Top Gear

Season 13 Episode 3

Series 13 Episode 3

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2009 on BBC Two
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Bankers, large dogs and the Police. These are the things Top Gear needs to test sensibly-priced small cars that people can actually afford to buy without making you turn over to watch Hope Springs.

James meets the 'American stunt driving legend' Ken Block which will probably result in a stunt of some sort and Jeremy drives the Mercedes SL Black on the track. The boys also find time for a game of Car Sauna.

Michael McIntyre is the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car.moreless

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  • Though not one of their better shows, the fantastic filming of Ken Block's rallying makes this a memorable episode.

    Top Gear is an entertainment show much more than any realistic car show, which is why we love it. In this episode they spend way too much time on looking at total of 6 reasonably priced cars, hating more or less all of them, and more seriously - NOT trashing single car.

    The guest was funny, but for non-UK resident, an unknown one! What saved the show, and the reason why it still scores above 8 is the absolute brilliant stunt driving of Ken Block. Any action film would have been proud of a car "race" such as this one, where the scenery played a big part, with planes, junkyards, airport and sand dunes. Throw in the mix a motor-cross and superb film work and editing, and you have something really worth watching.

    I do hope though that this will be it for looking at "normal" cars, and that the trio gets back to some irresponsible races, preferably across exotic locations with outstanding filming.moreless
  • I've just watched this on YouTube and I'm a bit worried.

    I've just watched this on YouTube and I'm a bit worried.

    I've seen almost every episode of Top Gear Australia (being from Australia) and yes, it has it's problems (let's not go there), I readily admit that, but this UK series

    The race to the North was excellent. Schumacher unveiled as "the Stig" and watching chatter on the internet about it, again excellent. Not much else has even come close.

    Anyway onto this episode. Jeremy drives the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black. He doesn't like it because it can't keep up with the Mercedes McLaren and it doesn't handle well and you can't drive it quickly.

    The boys were then told to get small cars and see which ones were best. They went into the centre of London and though on the TGUK website they say it wasn't set up (it didn't look it either) nothing really happens except for making some sort of protest against the government. It felt like a let down because I was expecting them to say something profound about the cars.

    They were then told they'd been stupid and told to pick new small cars they liked and take them to the test track. Jeremy's Skoda Roomster is very slow but roomy. Richards Alfa MiTo is quick but not very big. James' Toyota iQ is the quietest and least harsh but too small for a St. Bernard. At the end of the show 2/3 of the presenters say what they really meant is that the Fiat 500 is the best small car around. Michael McIntyre is the SIARPC and is funny, or annoying. It depends on how you're feeling.

    James is taken round a airport in Ken Block's WRX. Which if you watch the Youtube vids embedded on the TGUK website, are better. These last few things are my complaint about this and some of the previous few episodes and why I mentioned TGA at the start. It feels like a few things have happened to the show. The guys are trying too hard now (Big dog/Small car test, Best car for 17 yr olds track challenge), some of TGA's camera work has rubbed off on them (Merc SL 65 AMG Black), they are exploring things with no reason behind them (Ken Block) which is a complaint made at TGA, there are no scores kept for some challenges (Small car test) which happened in the last (excellent) season.

    Feel free to disagree. I'd like to be convinced that I'm wrong but at the moment, I'm just not feeling it.moreless

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    • Jeremy Clarkson: Some say that he thinks crisps are animals. And that if he'd done well at Wimbledon once in a while, he might have been able to raise a smile. All we know is he's called the Stig.

    • Richard Hammond: The wing mirrors have been made using fairground hall of mirrors glass… that's either a bus, or now it's a skip and now it's a big clown.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: As we know, nothing in life is very good and appalling at the same time, apart from the Jeremy Kyle Show… and Manchester United… and all of Burt Reynolds's films.

    • Richard Hammond: Am I right in saying that they've only imported eight of these into the U.K.?
      Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah.
      Richard Hammond: So, that means they need to find eight people, in Great Britain, with more money than sense?
      Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah.
      Richard Hammond: So who does this one belong to?
      Jeremy Clarkson: Theo Walcott.

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