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  • POWER!!!!

    This show is fantastic! I love my cars and I love my humour so this show is just perfect for me. Weve got brilliant presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and of course Captain Slow himself, James May. These guys make learning about cars fun, especially for the girls. They don't take themselves too seriously which gives the show even more credibility. They have been critisised for their speeds and even that they mainly review expensive cars. As for me I would rather see a review of a Bentley Continental than a Vauxhall Astra. It makes it more interesting because really, who cares about an Astra!! I recommend everybody watch this show. We are still very lucky to have it on our screens after Richard Hammonds accident in the Jet car. Watch and enjoy!
  • This is what i call the best show on TV

    UK G2

    Get more on my Tv
    can not wait for more of this
    Top Gear is 100% better than it's rival Fifth Gear

    What more can you ask for from a TV show
    Jokes, Laughter, Fun, Games, Explosions
    Tasks, Hamster, Captain Slow, Clarkson

    If you ever need to watch TV before you die, make sure you watch Season 1 Season 9
    Download them
    Watch them again
    Get Sky, and watch them again

    Keep up the good work, and can not wait for Season 10
    the cars they review most are not affordable for most of us, but i still love looking and listening to them.

    Great Show, My no 1 Show of all time
  • One word, Awesome!

    When I first heard about Top Gear, I wasn't the least bit interested. But then my brother watched it, and soon after my parents as well. I was at dinner watching it and some parts were hilarious. And now I love it! I get a lot of insight on different cars now (I had no idea that there could be so many things wrong with a flashy looking car). I never really liked shows where you learnt something useful, but this show is awesome. The hosts are fantastic, love the debates and disagreements they have. It's what makese this show so funny. I'd definitely recomment it.
  • Top Gear is the perfect mix of engines, ego's and mad men fooling about having a row with each other. The best thing i have ever seen.

    As Top Gear goes it is a great show for all of the family and can make any petrol head laugh and cry. When it started it was low in the ratings, small and not very long. But with the introduction of the new presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May it's popularity and prime has risen and has captured the nations hearts. Moved to primetime BBC2 and upgraded to an hour long, the show has managed to fit in much more motoring, fun and special ingredients such as trips to America and nearly being killed. The show wouldn't be the same without the grumpy Clarkson, the Hamster Hammond and the long-haired James constantly insulting each other and giving the show the spice everybody loves.
  • The best thing to grace our television sets, now i know why we pay a TV license.

    The best show to ever hit the box, funny, serious and informative at the same time.

    The BBC really did out do themselves when they starting producing this and chucking it out onto our televison screens on a weekly basis and i love them for it. The award winning combination of Clarkson, Hamster and Captain Slow is what TV is all about.

    The shows get funnier and more amusing every week let alone every season, and they really have out done them selves on several occasions, including the trip to America and building a limo as witnissed in season 9.

    What makes this show so great is the complete and utter idiotic behviour behind it. Always comming up with new stunts and challenges that just keep getting more and more funny.

    Lets not forget the mind boggling cars and funny celebrities they bring into the show, my favorite star in a reasonably priced car without doubt is Jimmy Carr who is one of the funniest men alive and when he met Top gear there were some severe consequenes :):):)

    All in all the best show on TV and probably in my opinion will remain the best show EVER on TV
  • A great show about cars with funny presenters

    This is the best show on TV. The presenters all very funny and know their stuff about cars. You have Jeremy Clarkson who is funny, very controversial. Richard Hammond who the one they pick one but does come up with some corking comebacks and you have James May the slightly boring but still funny charactor. The best bits about the show is when they do the challenges which they normally mess up. The best episode is where they go to America and insult all the people in Alabama by putting Nascar sucks and Man love rules. They also test some of the best cars in the world like the bugatti veyron.
  • Top Gear is one the most beloved shows in the UK. The wit and humour that the presenters put into the show is most noteworthy. Of course, the cars have some influence on the popularity!

    I'll admit this from the start: I'm not a petrolhead. In fact, I know next to nothing on/about cars. After watching this show, I may know a little more although I may not actually understand the parts I do know. Why then, you may ask, I love this show? It's the comedy. What this show does in presenting the humour is far more entertaining than watching a sitcom in the comedy genre. There is a bluntness to the presenters' idiolect that is very influential, informative, educated and downright funny. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who wants an hour long show that isn't dumbed down by television. Thank god for the BBC!

