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Season 11 Episode 3

Series 11 Episode 3

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 06, 2008 on BBC Two
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Are you a 'proper petrolhead'? The gospel according to Clarkson says you are not if you haven't owned an Alfa Romeo. So this week the lads are each given £1,000 to buy an Alfa Romeo, which will then be put through a series of challenges.

The Bentley Brooklands gets the Clarkson treatment on the track and James Corden and Rob Brydon are the Star(s) in a Reasonably Priced Car.


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  • The boys are given 1000 pounds to buy an Alfa Romeo, a drivers car according to them and are given a series of challenges. That is only the tip of the iceberg on what this episode has to offer.moreless

    Well, here we go again with another installment of out favourite car show and I have to say that this current series is going from strength to strength. But I am not here to review the series as a whole but rather, this episode so without further adue.......

    After last weeks show that was all about cars(Shock), what we have here is an episode with another challenge, plus a car review thrown in for good measure. Now this might sound like I am being a bit critical of it but I am not. I was a really fun episode but I just can't help but think that they are straying away from what Top Gear is meant to be about, cars.

    That said, boy, did I laugh most f the way through this. We started of with Jeremy reviewing the Bentley Brooklands. This was a classic review with lots of different inuendo and comedy while still being very informative.

    We also had the TSIARPC segement. To be honest, I much prefer it when they only had one guest instead of two but that is just my opinion. I just didn't really find it all that entertaining.

    Now we get to the crust of what this episode was all about. The boys are given 1000 pounds to buy an Alfa Romeo, a drivers car according to them and are given a series of challenges. The first of these challenges is a track day. I won't give away any spoilers but the cars the bought are slightly out of there depth here.

    They then have to head of on a bit of a journey to an Alfa Romeo car day and have there cars fully inspected by people who know Alfa's inside and out. All I have to say about that journey is that it is laugh out-loud funny and a treat to watch.

    Overall, this is another fantastic episode but with a couple of tweaks, it could of been a classic.

    Overall 9/10.moreless
  • Alfa Romeos...

    so, now they try to prove that Alfa Romeo can be a car and find their own reasons why it is a good car - we have much fun around while they try to do that. I specially loved the race day and then car exhibition - I still not getting clearly how Clarkson managed to roll his car but it was so well cut there.. and the moment they showed that.. was great.. and not that all other cars on race track were some really fancy ones... And then the exhibition and the lowest point.. or how they even get Hammond there.. what a great laugh..

    Good episode.moreless

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    • James May: [referring to the Bentley Brooklands] Well I'm just saying that you know that that car is German 'cause it's got too much power. They've overdone it as usual... like they did on their French holiday in 1939.
      Jeremy Clarkson: James, James, the Queen is German, but you don't sing 'Deutschland, Deutschland über alles' every time she comes on the television do you?
      James May: Well I do, actually.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: [talking about Prince Charles running his Aston Martin DB6 on wine] It's a waste of good wine... unless of course he's... [Jeremy adopts a posh accent] 'nasty whine coming from your engine, sir'. [impersonation of Prince Charles] 'Yes I know, it's the South African'.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: At Least there's no play in the steering.
      Richard Hammond: That's all part of the character...
      Jeremy Clarkson: Shall we all just have a look at the front wheels ladies and gentleman? [Jeremy turns the steering wheel, which moves but the wheels do not] You could drive this through an American movie.

    • James May: I'm Not sure what I'm less of actually: a woman or a racing driver.
      Jeremy Clarkson: Let's be honest, you've dabbled with being both.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: [talking to a woman in audience] A tanning Salon? I have no idea... Richard, what's that?

    • Jeremy Clarkson: This is the thing you have to remember is Alfa Romeo build a car to be as good as it can be… briefly.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: [referring to the Alfa Romeo GTV] Yours is, I think, a triumph of style over substance. I can't even look at the front of one of these cars because I get sexually exited.

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