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  • Greatest Car Show Ever!

    Jeremy Clarkson,James May and Richard Hammond showed great chemistry with each other. I do not even watch the American version because of these three guys.
  • Why don't they do more shows like this one?

    Why don't they do more shows like this one? This is how all shows about cars should be!!! They push each car to the limit and do things to it that we wouldn't even dream about.
    The challenges are absolutely amazing, they make you laugh, make you wish you could be there with them.
    Of course, we will most likely never get the opportunity to drive those wonderful cars they do in the show, but they're a heck of a lot of fun to watch. I would recommend this show to absolutely everyone who loves cars, or even has a slightly remote interest in them!!!
  • Cannot be reproduced

    There have been many recreations of Top Gear and of the ones Ive seen, nothing even comes close to the original. I don't know why anyone even bothers. One of the main things going for this show is the chemistry among the three presenters and their attempts at these challenges. Without their wit, humor, and familiarity with each other, there's really no point in making a replica.
  • Entertaining and informative - this show may not have high technical content, but it is a highly entertaining hour of television.

    Other shows may have more content or are better geared towards the more technically inclined, however, Top Gear has a great mix of humor, wit and informaton that is sorely lacking from all other motoring shows.

    The presenters (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May) have great chemistry together, each providng a unique viewpoint on the automotive industry. They clash playfully with great comedic result that makes you come back week after week.

    Highly recommended.
  • When will the BBC realise this is there best show?

    Ever since Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman decided to bring Top Gear back from the dead this show has got better and better with each series, only now starting to be recognised.

    The wit of May, the honesty of Clarkson and the presence now of Hammond. it is true what Top Gear says, you dont have to be a petrol head to enjoy Top Gear. With the great blend of the epic challenges and the classic road test that slogan comes true.

    It just seems that with every challenge the boundry gets pushed even further as with Jeremy Clarkson comes controvesy, but that just makes it more watchable.

    Now it seems the real challenge now is keeping up with themselves to keep the pace going and keep the show as interesting as it has been, and the fact is in the new series it will be a hard job keeping up with the last series
  • Brilliant, only started watching in New year.

    Makes me happy. You get an adrenaline rush from watching it, and i am a girl (seriously). Fantastic! The humour is quick witted and although it's the same plot, Clarkson, Hamster and May are so quick-witted, therefore it always ends with a different twist! No one knows I watch this and i'm not ashamed to admit it! Hehe, when it came out i though what could be more BoRiNg! all it is is Cars Cars and more cars. but now even i know theres waaaay more to it than that!
    Love u lofty
    lolage X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    By kirzi97
  • Love cars or hate cars, it doesn't matter. Like a good comedy it's the characters that make this show so good. Once you get to know them you can't get enough of the wild ideas, informative content, and most of all, funny road trips.

    I guess it can be both good and bad for a show, when people don't agree on what makes it so good. For me it's all good though. Top Gear is loved by both people who love cars and people who couldn't care less, and view cars as something to get them from point A to point B.

    Top Gear has everything from car news, car tests, road trips across the continents, crazy english humour to sensible information like a crash test summary. If the content isn't enough to interest you, perhaps the characters will. There's James May, aka. Captain Slow. He usually arrives late, and is the sophisticated of the 3. Then there's Richard Hammond, aka. Hamster, who tries the most outlandish things, like monster trucks, drag cars and so on. And then there's Jeremy Clarkson, my favourite. He's loved and hated in England, but I love him. Great sense of humour, and everyone plays well off eachother, the road trips are my absolute favourites. Be sure to check it out, car-lovers or car-haters.
  • Best Car Show, bar none.

    Top gear has evolved into the greatest car show ever, through a mix of humour, good reviewing and awesome stunts. The presenters compliment each other perfectly; James, with the refined, honest reviews, Jeremy with his harsh honesty and satiricle wit; and Richard, with his youthful exuberance. They gel perfectly, which is why Top Gear works so well. It may laos have to with the outrageous, no expense spared stunts like playing a soccer game with cars, racing across Europe or playing conkers with caravans.

    If you like cars, do not miss this show.
  • Getting a bit Gert and Daisy, eh?

