Top Gear

Season 10 Episode 5

Series 10 Episode 5

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on BBC Two

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  • A fantastic episode but it also has Simon Cowell. A deffinate Love or Hate personality.

    I would have rated this episode perfect if it wasnt't for Simon Cowell. He was the star in a reasonably priced car and he was so full of himself and arrogent for the whole segment, it should of been called Simons Space. But enough of that lets see what else this episode had to offer.

    All the lads including stig had a race to the London Airport. Richard by mountain bike, James by car, Jeremy by speed boat and the Stig by public transport. This was a very amusing race and and I was glued to every second of this.
    Jeremy tests the Caparo T1. This is a like a road going Formula One car and it was as reliable as them as well. In other words, quick but breaks down a lot. Richard also looks at the Astin Martin V8 Vantage roadster. This is a stuning car and to prove how fast it is, he races a man on rollerskates, with jetpacks on his back.
    This was another top episode to add to the fantastic collection they have already done.

    Overall 9.5/10
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