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  • A humourous and informative guide to the world of cars.

    Why the average review of this show is 5 still boggles my mind. This has got to be one of the most entertaining and informative car-related shows out there. Sure they have a penchant for dissing economic and "boring" estates, but come on: do you really want to come home after a hard day's work just to see some minivan being taken for a test drive? Isn't it enough that you go through its drudgery in your everyday life? Clarkson has a unique way of presenting any product, be it cars or inventions that changed the world. His enthusiasm can only be matched by his sheer disregard for what people may think about him or his opinions.
  • Best Car Show, bar none.

    Top gear has evolved into the greatest car show ever, through a mix of humour, good reviewing and awesome stunts. The presenters compliment each other perfectly; James, with the refined, honest reviews, Jeremy with his harsh honesty and satiricle wit; and Richard, with his youthful exuberance. They gel perfectly, which is why Top Gear works so well. It may laos have to with the outrageous, no expense spared stunts like playing a soccer game with cars, racing across Europe or playing conkers with caravans.

    If you like cars, do not miss this show.
  • TopGear is just the archetype for infotainment shows.

    it is not just a REALLY fun show to watch about cars.
    it's the passion the presenters share for the topic that makes it so likeable, it's the humor that makes it so entertaining, it's the skills that make it believable and it's the trying new things and pushing it to the limit that makes me long for the next episode.

  • THE car programm to see.. Anywhere in the world..

    Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are the best presentors at this moment.
    Not of a real-tv show or quiz show, not even the evening news, but simply of the best car program on the face of this Earth.
    This program blows all other car programs back to the pre-history.

    As you have noticed from the small intro, I'm a huge Top Gear fan. From the very first episode of season 1 to the latest episode of season 6, last sunday.
    This show shows you all the good and bad things about cars in general. Sometimes even with some huge comic-relief.
    Car producers pray that the crew of Top Gear won't bash their car to pieces. It's not the influence they have, it's just the sheer impact that they have on car-buying customers.

    SEE IT!!!!
  • Entertaining and informative - this show may not have high technical content, but it is a highly entertaining hour of television.

    Other shows may have more content or are better geared towards the more technically inclined, however, Top Gear has a great mix of humor, wit and informaton that is sorely lacking from all other motoring shows.

    The presenters (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May) have great chemistry together, each providng a unique viewpoint on the automotive industry. They clash playfully with great comedic result that makes you come back week after week.

    Highly recommended.
  • This is the show that sets the standard for all other car-shows. But no matter how much they try they will never be as good as this, it's entertainment at it's best.

    This is the show that sets the standard for all other car-shows. But no matter how much they try they will never be as good as this, it's entertainment at top level.

    I watch other car-shows to get the real facts and tests, but this show is the best when it comes to entertainment. You know that the show must have something special when you can watch it together with a girl-friend who is totally uninterested in cars, and the next week she asks when the next episode airs.

    Every episode gives you a wild mix of feelings. You go from jaw dropping to laughs several times throughout the episodes.

    Sure the show have some bad episodes too, no one is perfect. But all in all this show will end up in my all time top 5 favourites.
  • super funny, quite witty and addictive to watch. A+!!

    Awesome show with great hosts, great cars, great stunts, never ceases to amaze me! Top Gear ages with time and continuously provides a great informative medium for the world of the car enthusiast, whether it be for supercars or plain old street cars purchased by the everyday man. Top Gear is great entertainment for everyone!
  • Simply, unbeatable in motoring television shows.

    Currently, Top Gear resides on BBC2 with hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The trio spend all of their time flying around the Top Gear track which is part of the studios situated in an old airfield in Guildford.

    They either run around in super cars or testing the odd "cheap" car for the average Joe. Otherwise they are in competition with each other thrashing around Europe trying to see if cars can beat public transport (and they have proved the train to be useless against an Aston Martin DB9 and the plane to be a waste of time against the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti).

