankfully )because the uber expensive car manufacturers can only release so many in any one year, or is it that the fat one and the irritating one and the one that should do children's tv cant be arsed to do any more and earn their multi million pound salary's funded by the license payers?.

    when you dumped the village idiot off in British Columbia why didn't you take the opportunity to use a Knight xv to rescue him? its built in Ontario (that's in Canada) instead you used north American vehicles, why?

    given the fact that the Knight is the biggest 4x4 known, this would have fitted in with the biggest fastest most expensive philosophy you have had for soooo long and could have made it slightly better than it turned out.

    And when you 'dis' Peugeot's do have a care for the people who own, buy and repair them, they are not as bad as you portray them to be, and they are french owned, like all of their car manufacturers, a little often overlooked point you fail to acknowledge in the pursuit for cheap smutty laughs and innuendo, who own the flashy cars that the team salivate over? they are not British owned are they, all sold off because they were badly made and even worse after sales in companies that wouldn't modernize and loved to strike.

    The episode where the three stooges try and make ambulance vehicles i found rather sick, and again another one of those made for the ret@rded viewer pieces that focuses on cheap smut and no substance or relevant information.

    Here's the point, William Woolard used to give informative useful information to the viewer,now Clarkson just drives fast sideways in cars very few people see let alone can afford, do you think at some point this can be reversed and give people who cannot buy these automotive masterpieces a chance to have road tested cars for the every day people?.

    Next weeks episode on Top Gear and the next and the next. I drive fast and turn tyres into smoke whilst trying to sound more witty and intelligent than Oscar Wilde,James gets lost and confused over something trivial while his gut struggles to be held back by his corset and Richard tries to look ever younger in the vainest attempt to hold onto his youth, that about sums it up.

    The goose that laid the once golden egg.. is now more laid by Clarkson (laid in the same sense as f@cked) and golden egg is more dog egg.

    While the gang struggle to find the newest next faster biggest trouser ripping car that has to take them around the globe,may be they could look into the many news cars that dont cost the earth and can be seen in a showroom near to you,just a thought, and heres another one, given their love of fully funded jollies.. next week on Top Gear... I use the 'n' word in Alabama, then i go to Argentina holding a number plate saying 'sorry ?', I then go to China and say there a slope on that bridge, and finish off in france where i crash a 405 into the gates of the Peugeot headquarters, its all in the name of fun isn't it?

    try and defend that .

  • Love it :)

    Love it :)
  • email BS crap

    I get an email today telling me about season 22 ep 3 but when I open the link it has no info about episode 3. WTF some eager *** set that up I guess

    UNBELIEVABLE rubbish from 3 IDIOTS who just ruin good cars the program seems to have lost its focus and path when it first started these guys are over paid and not funny anymore and just winds me up to the point of me wanting to turn off to another channel much does it cost per show with all its back up team and fancy camera shots and countries and the cars they must wreck then theres the people they insult..

    You're all awesome.
  • Changed my favourite show to 'Fifth Gear' on turbo

    I loved the 'Top Gear' when the show started, it showed good reviews about cars. But nowadays its Reviews about the guys driving it and too the same old guys. Nothing about the car. No testing. No speeding. No mpg. Nothing about the interior. No nothing, a lot of clever video editing. I dont want to read the 'Top Gear' mag. I hate looking at Photos and read about it. Please do a good Tv episode with car reviews. Till then I hate Top Gear Shows. Watch Fifth Gear on Dis Turbo.
  • Getting a bit Gert and Daisy, eh?

    You mean to tell me that we get only six episodes this time?? The nerve... Come on Jezza, we know you guys are old geezers nowadays, but you could do better than 6... We need to see more... scratch that, we demand to see more!

  • Quality over quantity

    I love the show and wished there were more episodes, but then the quality would go down because they'd need fillers to stretch out the season. Look at US top gear, they have like 8-10 eps and that makes it worse because they have to get material to fill the season. Finally these guys aren't young anymore. I'd rather they take their time with fewer eps if it means they stay on longer. They make the show what it is and it won't be top gear if anyone of them are replaced.
  • That's it?

    Only six episodes and the season is over? Where are the special exotic journeys and the races with Jeremy in car vs. May and Hammond in whatever? Just watching the guys test supercars and wrecking mobile homes is ok fun, and the hoover car episode was ok, but we expect more now. We should be entitled to at least one epic journey episode or two per season!
  • Season with 6 episodes??!!

    Top Gear is getting Lazy! A season with only 6 episodes? Is there really nothing happening in the Car world... or are they trying to let the show slowly die?
  • No other show like this! Greatest show ever.

    Can't wait to watch the next season now. The last two episodes (Africa special) were just like a few seasons back when the boys were really being boys.
  • Greatest Car Show Ever!

    Jeremy Clarkson,James May and Richard Hammond showed great chemistry with each other. I do not even watch the American version because of these three guys.
  • Cannot be reproduced

    There have been many recreations of Top Gear and of the ones Ive seen, nothing even comes close to the original. I don't know why anyone even bothers. One of the main things going for this show is the chemistry among the three presenters and their attempts at these challenges. Without their wit, humor, and familiarity with each other, there's really no point in making a replica.
  • Why don't they do more shows like this one?

    Why don't they do more shows like this one? This is how all shows about cars should be!!! They push each car to the limit and do things to it that we wouldn't even dream about.
    The challenges are absolutely amazing, they make you laugh, make you wish you could be there with them.
    Of course, we will most likely never get the opportunity to drive those wonderful cars they do in the show, but they're a heck of a lot of fun to watch. I would recommend this show to absolutely everyone who loves cars, or even has a slightly remote interest in them!!!
  • great show

    Great show about 3 car guys cocking about with cars, and having fun. Racing, testing, and burning rubber off all the cars they come in contact with. Powerrr!!! is what im talking about and its a great show 3 thumbs up. Watch them hack to roof off a minivan, strech a compact 25 ft long, and make road building a race agenst the time. Also you will see the best and fastest cars all the way to the slow and/or cheap cars. One of the best show about cars that can has graced TV. when ever you see a show your going to feel like you pissed youself.
  • funny as


    fcuk. I love the banter, the way the cars are reviewed and the challenges they have. Would like to see stars that iv heard of sometmes, but i can cope with that. Tho, if they are reading this i would love to see Anthony Keidis on there. Jezza n James make me laugh so much - especially when they argue. And more than anything I would love to be an average Jo Bloggs in anaveragelypriced car round that track

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