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Top Gear

Sunday 8:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Oct 20, 2002 Between Seasons



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  • One of the most entertaining shows I have seen.

    Top Gear as you will know by now is about cars, but it is not like any other car show you have seen before. People of all ages, both genders and even non-car enthusiasts enjoy watching the trio and their cars.

    The brilliance of the show is the comedy flare, along with how different the three hosts are. They dance on the lines of insulting people, guests and each other, most of the time in good humor but still a bit edge at times. With the format of competing against each other doing some crazy challenges, you end up being glued to the screen.

    For me though one of the greatest thing about this show is the camera work. Every review of a car, every challenge and just about every episode has such an amazing filming and editing that now (they are up to 13 series when this is written) you are amazed that visual directors still seem to be finding new ways to shoot car scenes. If you haven't watched this - You should do that... right now!
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