    Every episode, of the new series, we have a celebrity to drive the "Reasonably Priced Car", a Suzuki Liana. Their times then get put onto the board and compared every episode.

    The Power Laps Board contains the times set by the fastest cars ever to appear on the show. It is currently held by the Maserati MC12 which beat the Ferrari F60 Enzo just in this current 6th Season.
  • Fast, beautiful cars, great scenery, challenges that pit machine against machine and bets against bets, excellent presentation, and all manned by a pack of Brits. What more does one need?

    Car shows normally are androgeneous, focused on the past, and repetitive. Which can be fine. Though here, here is a refreshing work of art. Literally. [i]Top Gear[/i] is superb for multitudinous reasons. First off is the funny cast. Excellent British humor around. Second off are the cars. Always new, always beautiful, and always keeping the viewer up to date. Third off are the challenges. Original, extremely entertaining, and very informative (in their own way). They always manage to keep me on the edge of my seat (a place I am proud to say I rarely am elsewhere). Fourth are their anecdotes. Again, more subtle humor and perhaps the most informative part of the show. Finally, that which makes [i]Top Gear[/i] a work of art. Excellent editing, beautiful camera-work, and a refreshing and fitting background of classical music. You feel like you are in the seat alongside everyone actually there. This show is a personal favorite, and should be experienced by everyone, and now it can. Since Discovery Channel now airs [i]Top Gear[/i], viewing [i]Top Gear[/i] can be easier than ever. I highly recommend you experience [i]Top Gear[/i] however you may.
  • Grown men playing with cool cars and having way too much fun!

    Ever wanted to get the best new and classic fast cars, and just drive them like you stole them?

    Ever wanted to spout off on silly government interventions into our driving pleasure?

    Ever wanted to race a bobsled down an icy mountain in a rally car!!! Or play soccer in little cars to test the manuverability?

    All this and much more await you at Top Gear. Where even the ho-hum topics are made brilliant with humor and wild ideas for a test.

    How do you prove that public transportation stinks? Challenges like getting from England to Switzerland ski-lodge in a great car while the other hosts are forced to a long boring bus and train ride.

    This is the best car related show available!
  • This show is basically a car show, and that's all there is to it...right? Well no, these guys talk about news relating to cars, tyres, gas, engines, legislation about cars, and sometimes irrelevant banter. But that's all part of what makes it great. The

    I've been watching this show for a year now, but thanks to the magic of reruns I've seen nearly every episode. And I have to say, apart from that fatal mistake named Jason in the first season...absolutely awesome! These guys get all the newest and coolest cars, and take them to their track, and occasionally put them through some ridiculous and hilarious challenges. Some examples are Whats more cost efficient, a Nissan Micro, or a private Boeing Jet? You see what I mean. This show is as much about cars as it is about the interaction of three hilarious journalists. The important thing about this show however, and what sets it apart from most other shows, is that whenever they review a car, they always do it independently. And by that I mean, they don't just go somewhere, get schmoozed by car execs, and give it a good review. They review it on their own private track outside of their studio, and for most of the cars, they review it in England, or Wales when they want. Occasionally they go to the Isle Of Man...because, as every avid car nut will know, there are no speed limits there!

    Another reason to watch the show, however not the primary reason, is the Star In A Reasonably priced feature that they have on every show. They get a celebrity, typically a british one, and put them in 10k pound Suzuki Liana and see how fast they can go 'round the track. This is amusing, definitely worth watching, even if you have no idea who James Nesbitt, Sanjiv Baskaar, Martin Klunes, or Alan Partridge are. Clarkson's witty comments to audience are also an occasional hoot, especially when he throws someone out of the studio for having a stupid opinion ;)

    Watch this know you want to
  • This is great! It's a car show, but it's also so humorous.

    This is a really great show! I love watching it every Sunday evening on BBC 2 at eight. It's not only a car show, it's also funny, and it has great guests like Simon Cowell, Christopher Eccleston, Jimmy Carr, Jordan, and new ones every week! They also do challenges, like once when Jeremery, in a car, raced James & Richard in a ferry. (and won!). It's presented by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, who you might remember from brainiac: science abuse. This show is just great, humorous, intresting, and did i mention great? This show rules! Full stop.
  • It's not a car show, it is a show for everyone who loves cars!

