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  • Boring

    Top Gear is the most mind numbing programme ever to apperar on television. I can't see why anyone wwants to see three middle aged men drive cars around. What is the point of some of the things they do for example the stupidity of trying to drop caravans on a target, then to make it worse BBC allow it to be aired for a complete hour!
  • I just don't get what all the buzz is about.

    Okay, I understand that this series has a huge following outside of the USA and because of that I tried to watch it, while it was on its brief time while it was on the Discovery Channel in the US, to see what it was all about. I have to said is that I wasn't to impressed by what I saw here. So I just don't understand what all of the buzz is about and I don't think it has to be the fact that I am female. I think it was the fact that I think I grew up on the PBS series, Motorweek back in 1980s that might of tinted my feelings about it.

    I thought that might because of Discovery's handing of it, because I know that USA and UK network have a different way they handed the commerical breaks and the to many commerical breaks might of destroyed the timing of the episodes, which is sometimes a key to the humor, that this series is reported to have. So once again I tried to watch it again on the BBC America, which I think is a better choice for this series, but once again I found myself with a bitter taste in my mouth about the series.

    Again, I got nothing wrong with the fans of the series, because everybody is different and is emtitled to their own feelings, but this isn't my cup of tea.
  • Changed my favourite show to 'Fifth Gear' on turbo

    I loved the 'Top Gear' when the show started, it showed good reviews about cars. But nowadays its Reviews about the guys driving it and too the same old guys. Nothing about the car. No testing. No speeding. No mpg. Nothing about the interior. No nothing, a lot of clever video editing. I dont want to read the 'Top Gear' mag. I hate looking at Photos and read about it. Please do a good Tv episode with car reviews. Till then I hate Top Gear Shows. Watch Fifth Gear on Dis Turbo.

    UNBELIEVABLE rubbish from 3 IDIOTS who just ruin good cars the program seems to have lost its focus and path when it first started these guys are over paid and not funny anymore and just winds me up to the point of me wanting to turn off to another channel much does it cost per show with all its back up team and fancy camera shots and countries and the cars they must wreck then theres the people they insult..
  • laid by clarkson, lays another dog egg!

    given the downward spiraling of the once watchable top gear that now is just laughable, how do you the makers of this sh@t feel ?

    do you care,are you bothered,does it matter as long as it generates money, well it seems that it is being produced by teenagers for prepubescent teenagers much the same way as old channel 4 tv was aimed at the people that fell out of pubs at closing time and wanted to drawl at some cheaply made dross that catered for the lowest . in the land, the lager lout.

    i have to hand it to you and really pat yourselves on the back for creating such crap, you are in a league of one and no one could come close to the level at which you have set the bar.

    so where does someone start who actually knows about cars?

    because i have made and repaired and sold all types of cars in some 28 years now,large small cheap and expensive saloon estate ect,but you lot only care for one type,the wet dream ultra expensive types, is that why there are less and less program's( thankfully )because the uber expensive car manufacturers can only release so many in any one year, or is it that the fat one and the irritating one and the one that should do children's tv cant be arsed to do any more and earn their multi million pound salary's funded by the license payers?.

    when you dumped the village idiot off in British Columbia why didn't you take the opportunity to use a Knight xv to rescue him? its built in Ontario (that's in Canada) instead you used north American vehicles, why?

    given the fact that the Knight is the biggest 4x4 known, this would have fitted in with the biggest fastest most expensive philosophy you have had for soooo long and could have made it slightly better than it turned out.

    And when you 'dis' Peugeot's do have a care for the people who own, buy and repair them, they are not as bad as you portray them to be, and they are french owned, like all of their car manufacturers, a little often overlooked point you fail to acknowledge in the pursuit for cheap smutty laughs and innuendo, who own the flashy cars that the team salivate over? they are not British owned are they, all sold off because they were badly made and even worse after sales in companies that wouldn't modernize and loved to strike.

    The episode where the three stooges try and make ambulance vehicles i found rather sick, and again another one of those made for the ret@rded viewer pieces that focuses on cheap smut and no substance or relevant information.

    Here's the point, William Woolard used to give informative useful information to the viewer,now Clarkson just drives fast sideways in cars very few people see let alone can afford, do you think at some point this can be reversed and give people who cannot buy these automotive masterpieces a chance to have road tested cars for the every day people?.

    Next weeks episode on Top Gear and the next and the next. I drive fast and turn tyres into smoke whilst trying to sound more witty and intelligent than Oscar Wilde,James gets lost and confused over something trivial while his gut struggles to be held back by his corset and Richard tries to look ever younger in the vainest attempt to hold onto his youth, that about sums it up.

    The goose that laid the once golden egg.. is now more laid by Clarkson (laid in the same sense as f@cked) and golden egg is more dog egg.