    The presenters are:
    Jeremy Clarkson - the godfather of cars(!) Top Gear couldn't possibly have been half as successful without him and his rantings. Richard Hammond - aka Hamster, Brokeback etc... He's very cool in an almost nerdy sort of way (I'm aware of the paradox)
    James May - quite possibly the most boring man in the world. I don't quite like him and his long tedious speeches (especially whenever he presents a car). The Stig!! - He isn't quite a presenter. He doesn't even have an identity. One of the highlights of the show is what music he is listening to while test driving a car. I love this show. It fulfills the ethos of public television very well: It is informative, educative and entertaining. Arguably, one of the only reasons I would even watch BBC2.
  • Top Gear is fantastic

    Top Gear is without a doubt one of the funniest programmes on television today.

    The features are so funny. I think my favourite one ever has to be the one where they tried to create a convertable out of a people carrier and end up setting the car wash on fire. Although the one where they made a limo out of a regular car was also hilarious.

    I just love this because it isn't serious, it is done tongue firmly in cheek and that is why it works so well. I know nothing about cars but the way that it is done, the information about cars is lodged in with some very, very funny moments.

    10 out of 10
  • A really touching video, i nearly cried (And no i'm not a wimp)

    I have only just finished watching sunday's episode. I loved it so much. I especially loved it when they had to buy the cars and one dealer had a rifle in his shop so he could pick off anyone thats runs away from his shop with something they had stolen. It was also very scary when they had to paint each others car, and when they pulled into the petrol station and the abuse they got from the locals. At the end was touching because of the state New Orleans was in after Hurricane Katrina and when they decided to give their cars away instead of selling them.
  • A show about cars, but is so much more.

    While it is primarily a show for gear heads and car fanatics, the show is also very influential and highly controversial.

    First off, the cars! And oh how I do love seeing them in action. Very little other shows display cars true potential than Top Gear. The information shared about the vehicles are in-depth, educational while still maintaining an air of entertainment. Especially when they drove the world's fastest and most expensive street legal car, the Bugatti Veyron. WOW!

    But as was said above this show is more than just about cars. In weekly episodes they get a celebrity or some sort of political/public figure to actual race a lap around a track. The lap times are then posted and compared to previous racers. While this may seem unspectacular, the show at this point takes on a talk show feel, which believe it or not is a well taken break from the constant gear talk. Plus it is interesting to see how these public figures which we constantly see in the media fare on a race track with a "reasonably priced car".

    The show is not without controversy...i won't spoil it for you, but it ranges from speeding on the streets, a jet fighter on the front lawn, scandals involving automotive companies, to a 300mph jet-car so much more

    All I can say is that if you love cars, comedy, speed and POWER! then you don't want to miss this there's three english guys hosting it...what else can you ask for
  • For people who's blood type is WD-40

    What an amazing show! If TV shows had balls, they would look like this one. It is funny, informative, and everything else you want from a TV show. I really hate it, though, when people accuse them of only featuring expensive cars. TOUGH! it is great that they experiment with supercars. OK, we'll never get to drive them, but i love seein middle aged versions of me carreering around 'chicago' in a Zonda making excited noises of a 8 year old playing with a toy aeroplane!


    Oh, and the whole mystery of the stigg thing, its all just funny stuff.
  • Top Gear is an awesome show on cars

    I really like Top Gear because it is hilarious and educational at the same time. You do not need to know anything about cars whatsoever to enjoy this programme! Top Gear not only test drives the latest cars but has challenges with them involving the classic challenges "The Caravan Holiday" and "The Van Test" and "The Apache Incident"! Top Gear also introduces new sports like the legendary "Car Football" and "The Top Gear Winter Olympics"! Every episode, there is a time when a celebrity comes onto the show. This time is called "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car". With a mixture of education, challenges and humor, a perfect show is made.

    PS: The Top Gear Dog is class!

  • Expect more shows like this.

    This show is essentially 3 guys having fun, and boy is it fun to watch as well! From the challenges to the races this show is easily the most entertaining show about cars that has ever been on tv.