    You mean to tell me that we get only six episodes this time?? The nerve... Come on Jezza, we know you guys are old geezers nowadays, but you could do better than 6... We need to see more... scratch that, we demand to see more!

  • Top Gear is a car show that showcases the latest cars but also is funny at the same time.

    Car lover or not, this show is just plain funny. Top Gear features car reviews, challenges, The Stig, Star In A Responally Priced Car and The Cool Wall . It's three hosts represent 3 different generations. Jeremy Clarkson- the oldest one and represents the baby boomers.

    James May- the middle one and represents middle-aged people and

    Richard Hammond- the young one (and the small one) represents todays generations.

    What makes Top Gear so funny is how it is always Hammond and Clarkson, in the challenges who often end up in trouble whilst James likes to take it easy and is the only who thinks practical not like his fellow co-hosts.
  • The End Of Top Gear!

    With Jeremey Clarkson being sacked, and none of the other host want to return without Clarskon. I must confess that I think this show is soon to be DEAD.

    What people don't like about the Hosts or the show itself is fine, there is always a button on your remote to either switch or turn off your tv. So for me and my family this is the absolute end of Top Gear, hopefully we will see the Hosts back on iTV with something similar. Called Hot Cars, or Burning Tires, or something in that tone. Plus 10 when the team was complete, now that Clarkson is sacked a -1
  • how can the other channels continue to make other shows???

    mind blowing,fabulous,Original,creative,Funny,full of ideas,intresting....and the list can go longer and longer than any other show.
    simply its 1 of the best things they played on TV ever...i mean its like ok ok ok many of the people who will read this review wont be convinced about the halo im talking about but people...imagine im talkin about a cars show and my intrest in cars is zero....i never cared about any car weve bought or any1 i know owned!!!!!!!!!!!
    so how do u like it now?????ive been in ur shoes dear when i heared Top Gear on TV or a friend recommended it for me i took it for a granted and i was like yeah yeah a cars show but fffffffffff....
    i can talk more and more but without further addo i simply giving uuuuuu my new best friend.. TOP GEAR ull never get bored
  • One of the most epic shows that have ever come on the air.

    Top gear is a car show which combines fantastic entertainment as well as a whole sea of info about the latest and the greatest cars in the world today !

    I mean what could be better then watching 3 middle age men falling over a lot. And yes the "pet" racing driver is a big boost to the shows apparel. My personal thinking is that the show started out ALL about cars and a slice of entertainment. The start was the year 2002. The show only had a hand full of people in the studio. As the show got bigger and bigger more and more people started to fill the studio , i say around season 3 would you call it a "packed" audience.

    I really like the Top Gear epic races. So far to this day , all from Jeremy racing the first race in the Aston Martin DB9 to the epic but "tedious" diesel race to turn on the Blackpool lights on. (Well sorta Hammond got that one but Jezza in his Jaguar was the true winner). I pick 2 races that i like : " Race across japan in the new R35 GTR , and the Bugatti Race across Europe.

    I could talk for weeks about the show but i must break this one up in saying.

    Top Gear is the greatest show ........*long pause*............ in the WORLD
  • More than just a car show, Top Gear is essential viewing. Not just for petrol heads, it also has a huge following amongst people with little or no interest in cars. This is due to the show's irreverent approach to motoring and its humour

    I love this show. There is no other way of putting it and no use denying it. The chemistry that all the presents have is so magnetic that it makes you feel like they are some of your best friends. And I will tell you something else. Its not an act either. They are also very good friends of camera as well. This is made clear in Richard Hammonds Biography.

    There are many detractors that say that they don't review enough affordable priced cars and that they are generally a bad influence to the motoring public. People may say these things but I just respond by reminding them that they must be watching an episode of COPS and not Top Gear.

    All I see are three blokes mucking around having a good time like any of us would when all our mates get together. The exception being that we probably won't be hooning around in a Zonda.

    But at its essence, its a program that just makes us forget all our worries for an hour and smile in the fact that Top Gear is not a dream but a wonderful reality.

  • I LOVE TOP GEAR! whats not to love? the cars, the jokes, the races, the guys, IM SOLD!!!