    Top Gear is a car show like no other, when you normally put on the tv for a car show you see four cars pas in half an houre, and that is it.

    Whit Top Gear you get Jeremy Clarkson who will if he feels like it put a car to the ground. Or lift it up a if it is the best car ever made. In this show there is emotion, there is humor. This show is one hour so you get the time to see the cars perform and you will get to hear where the car is good and where the car is bad.

    Then of course there are specials like the car races through Europe (Jeremy againsed Richard and James). Trying to see if the car is faster then a train, plain of boot.

    There is the coolwall and of course the star in a reasonably priced car.

    And at the end of each show there is the Stig who will race a new car around the Top Gear track as fast as posible.

    So you see this show is much more then a car show it's a show for every one who loves cars.
  • Basically just blows the makers trumpets for them!

    Me and my lovely boyfriend have a date every sunday night at 8pm to watch Top Gear. Its brilliant, the cars get him turned on, and Richard Hammond does it for me!! Seriously though, it is quality - great interviews with celebrities, great comedy, great cars,what more could you ask for?!

    this show is one of the best things that happened on television for a lot of time it it just keeps getting better and better by the minute. it is both funny, ineresting and well made. i love it so much that i wanna kill my self if i miss an episode (which btw happened only once). Jeremy is the king he is a god and so are his co hosts Richard and James. it is so good i can't even tell you how much, and if you haven't seen it yet, i don't really know what you are waiting for!?!? i hope they never ever stop showing it if i had to describe it in one one word: "PERFECT".

    god bless Jeremy Richard James and the Stig.
  • Saw it once and was instantly hooked!

    When one thinks of TV car review shows, it's not often one would say "oh, that's a fun show!" No, most of these are pretty straight-laced; talk about the performance, price and that's about it. There are shows that give reviews and show how you can do upgrades on a car, but that is limited in appeal as well. Top Gear changes all that in glorious fashion!

    Presented by James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear dares to be different. In fact, the first episode I saw had Richard in a car submersed under water, just to show how someone would get out in such a situation. No other car show would ever do such crazy things and that's what sets it apart. They do serious car reviews, but there are always plenty of goofy, fun-filled segments, keeping the show fresh and unpredictable. The chemistry and sense of humor of the hosts also makes them very likeable blokes.

    If you haven't watched the show yet or have even a passing interest in cars, give it a chance. You may find yourself immediately hooked like I was!
  • I think Top Gear is a superb programme.

    When Top Gear came back in 2002, I was so looking forward to the new series. Already, I know Jeremy Clarkson is a great presenter with plenty of courage and brilliant jokes, I met him at Alton Towers with his children! Top Gear is a superb programme with some beautiful cars on and I think it should have a brilliant rating!

    philip wolstencroft
  • Fun show, featuring amazing cars with some humor added to it makes TopGear a great show to watch.

    This show is great, I love the way they put the episodes together. They give a fresh and honest look to all the cars of the world. The best thing is that they are honest and don't take part in playing favorites to any manufacturers, they call it like they see it (or drive it. if a car is crap they will tell it is crap. If a car is good they will almost orgasm all over it.
    The show is also very funny with some great jibes between the hosts. I love to see the "STIG" take on an exotic on the test track, also the celebrities driving a cheap crappy car around the track is great.
  • An unbeatable combination of Great cars, humour and Clarkson

    Car shows are not usually everyone's cup of tea - usually reserved for petrolheads; but Top Gear is different: add the classic Clarkson humour, aided by trusty sidekicks James May and Richard Hammond and a true gem is born.

    The races between Clarkson in an Aston, Ferrari or Merc against May and Hammond using public transport are the highlight of the series for me, one of them spawning a classic Clarkson quote: "I wonder what's the fastest anyone's been inside a Eurotunnel train" when travelling into one in a McLaren Merc SLR.