    As well as being informative, its incredibly funny and its not without its fair share of drama as well. The race between public transport and car to Switzerland from London is a great example of this.

    Not to mention that, this show is for everyone, you do not need to know about cars to like this show, you will be entertained by another factor since this show has so much to offer.
  • The show is like education about cars.

    I would say this show gives me thrills every time I watch it. The show goes over most of the world's best cars, such as the ferrari, lambordiani, porshe, and maseratii. The people's sarcasm always make you laugh, and the competition makes you tingle all over with exitement. They also pick the good cars from the bad ones. Like the corvette c6, it's so fast that you can start, stand still, in 5th gear, but the bmw m5, has an annoying gps system, the signal switch sticks, and the gps won't shut up!! In the end the show shows the worlds best cars, good and bad.
  • i just chose that classigication because it seams to fit the whole car theme :D. I think it's absolutely brilliant, and i love the way it's being presented. At times it's actually the funniest show on tv...

    I think it's absolutely brilliant, and i love the way it's being presented. At times it's actually the funniest show on tv. I especially like the episode where they took the range rover and put it up against a challenger II tank.

    They are great, funny, and all that. But one thing has to be mentioned, you really do have to love cars, or at least this kind of humour* (brittish eh?), to appreciate this show. To be honest i mostly watch it for the humour, because even though i think some of the cars are really cool (bugatti veyron #1), i am not really car nerd as such.

    But that's no problem, because the humour makes it great, no matter what's on.

    Watch it, you will be addicted.
  • Cars....

    I never Like cars before well I woes like to play with games of cars on the computer like NFS And moor bat I never woes watch about car in the tv before untile one day
    I woes sat to watch tv with my brother when he woes always swich the channel and then I woes see the Top Gear Show The Funny show ever that talk about Car They woes doing many bad, bad, bad think to the cars just to find how is the great Car, Bat I like that And now I start to undarstand car I watch at now every day and I get to tell you this show is ruck And now I just need a car to my on lol
  • I have watched Top Gear now since it about 2002 and i must say it gets funnier every year.

    Top Gear has everything- Fast Cars, Three middle aged men, unpredicable challenges and a dog. The challenges are quite simply amazing. Who else but Top Gear could think about having a race in an aeroplane and a Bugatti Veyron just so they could deliver truffles on their plate in london. It simply makes sunday night tv worth watching. Instead of Heartbeat, Monarch of the Glen and another one of those country programmes we have the delights of Top Gear. And what about those Eco friendly people who say the programme incites fast cars? Well have they ever heard of Entertainment. What is their idea of fun- Planting Trees in the Brazillian Rainforest. Just lighten Up.
    I hope Richard Hammond gets better after his incident and i hope the programme continues its success
  • Top Gear Is Easily The Best Car Show Availible On Your TV Set

    Ever since it's return in 2002, Top Gear has been informative and funny - Two qualities that I admire from a TV show. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are all great entertainers and "gel" with each other very well.

    There have been many favourite moments from the series but I guess the most memorable moment was during the Winter Olympics special where Richard Hammond was supposed to make a wall to stop the jet-propelled Mini off a ski-jump and Richard made it at the foot of the wrong hill!

    My childhood Hero, Damon Hill, has to high on my favourite moment list, especially his quote for retiring from Formula One:
    "Well, when you reach 40 and drive cars at 300mph, this voice in your head goes: 'You Know, We Can Live 'Till We're 60 If We're Lucky'"
  • When it comes too testing cars well is there another show ?

    I can cant count the days when i miss this show. From the day its on, til the day it comes on. It might not test the cars that i can actually buy, but they test the cars that i dream off, and they do it so good that i would like too buy it even more. But as i said, who here can buy a Ferrari or a Rolls Roys. Does it matter, we all dream. We all have fantasies off what we want too be, better or worse. This show is fun, great things happen, were else will u fint out how much a caravan can stand ? Well this show is for all that love cars and loves too dream. I say "dont we all like too have that thing that everybody haves". For better and worse, that is what the priest says when u marry. They love what they do, and they do it so well that u cant more then like too watch it. i dont think that over 16 million people can be wrong. Not that it wouldnt be the first time. Watch it when it comes back, and i will promise u, its good. The are British, they love British cars, they hate American cars, well not hate maybe. But they always love british made cars. But hey, we all love what we as a country make. Dont hate them for it. love them for it. U would do just the same as they do, but i can tell u, u wouldnt do it as good as they do. WATCH IT
  • So much more than a car show.