    Clarkson,is like the daddy, captain of the top gear ship.
    arrogant, funny, huge but oh so loveable!!!
    May,is like the weird hippy uncle, dodgy hair, kinda soft but he believes hes a "real man unlike the other 2"!
    Hammond,is like ur older brothers sexy friend, very funny, oh so cute, sharp dresser, "the hamster", i want to take him home!!!
    then there is The Stigg!!!! the super driver that no body knows, he looks like some1 from star wars, but wow can that guy drive!!!

    not to mention the cars!!! OH SO FAST< OH SO PRETTY!!! I love this show!!!!!
  • That's it?

    Only six episodes and the season is over? Where are the special exotic journeys and the races with Jeremy in car vs. May and Hammond in whatever? Just watching the guys test supercars and wrecking mobile homes is ok fun, and the hoover car episode was ok, but we expect more now. We should be entitled to at least one epic journey episode or two per season!
  • Love it :)

    Love it :)

    You're all awesome.
  • Quality over quantity

    I love the show and wished there were more episodes, but then the quality would go down because they'd need fillers to stretch out the season. Look at US top gear, they have like 8-10 eps and that makes it worse because they have to get material to fill the season. Finally these guys aren't young anymore. I'd rather they take their time with fewer eps if it means they stay on longer. They make the show what it is and it won't be top gear if anyone of them are replaced.
  • great show

    Great show about 3 car guys cocking about with cars, and having fun. Racing, testing, and burning rubber off all the cars they come in contact with. Powerrr!!! is what im talking about and its a great show 3 thumbs up. Watch them hack to roof off a minivan, strech a compact 25 ft long, and make road building a race agenst the time. Also you will see the best and fastest cars all the way to the slow and/or cheap cars. One of the best show about cars that can has graced TV. when ever you see a show your going to feel like you pissed youself.
  • Probably the best TV show I've seen in a decade. Funny, interesting and sometimes informative, Top Gear is and excellent combination. All three hosts have good chemistry and are fun to watch. Original, witty and rarely will you be let down.

    The Kind of Show You'll Tell Your Friends About. I know I've told everyone I know. Even if you're not into cars, you'll find Top Gear Funny and interesting. I have yet to watch a show that I didn't enjoy. Then there's The Stig. Feeling down? This is the show to watch. World's fastest car vs. a Typhoon Jet Fighter. Japanese Exoticar vs. a Bullet Train. Crossing the English Channel to France in jury-rigged cars. Driving through the deep South (of the US) and well, watch it and you'll see. It's one of the most posted shows on YouTube and has spawned knock-offs in Australia and Canada.
  • A great show that is always fun to watch.

    Top Gear somehow manages to be a car show but yet be funny and entertaining to people who aren't interested in cars. Its a mix of the 3 hosts messing around and often doing crazy things, getting involved in wacky challenges where they often end up competing with one another. Its funny, entertaining, and about cars, what more could you possibly ask for? Plus they don't seem to be afraid to mock or make fun of... well anyone. If you haven't seen it, you need to start watching. For those of us in the US, you can usually catch it Monday nights on BBC America.
  • Top Gear UK is the best show about cars ever made. There's something for everyone, whether you're into cars or not.

    Humour is taken to the next level every episode. It's not just a show for petrol heads, it is also an entertaining comedy about 3 guys and cars. There is never a dull moment and the show is very informative about a range of different cars. The competitions between the hosts get crazier every time with them ranging from drag races to parking challenges there is always something for everyone. The special guest segment is always funny and gives us a glimpse into the guests life and their driving skills. Top Gear UK is the best show about cars ever made. There's something for everyone, whether you're into cars or not.
  • lovin the new series of top gear already!!

    Well on sunday we all saw top gear come back to our screens whith a new character the stuntman and seeig the boys doing there usual stuff.

    gotta tank richard for going with the barbie truck as a police car as this made superb tv. Clarckson being his usual creative self and adding wepons to his car and james may going with the original police car style look :D

    All this and with a brilliant montarge of whats to come over the following week i personally cant wait for them to be back with the next episdoe :D Just brillant :D
  • Top Gear, more than just a car show.

    Top Gear is one of these programs that anyone of any age would enjoy, even if they aren't to interested in cars. Over recent series' it has become more of an entertainment show which provides plenty of laughs while still giving information on cars.

