Top Gear - Season 1

Sunday 8:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Oct 20, 2002 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Series 1 Episode 10
    Series 1 Episode 10
    Episode 10

    This week there's a review of 2002 and a report on off-roading. Two German cars - the MTM Bimoto [based on an Audi TT] and the AS One - try to set the fastest lap on the track. Jeremy compares the new Range Rover with the Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Cherokee and the BMW X5, by going pheasant shooting. He also drives the original Lotus Esprit and the TVR T350C.

    Richard delves into the fastest faith again.

  • Series 1 Episode 9
    Series 1 Episode 9
    Episode 9

    The Radical SR3 races an aeroplane around the track. The Renault Espace and the new Subaru Forrester 2.0 XT also feature.

    The Volkswagen Golf R32, Ford Focus RS, Seat Leon Cupra R and the Honda Civic Type R - all hot hatchbacks - compete to see which car is the best.

    Stig drives a stripped-out Jaguar XJ12 to see just how fast the old warhorse can move.

    Gordon Ramsay is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    A people-friendly car; motor homes suited to British roads.
  • Series 1 Episode 8
    Series 1 Episode 8
    Episode 8

    This week: 'driver's cars', the BMW M5 faces the challenge of its rivals; a Lada Riva 1.5E gets a make-over from Lotus and who is Britain's fastest van man?

    Also featured are the Audi RS6, the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG, the new Maserati Coupé and a selection of super-minis: the Ford Fiesta, Citroën C3, Honda Jazz, Nissan Micra and MG ZR.

    Sir Michael Gambon is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    A V8-powered food blender is created.
  • Series 1 Episode 7
    Series 1 Episode 7
    Episode 7

    Eco-cars feature his week including an LPG-powered Bristol and Ford's Th!nk, which, driven by the Stig, races against the less-than-sporty Jason. Richard Burns drives the Peugeot RC - a diesel sports car and Richard Hammond tests the Saab 93 2.0T by driving to work, following Government guidelines on how to commute in an eco-friendly manner.

    Jason takes five supercars to a school to see which one the children like best. The search for the fastest faith begins with six men of God(s) driving a Subaru STI Racing car, one of whom is the Bishop of Lewes.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    Stretch limos are created based on European cars. Also: a Mercedes S Class gets a country cottage-style makeover.
  • Series 1 Episode 6
    Series 1 Episode 6
    Episode 6

    Jason Dawe looks at a used Golf, Jeremy test drives his own car - a Mercedes SL55 AMG - and the Renault Vel Satis. Richard drives the new BMW Z4 Roadster. The grannies return... this time to see who can master the 'art' of handbrake parking. The Cool Wall is unveiled and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    A V8-powered rocking chair is built; a "Top Gear" electric car is made; the world's first caravan-based train hits the rails.
  • Series 1 Episode 5
    Series 1 Episode 5
    Episode 5

    Richard drives the Maybach - a £280,000 rival to the Rolls Royce. Jeremy drives the Mercedes S 600 and the Bentley Arnage T. At the lower end of the car market, the lads, with the help of their very own Q - or Ed China as his friends call him, turn a Rover 820i into a budget James Bond car for £500. Jason looks at the Peugeot 206 as a second-hand buy.

    Jonathan Ross is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    The world's first hovercraft van is built. Also: an attempt is made to launch a Reliant Robin into space.
  • Series 1 Episode 4
    Series 1 Episode 4
    Episode 4

    Jeremy and Damon Hill compare the Aston Martin Vanquish with the revised Ferrari 575M; Jason looks at the Nissan Skyline and there's a look at James Bond's Aston Martin. Jeremy interviews rally driver Richard Burns and Richard Hammond compares the Ford Mondeo to similarly-priced German models.

    Steve Coogan is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    An attempt to find the best bus for London's streets. Also: a caravan airship is built; and a dual purpose combine harvester-based snowplough is created.
  • Series 1 Episode 3
    Series 1 Episode 3
    Episode 3

    A Westfield XTR2 tries to beat the lap time set by the Pagani Zonda and a gang (what is the collective noun for grannies?) of grannies see who can do the best doughnuts [a 360 degree spin in a car] in a Honda S2000.

    Two car designers compile a short-list of the best-looking cars of all time. The cars are the Citroen DS, Lamborghini Miura SV and the Porsche 928.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    Richard guides viewers through another batch of stunts and challenges from previous episodes. Highlights include: an attempt to cross the English Channel in a homemade amphibious car; and an attempt to build off-road mobility scooters.
  • Series 1 Episode 2
    Series 1 Episode 2
    Episode 2

    Jeremy drives the Ford Focus RS and compares it with its rivals - the Honda Civic Type-R and Subaru Impreza WRX. He also drives the Noble M12 GTO, a new British supercar. Jason gives advice on buying a used BMW M3 and Richard drives the Subaru Forrester and a MkII Escort. Also, how many motor bikes can be jumped by a double decker bus?

    Jamiroquai front-man, Cat in the Hat and Space Cowboy, Jay Kay is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Ambitious But Rubbish
    Richard Hammond looks back at memorable moments of ineptitude, including the creation of the world's first convertible minivan. James May attempts to drive up the Icelandic volcano that subsequently shut down Europe's airspace.
  • Series 1 Episode 1
    Series 1 Episode 1
    Episode 1

    Jeremy drives the Citroën Berlingo Mulitspace; Richard tries to find out if it is possible to drive so fast that you can not be 'seen' by a speed camera. The Pagani Zonda and Lamborghini Murcielago are the first cars to show what they can do on the new Top Gear track.

    The Ford GT40 concept is in the studio; Richard tests he new Mazda 6 and a Volvo 740 which runs on vegetable oil is featured.

    Harry Enfield is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.