    Top Gear is quite simply a fantastic show. It isn't really a show for someone wanting to know what car to buy or whether they want to know how many mile to the gallon the average car does. It's a comedy/documentary with three amazing presenters in Jeremy Clarckson, Richard Hammond and James May. The presenters make the show what it is with their wit and humour and passion for the subject. They have great articles on the latest sports cars, amazing guests and crazy challenges. The challenges are all ways great and i allways end up laughing my head off and are the best part of the show. A must see for anyone interested in cars and it's still good if you're not.
  • Fun for everyone

    I know nothing about cars, I have no sense of judgement at all, to me a car is a car is a car but that matters not with Top Gear. Not only am I finding out about cars but I would watch anything presented by these 3 presenters since they bond as a team so well to make the show infinitely watchable even to those clueless about cars. They also make things as light hearted as possible so people don't find themselves all confused about what they're on about. And of course there is the legendary stig, a celebrity in his own right, whoever he is. The presenters can sometimes be a disaster waiting to happen which is slightly suspicious as some may be staged but that doesn't matter, no one does car related fun like them and this show. Essential Sunday night viewing.
  • Top Gear makes me love cars.

    I don't like cars. I never really understood why anyone would see a car as anything different than a means to get from point A to point B. I don't think cars can be pretty, or cool, as they all look like big metal boxes with wheels to me. I've never even driven a car, as I don't have a driver's license yet.

    But for one hour every week, everything is different. Watching Top Gear, somehow I get it. All those brands, numbers, types make sense to me somehow - how can I not love cars?

    Top Gear is a wonderful, humorous and entertaining show that keeps me glued to the screen. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are great together - witty and with a great love for cars, everything imaginable related to cars gets into the show. Whether it's caravan tossing or racing a car against a plane, every item is fast-pace and hilariously funny, making me laugh out loud and hooked on cars.

    I love this show!
  • I'm one of those people that can't tell Fiat from Ferrari and I'm not interested in knowing the difference, yet, I watch every episode at least 10 times. Why? Because this is the best/funniest program in history.

    I started watching it be an absolute accident, I was flicking though channels one day, when I heard laughter and British accent and thought 'ok, British humor, great!'. By the end of the episode I was a devoted follower.

    It's not just any program, nothing can compare to it. I mean, they talk about cars, CARS, I don't care about cars, they are big and boring, yet, somehow, the way they talk about it.... it's just great. The humor is brilliant, the interaction between hosts is amazing and the amount of jokes from one episode could fill 5 average episodes of 'Friends'. It’s the perfect example what a team work can do to create excellence; they banter, they tease, they insult but you know that they care about each other.

    I still don't know the difference between Fiat and Ferrari and still don't want to know. And still sit on the edge of my chair, waiting for the next episode.
  • This is a show about cars but the show appeals to both sexes and all ages.

    At first I thought that this show was for middle aged men, who liked cars, but after watching it I quickly changed my mind. The 3 presenters, Jermemy Clarkson, Richard Hammond (Hamster lol) and James May. They make the show, they bounce off each other. Theres lots of banter and laughter. The long bits about cars that nobody can afford are sometimes tedious. My favourite part of the show is probably the news bit where they talk about cars to begin with and end up going completely off the subject. I also really like the "star in a reasonably priced car". This is where they allow a celberity to do a lap of their track in a reasonably priced car (hence the title), where they aim to be at the top of the leaderboard. There is also "The Stig" who is the professional race car driver, (who is also masked), and he teachers the celbs how to go round the track and tests new cars round the track.
  • Great Mix of Cars and Comedy

    I love this show it's just the best thing going if you like cars and enjoy a laugh as well.

    I have been watching this since it first came out, i think clarkson is just hilarious and the mix of presenters is just great. People moan that they do not review enough of the cars we could buy but who want to see that if you want that buy a car magazine.

    I love the little challenges they set each other and the winter olympics show was good watching a mini shoot down a ski jump. The car football is just amazing with the car handling of both the presenters and the guest drivers.