    The three presenters, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond all have a wide range of knowledge on cars but all their personalities combined makes up a very funny atmosphere that makes the viewer feel almost as if they are involved with it. Besides testing cars, abusing the bad in a funny way and showing great appreciation to the good their main area of comical moments is their challenges and events. Challenges such as buying a £1000 Super car, doors fall of when driving and all sorts of funny disastrous things that make the challenges an enjoyable watch.

    Overall this show is something that hooks you in, you wont want to miss an episode. This is a show well worth a watch and grabs people from ages of 7 to 77. Fantastic TV show.
  • It Great car Show Programme

    I Always watch it on bbc2 and its great they have the best cars in the world like ferrari and lambocini and maserati and koindinsegg and buggati the fasest car in the world and they do big races around the world and do lap of the fast cars and its great i always buy the months magazine because its great and the presenters jeremy clarkson and richard hammond (hamster) and james may are ledgends they are funny and they know which cars are good and which ones are just rubbish and its the best car programme in the world topgear its great.
  • This show takes motoring to the next level. It finds innovative and entertaining ways to review automobiles and other subjects in the motoring world. A top notch show that will be a favourite of mine till the day I die!

    Before Top Gear was re-formatted it was just like every other motoring show, which is all fine and good but the producers realised that to keep it running and keeping thier viewers coming back for more they would need to do something different. They realised that the public do not necessarily want to know all the obscure details about every car reviewed and that they do not totally understand every motoring term as well. I knew that this series was something different when I heard Jeremy talk about how torque is a myth and that it was created by the motoring industry to confuse the public. This is something that I think defines the show for me. It is a motoring show run by people just like us. They dont care about the arbitrary things, they care about what we care about. Does it look cool, is it fast and is it fun to drive. This lets the audience relate to the presenters in a totally new way and will keep them coming back for more. Mind you one cannot discount the way that they do their challenges. The show finds ways to make motoring fun and by choosing the right presenters who's personalities conflict just enough they set the show up for many hysterical moments that I find always leave me ending the show with a stupid smile on my face. All in all this show is a rare and brilliant infotainment show that will keep me coming back till the day they cancel it or at least till Jeremy Clarkson leaves... Amazing!
  • Top Gear is the perfect mix of engines, ego's and mad men fooling about having a row with each other. The best thing i have ever seen.

    As Top Gear goes it is a great show for all of the family and can make any petrol head laugh and cry. When it started it was low in the ratings, small and not very long. But with the introduction of the new presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May it's popularity and prime has risen and has captured the nations hearts. Moved to primetime BBC2 and upgraded to an hour long, the show has managed to fit in much more motoring, fun and special ingredients such as trips to America and nearly being killed. The show wouldn't be the same without the grumpy Clarkson, the Hamster Hammond and the long-haired James constantly insulting each other and giving the show the spice everybody loves.
  • One of the most entertaining shows I have seen.

    Top Gear as you will know by now is about cars, but it is not like any other car show you have seen before. People of all ages, both genders and even non-car enthusiasts enjoy watching the trio and their cars.

    The brilliance of the show is the comedy flare, along with how different the three hosts are. They dance on the lines of insulting people, guests and each other, most of the time in good humor but still a bit edge at times. With the format of competing against each other doing some crazy challenges, you end up being glued to the screen.

    For me though one of the greatest thing about this show is the camera work. Every review of a car, every challenge and just about every episode has such an amazing filming and editing that now (they are up to 13 series when this is written) you are amazed that visual directors still seem to be finding new ways to shoot car scenes. If you haven't watched this - You should do that... right now!
  • So much more than a car show.

    Top Gear is quite simply a fantastic show. It isn't really a show for someone wanting to know what car to buy or whether they want to know how many mile to the gallon the average car does. It's a comedy/documentary with three amazing presenters in Jeremy Clarckson, Richard Hammond and James May. The presenters make the show what it is with their wit and humour and passion for the subject. They have great articles on the latest sports cars, amazing guests and crazy challenges. The challenges are all ways great and i allways end up laughing my head off and are the best part of the show. A must see for anyone interested in cars and it's still good if you're not.
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