    While the gang struggle to find the newest next faster biggest trouser ripping car that has to take them around the globe,may be they could look into the many news cars that dont cost the earth and can be seen in a showroom near to you,just a thought, and heres another one, given their love of fully funded jollies.. next week on Top Gear... I use the 'n' word in Alabama, then i go to Argentina holding a number plate saying 'sorry ?', I then go to China and say there a slope on that bridge, and finish off in france where i crash a 405 into the gates of the Peugeot headquarters, its all in the name of fun isn't it?

    try and defend that .

  • It was best show ever for years 10/10 ! now its just medicaore 5.5/10 ! :(

    It was how you Brits say bloody brilliant show till now. I am very sorry for saying those harsh words but Top Gear isn't as good as it used to be.

    Jokes now are just stupid, specials boring, car reviews only fancy top notch HD well edited videos. Well they used to do stupid things but they were smart things - sarcasm etc.

    Sorry fans......
  • email BS crap

    I get an email today telling me about season 22 ep 3 but when I open the link it has no info about episode 3. WTF some eager *** set that up I guess
  • Over enthusiastic and unnatural

    It's (maybe) okay the witty jokes have been toned down but please stop shouting. LeBlanc, Schmitz and Harris should take the show.
  • Jeremy, Richard and James are “The Three Musketeers” of the motoring world, three petrol heroes telling us ‘how it really is’. Cutting through the promotional literature and advertising campaigns on a quest to let us know how a car truly drives

    Jeremy, Richard and James are “The Three Musketeers” of the motoring world, three petrol (and now diesel) heroes telling us ‘how it really is’. Cutting through the promotional literature and advertising campaigns on a quest to let us know how a car truly drives. Throw in the fun of various personal challenges in the form of races or whacky projects and you have a TV series that anyone in their teens or over can enjoy. Perfect? Well no, the show has a couple of annoyances, it sometimes seems to prefer a car’s looks at the cost of everything else, Italian cars seems to trounce most Japanese offerings on looks alone, which is crazy. They no longer drive ‘normal’ cars so Top Gear will never cover a car that most of us are more likely to buy. I know this would be against the Top Gear format, most family cars are the same, but they aren’t when you’re about to spend the better part of fifteen grand plus, they all suddenly seem very different. My suggestion, have a second show, ‘Middle Gear’ or even ‘Low Gear’, different presenters (maybe) but with normal cars being tested. Still, Top Gear – top show.
  • Unique.

    Do not a miss the opportunity to watch the best show of its kind. Just watch it. Even if you hate cars, It doesn't matter. You will have a hard time finding a more entertaining show. Enough said.

    _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ _
  • A show about cars, featuring presentors Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

    Absolutely brilliant! I don\'t know what I would do without this show! Even if my friends don\'t think I should be watching it because I\'m a girl. My only complain is that annoying little man Richard Hammond, emphasis on da little! I can\'t wait for the new series to start. For now I\'ll just look forward to the Top Gear Specials.
  • An Exellent Show, if only James May was less boring!

    Top Gear is the best of the few motoring shows on TV. The cars are fantastic as are the presenter challenges, celebrity laps and moments such as caravan destroyal which occurs often!
    the presenters are brilliant, except James May who is one of the most boring people ever and mimics the other two. "The Stig" provides excellent laps and the quality of road testing is superb.
  • 10,9,8,7,6,5,......

    The show wont last a year.

    It will be cancelled before that.

    Crappy Show.

    Shame on you BBC
  • Stupid Beeb killed the golden goose.

    Crap presenters, crap stunts, crappy jokes, and that's just the nicer things about the Chris Evans-hosted Top Gear. After that debacle the ginger one did us all a favour by falling on his sword - that guy isn't fit to lace Jezza's drinks - but the real culprits in all this have been the BBC themselves.

    Clarkson was sacked for punching a producer, but in the BBC's eyes his worst crime was not being a PC loving, Oxbridge educated snob like themselves. Now their stupid arrogance has come back to bite them on the bum. Tough.

    Rather than let Flop Gear die a lingering, painful death with a bunch of useless new pesenters the BBC should admit its mistakes and put this sorry mess of a show out of its misery.
  • very enjoyable

    this show is basically and always will be a classic. wat more can u ask for in a program than fast cars,gr8 presentors and cool guests. if u like cars,presentors and guests this is the program to watch. im happy to hear that they put it back on bbc again.
  • I think Top Gear is a superb programme.