    A Star in a reasonably priced car is special, the guests always act like they aren't that bothered but they always get really competitive when you see the lap.

    I think anyone who likes cars should watch this show you woun't regret it
  • Just the best car show out there

    Top Gear has to be the best out there.

    Their 60 minute show highlights around 2 - 4 cars per show and to tell you the truth all 3 hosts are very good at talking about the cars they drive. One thing I've noticed with this show is each host is very good on commenting on the small details of each car they test drive.

    The show doesn't just talk car "mambo-jumbo" but the 3 hosts try to explain each car so that every viewer would be able to understand around 90% of what they say without knowing a hell of a lot about cars at all.

    Although the Brits do love their homemade cars which they do seem to favor over the American build ones, they do tell it like it is when it comes down to it.

    What I really like about Top Gear is the way they test each car, on track, off track and with a professional race driver(s) they call simple "The Stig" :)

    The show always has the latest news on the upcoming cars and they always test the very newest cars out.
    What sets this show in front of other shows in the category is they way they present the show. Its not just all about the cars specifications and how they perform. But the 3 hosts try to give the show a very relaxing environment by cracking some jokes here and there, blowing some cars up :) crashing cars and totally modifying ones on their own.

    All in all its just a brilliant show to watch, I only wish their seasons were a bit longer than 8 or 9 episodes.
  • The best show on cars ever!

    Top Gear is the best show on cars ever. It has everything that you would ever want not just from a car show but also from a television program. There are moments of light comedy, just to lighten the mood, and the whole thing is rounded off with loads of different fillings. And what I mean by fillings is that there are so many different things in the show that make it so brilliant. Little adventures that they do in cars, tests on cars, celebrities, and great presenters. How you can not even be slightly amused by this wonderful show I don't know. This show is an instant classic and is a top class show!
  • I LOVE TOP GEAR! whats not to love? the cars, the jokes, the races, the guys, IM SOLD!!!

    Clarkson,is like the daddy, captain of the top gear ship.
    arrogant, funny, huge but oh so loveable!!!
    May,is like the weird hippy uncle, dodgy hair, kinda soft but he believes hes a "real man unlike the other 2"!
    Hammond,is like ur older brothers sexy friend, very funny, oh so cute, sharp dresser, "the hamster", i want to take him home!!!
    then there is The Stigg!!!! the super driver that no body knows, he looks like some1 from star wars, but wow can that guy drive!!!

    not to mention the cars!!! OH SO FAST< OH SO PRETTY!!! I love this show!!!!!
  • At the moment it's the best u can watch on tv...

    It's amazing how they managed to turn a dull old TopGear, in such increadable show. It wins your heart in an hour. There's lotsa small details, which attract your attention, suck as all presenters wear they're own clothes, they chat in a simple matter, without any games & show-off crap, it's completly real & very funny. It's not spoiled by Us English, it's made in original clean language & it's a huge pleasure just to listen to em.
    Each presenter has his own style, they kinda opposite each other, this show is bein recorded about 4 days before Sunday release, but it looks sooo realistic, at first i thought it's live. Whether u want to know about new fast cars, or u just want to have fun, This is YOUR SHOW. It aims at All Age groups, and the magic it surrounds you with is impossible to descripe. I honestly think this is one of the best (if not the best) Show on TV right now.
    The only thing that stans close to Top Gear is Friends, but it's gone, TopGear is still with us. YAY!!
  • At the moment it's the best u can watch on tv...

    It's amazing how they managed to turn a dull old TopGear, in such increadable show. It wins your heart in an hour. There's lotsa small details, which attract your attention, suck as all presenters wear they're own clothes, they chat in a simple matter, without any games & show-off crap, it's completly real & very funny. It's not spoiled by Us English, it's made in original clean language & it's a huge pleasure just to listen to em.
    Each presenter has his own style, they kinda opposite each other, this show is bein recorded about 4 days before Sunday release, but it looks sooo realistic, at first i thought it's live. Whether u want to know about new fast cars, or u just want to have fun, This is YOUR SHOW. It aims at All Age groups, and the magic it surrounds you with is impossible to descripe. I honestly think this is one of the best (if not the best) Show on TV right now.
    The only thing that stans close to Top Gear is Friends, but it's gone, TopGear is still with us. YAY!!
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