    Top Gear is a great favourite of mine and i recommend you watch it; you don't even have to be interested in cars to enjoy it.
  • If you're into cars that can turn then this is the place for you.

    I really enjoy the fun things they do like shoot crappy cars with an air cannon to hit a bullseye 150 feet off a cliff. I love the idea of using a driver to benchtest the cars on thier track and allow me to come up with some kind of value/dollar (pound). I am a bit of a porshcephile so it is nice to see the comparisons.
  • An Exellent Show, if only James May was less boring!

    Top Gear is the best of the few motoring shows on TV. The cars are fantastic as are the presenter challenges, celebrity laps and moments such as caravan destroyal which occurs often!
    the presenters are brilliant, except James May who is one of the most boring people ever and mimics the other two. "The Stig" provides excellent laps and the quality of road testing is superb.
  • I just started watching this show, and I can't stop watching it!!!!!

    This show not only encompasses one of my favorite things in life, CARSSS, but it also adds comedy to stray away from the old school clear cut boring documentary car show style. Every episode that I watch gets me even more hooked, and I not only laugh constantly, but also learn more about something that love learning about.
  • Forget all car shows you've ever watched. this is nothing like them. this show is so well made, you don't need to be a car nut to watch and love it. all you need is an open mind and a sense of humor.

    a race from england to the south of france between an aston martin and a series of trains. a race from england to switzerland between a ferrari and a plane and trains. an apache helicopter gunship trying to get missle lock on a lotus exige. a challenger 2 tank trying to get gun lock on a land rover sport. football (soccer) with toyota's. taking a pickup, burning it, drowning it in the english channel, hitting it with a wrecking ball, and finally setting it on top of a 24 story tall building that would be imploded later on, and seeing what happens. can a land rover drive to the top of a mountain that's never even been driven on? how good of a car can be bought for under 100 pounds ($180)? how good of a porsche can be bought for under 1500 pounds? can an audi a8 travel 800 miles on a single tank of gas? this is top gear.
    i'm a car nut. i've watched car shows on speed channel and been put to sleep by them. those shows simply talk about cars in a positive manner and only talk details, that the majority of people just dont understand. compared to car shows on speed channel, top gear could be considered blasphemy. first off, the three hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, writer for the London Times; Richard Hammond, ex radio host with a passion for cars; James May, an old fart who's mother has more speeding tickets than him. Jeremy is the wittiest, funnist, most absurd, opinonated, ridiculous man i've ever seen on tv. he doesnt care that he's 50 years old, stands 6'6" or so and weighs two hundred pounds. in his mind he's a teenager without a care in the world. there are many more qualified men to host a show than him. he's far from being the best driver in the world. but he brings something to the show that no other car show has ever seen before, in america at least, brilliant writing. it's all about the writing. the cars are fabulous and all, but that only goes so far for a veiwer. while reviewing the Mercedes McLaren SLR, the main point he was trying to pass was that the SLR is not a typical supercar. it is not a raging beast that will spin out at the first sign of danger. it has cruise control, an automatic gear box, a trunk, and goes over 210mph. it's a supercar for everyday joe. Jeremy tells us all this, but not so directly. he makes an analogy with a prawn and avocado salad. a normal supercar is just the salad, delicious and tasty, but hard to handle. Mercedes has taken the supercar ingredients, and put them between two slices of bread. see what he means?
    Nowhere, and i mean nowhere else will you find writers like Jeremy for a car show. he doesnt just speak his opinions and thoughts like a normal journalist, he conveys them so everybody understands them, to the point where they can feel the way he feels about a car. he is opinionated, and i have disagreed with him from time to time, and that's a great moment when i do, because at that moment i realize how much i've been thinking, because of him.
    Richard Hammond is a quirky short fellow who brings kiddish moments to the show to go along with Jeremy's rebellious teen style.
    James balances out the show with an adult, more mature perspective on things. he of course, doesnt drive the supercars that Jeremy and Richard do, but he's just as essential to the show as Richard. In the first season of the show, James was not a host, Jason Dawe was in James' future role, and it was an ugly fix. there was no balance to the show, no moderation, it was even uncomofortable at times, as he could barely even fit into a car, if you get what i mean.
    finally the STIG. he's a man, and we don't know his name. he drives the cars to set comparable lap times, and listens to awkward music. he wears all white, and is a nice touch to the show.
    for me, the best show in history.
  • Jeremy Clarkson is a legend in the United Kingdom and his television appearances never cease to entertain anyone who watches them.