    When Top Gear came back in 2002, I was so looking forward to the new series. Already, I know Jeremy Clarkson is a great presenter with plenty of courage and brilliant jokes, I met him at Alton Towers with his children! Top Gear is a superb programme with some beautiful cars on and I think it should have a brilliant rating!

    philip wolstencroft
  • Very Entertaining

    I was disappointed with the 2016 Top Gear series and after watching all the episodes of Grand Tour, I recently wrote a negative review of both the programme and especially the three presenters. Last night's episode of Top Gear brought back so many happy memories of what a good car programme is all about. The BBC is superb in presenting real car entertainment and not only was I impressed with the programme, but I laughed at the real fun and games the three presenters got up to. They are already proving to be a very successful and likeable team. There are still a few areas that no doubt will be improved but well done to the BBC and the Top Gear team - Superb viewing.
  • The best car show ever produced!

    Top Gear, a great show that is on since 2001/2002, for 16 seasons now is one of the greatest shows the UK ever produced, in my eyes.

    Simply because first: I really love cars and at specially fast and expensive ones.

    Then there is the way how they present it, it's just awesome, funny and always informational, even if they bring it on a very strange way.

    Also, with the specials, you kinda see places you never see a film crew before, so, you get to see new places, which is awesome:) Certainly Bolivia was my favorite till now, awesome sunset! Also, the road in Bulgaria, was really awesome to see.

    Since the beginning, at least, since it aired in the Netherlands, I am watching it, with all the pleasure there is, even the episodes that I've already watched 20 times, still see me watching, just because, it's fun! And sometimes I even miss 1 once in a lifetime movie for it, just so I can watch this show.

    Then there are the actors, Jeremy made a simply awesome documentary, Richard followings him and made an even better one. May is the only one I still not yet have seen:O But that is OK.

    My favorite though is the Stig. Last week he drove like he was the best rally driver ever and that was just AMAZING.

    So, with this dramatic English I gonna end!

  • Flop Gear

    Stig was the only good thing about this poor imitation of the true Top Gear. Although Matt LaBlanc wasn't a total failure. He at least brought a little levity.

    Chris Evans is a complete disaster and a moron. No automotive knowledge at all. There is NO camaraderie as found with Clarkson, Hammond and May. Those three were fantastic together..

    BBC you made a big mistake. Huge. Colossal.

    If there was a rating lower than 1 star, I would it. But, one star is as low as I can go.

    I will, as will all of my family, continue to watch all the original Top Gears. You know, the ones that are actually entertaining.

    I will not ever tune in to the new Top rather, more accurately, Flop Gear.
  • The end for me was the disrepect!

    I absolutely loved the original Top Gear and all the whacky stuff they did.

    Now I may have missed it but I do not recall the original crew ever intentionally damaging a new car being tested.

    Using up scaled drink glasses to test the smooth ride of new 4wd vehicles and having them slosh over into the car (a bit of Glad Wrap would not do anything) is just about the most disrespectful thing I have seen on Top Gear and has ruined any chance of me becoming a fan of the new show.

    The old crew regularly destroyed old cars and even though I was sad to see a few of them go it was great television and totally enjoyable - Just don't disrespect new cars that way.
  • BBC "Top Gear" New Cast is FAIL

    To be honest, I withheld judgement on the new presenters of Top Gear. I honestly thought that BBC's failure to just 'Fine' Clarkson instead of firing him showed a failure in how BBC was being managed. So with such an opinion of the debacle, I want to be sure my prejudice against the change in presenters did not tarnish my review of the new season.

    I also wanted to give time for the new presenters and producers to find their ground, so I waited to watch the new series until now.

    I just reviewed the currently available six episodes. I was really hoping something watchable would be salvaged, I was wrong. Unfortunately from the first show to the last one available, they are horrible. Gone are the banter and interaction within an almost perfect cast. The monologue is dry and boring. In effect, the show as lost everything that made it great. Even the added technology subtracts from the show, like adding glitter on a horrible painting.

    The sad fact is, even with this show bombing as badly as it has, BBC still will not admit they are the ones who made a mistake by firing Clarkson instead of punishing him. Clarkson was wrong in his anger, but BBC failed to make a rational decision.

    Those here in this country get the idea an aristocracy of 'Derby Hat with Umbrella', "League of Silly Walkers", BBC Executives were showing their authority to the 'lowers' instead of a rational business decision after Clarkson through his tantrum in anger.

    So be it, Top Gear BBC appears to be 'Down the Tube'. Perhaps "The Grand Tour" will recapture the audience with the original 'boys'. At least we get one more season of Doc Martin to keep the subscription to BBC America.


  • Season with 6 episodes??!!

    Top Gear is getting Lazy! A season with only 6 episodes? Is there really nothing happening in the Car world... or are they trying to let the show slowly die?
  • Funny car show

    Top Gear Is the best car show it is much better than the boring show fifth gear.
    Top gear has been going for years and has been one of my favourate shows of all time.For any car fans you cant miss this show its styelish fresh and never dissapoints the writers never run out of ideas to throw jeremy, james and richard into something dangerous like race across europe or drive to the north pole.
    some of the features on the show like star in a reasonable priced car are allways good to watch and the cool wall.
    cant wait until next season.
  • This is a show about cars but the show appeals to both sexes and all ages.