    While you may not entirely agree with their opinions, the Top Gear hosts (Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond) will tell you what they think about just about anything related to cars.

    They drive 'em, race 'em, and take 'em to the top of mountains, all captured on film for our enjoyment. I've recommended this program to non-car enthusiasts and they've found it highly entertaining.

    The UK version contains the talk-show portion, while the US version does not. References to "the Colonies" are edited out of the US episodes for obvious reasons.
  • Entertaining and informational!

    The show is entertaining and informational for auto buffs! I started watching the show when it was brought to the Discovery Channel and became an immediate fan. Thru a friend I discovered the the show was heavily chopped up for the U.S. market after seeing he original BBC 2 version.
  • Easily the best motoring programme on television.

    As I said in the summary this is easily the best car and motoring programme on tv at the moment. And its easy to see why , They don't talk about all the boring stuff like the new ford focus and cut to the chase. They talk about supercars like Ferrari F50 and Pagani Zonda rather than vauxhall vectras and ford mondeos. And they don't stick to the rulebook. They,like us, the people,hate speed cameras and red lights and wish that they could smash them with a baseball bat. The presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May are always arguing and speeding along in their cars which gives the show such great chemistry. Overall 9.4 out of 10.
  • Best Car Show on TV!!!

    Top Gear has to be the best car show on TV.
    Jeremy, James and Richard are all so funny in their car reports and i love the stig who ever he may be.
    They each put so much detail in their car reports and it just makes the programme spectacular.
    It was also nice to see James and Richard at Eastbourne Motor Show. I thoroughly enjoyed it and i was very thankful to get their autograph.
    Keep up the good work guys!!
  • Top Gear = No.1

    Bugatti Veyron i want this car sooooo much i'll have to save up for it, might take me a while :)
    Everything is good about this show. Best show on the BBC, should keep it on BBC 2 though because putting it on to BBC1 normally gives it the kiss of death. i mean look what happened to robot wars!
  • Best show ever!!!!!!!!!

    I would watch 24/7 More shows!!
    I will pay to see it regulary!The cast is the best!content is accurate,Funny,entertaining to the maxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!! What must be done to receive it on a regulay weekly series????????.It is seen in my area on comcast tv on channel 39 but not on a weekly basis,I will offer a human sacrifice to see more!!!
  • The motoring stroke comedy show that gives real entertainment whilst also being informative and also somewhat mad. From insane stunts to mindless demolition, from laughing at Alistair Darling to laughing at Richard Hammond, and from driving fast to drivin

    Top gear is proving to be a real trendsetter. It appears for series after series. It has launched the careers of presenters Richard Hammond and James May, and has raised the profile of Jeremy Clarkson too. Anyone involved in this show is instanly reaping the rewards - and it's easy to see why. Everything new that appears on the program is loved by everyone. Some of their best ideas include:
    *Star in a reasonably fast car, where celebrities come in to the studio and race a lap of the test track in the shows Suzuki Liana
    *Power laps - where the stig races one of their featured cars around the test track with his invariably tacky music
    *The cool wall - cars are rated not according to how good they are, but how cool they are
    * Jeremy vs. James & Richard Races - James May and Richard Hammond use public transport to do long journeys, and race against Jeremy Clarkson, who is driving very fast in a very fast car.
    There are so many more, but typing them all would take far too long.
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