    At first I thought that this show was for middle aged men, who liked cars, but after watching it I quickly changed my mind. The 3 presenters, Jermemy Clarkson, Richard Hammond (Hamster lol) and James May. They make the show, they bounce off each other. Theres lots of banter and laughter. The long bits about cars that nobody can afford are sometimes tedious. My favourite part of the show is probably the news bit where they talk about cars to begin with and end up going completely off the subject. I also really like the "star in a reasonably priced car". This is where they allow a celberity to do a lap of their track in a reasonably priced car (hence the title), where they aim to be at the top of the leaderboard. There is also "The Stig" who is the professional race car driver, (who is also masked), and he teachers the celbs how to go round the track and tests new cars round the track.
  • Fun for everyone

    I know nothing about cars, I have no sense of judgement at all, to me a car is a car is a car but that matters not with Top Gear. Not only am I finding out about cars but I would watch anything presented by these 3 presenters since they bond as a team so well to make the show infinitely watchable even to those clueless about cars. They also make things as light hearted as possible so people don't find themselves all confused about what they're on about. And of course there is the legendary stig, a celebrity in his own right, whoever he is. The presenters can sometimes be a disaster waiting to happen which is slightly suspicious as some may be staged but that doesn't matter, no one does car related fun like them and this show. Essential Sunday night viewing.
  • This is a show about cars with a twist!!!!!!

    The main part of the show is reviewing cars from the ones non off can afford and only dream of ever owning to the cars which we can afford. they review the cars and give there oppinion and advice. from the name you would think it just involved the test driving of cars but its not!!! they as in the co hosts are sooooo funny and brillant charactors who are also friends and take the hand out of eachother!!! the guys set each other tasks which are so unbeliveable and stupid you laugh from begining to end!!! like the time the crossed the english channel in carboats which the designed from old bangers!! r wen they were in South Afracia. then theres the star of the show stig an unbeliveable driver who dosent speak n wears jst his jumpsuit n helmet so no one knows what he looks like but is one hell of a driver!!!!!! hes the one who takes the super cars out on the track and tests the **** out of them!!!!!! the even have celebrites who try out reasonably priced cars to get the fastest time and theres the cool wall with jermay and hammond figting over wat goes were!!!!!!!! this is a must see programme even if you dont knw that much about cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wonderful for both car savoy and non car individuals alike...this show is one on the reasons I never change from BBCA.

    I honestly know NOTHING about cars, so the fact this is one of my top shows to watch says A LOT! But when watching I feel a bit smarter about cars when with friends, girls mostly, than I really am...and looking at James May for an hour DOES NOT hurt. But seriously, it is a wonderful show and the info they give out is interesting,if nothing else the comedy, looking at cars going about a track. I want to learn stick now! As well I'm developing a liking for cars, fast ones at least. This show has changed my life in so many ways.
  • A show in which 3 presenters (Richard,Jeremy and James) review and compete with cars.They test the latest most talked about cars and have competitions in a number of races involving cheap cars see which is best.

    I personally love cars which is probably why I enjoy this show so much but I really think this show is open to all viewers because of it's original humour,witty presenters and overall brilliant entertainment.I find this is much more than a review show and provides you a detailed look at how the hype and actual driving and control of the cars differ.I love the challenges because they give them an unusal goal to achieve eg;cheapest car they can find and see how their different choices compete with each other.I like the way there's a celebrity guest sometimes on the show because it makes it more interesting and although the presenters are incredibly entertaining it provides some offbeat comedy and a chance to see a talk-show atmosphere to the show.I find the most attention-grabbing aspect of this show the presenters who are always brilliantly funny and competitive against each other in the challenges which as we all know is entertainment at it's best.
  • Some genius Top Gear moments!

    I love Top Gear and today discovered that BBC Worldwide have got a really cool Myspace page that has got clips from loads of their shows all the Attenborough stuff etc they have a whole top gear sections which is just brilliant.

    Short but defiantly punchy clips of the best moments are hilarious

    There has been loads of talk about if there is too much larking about and not enough serious car talk but I think Top Gear is great the way it is, looking back at these clips i love it when they jump the old volvo over a whole row of caravans....classic actually there are loads of great clips- which is your fav??? incase you want to check them out!
  • Well it's pretty much about cars new cars fast cars and testing old cars

    This show is hilarious I love the three of them. Their one of the greatest trios I've ever seen in TV. I love their British accent and their humor. I also like cars and everything about them. What I think is that they should tune cars also not only present them. That's why I didn't gave them a perfect ten. What I love are the challenges my personal favorite was the one where they had to buy an Italian super car with only 15000 euro. I also have the suspicion that Hamond is the Sting. Concluding Top Gear is a great show that I recomand to everyone.
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