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Season 8 Episode 6

Series 8 Episode 6

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 16, 2006 on BBC Two
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A caravan on Top Gear never lasts the full hour as they are usually blown up, crushed or set alight pretty quickly. These options are available to the lads, but not before the three of them take a caravanning holiday in Dorset. The Stig, with the Toyota F1 team, finds out how fast you can drive indoors and the Mazda 6 MPS, Mondeo ST220 and the Vauxhall Vectra VXR are tested.

Brian Cox is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.moreless

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Episode 6
  • The Top Gear Team go on a disasterous holiday

    The Top Gear presenters were ranting on about how much caravanners annoy them and what was so great about caravanning so they decide to go on one. Cue destruction! Many things happen on their enlighting and brilliant (if you use those terms extremely lightly) such as the Top Gear dog being sick, the caravan being crashed into a bollard, almost being sent to jail by the police and James May actually trying to park the caravan at the caravan park. However, never ask Jeremy to cook chips (or any food for that matter) unless you want your house to be torched and never let Hamster get hold of a pillow!

    I was laughing so hard that I was practically crying with laughter!moreless
  • Quite possibly the second most hilarious moment in television history after the Top Gear Winter Olympic Special

    I must confess a conflict of interests here: I have always hated caravans. With a passion. They're sh*te.

    So how happy was I to see one getting burnt to the ground? Pretty happy, that's how much.

    From being unable to do a u-turn and causing a traffic jam to the Hamster being kidnapped by some old biddy who turns out to be his Stephen King style's greatest fan, this was tv at it's finest. What is fun about caravanning in the UK? Nothing, that's what. You need to do it in a country with good weather, in sites which are large enough that you can have some privacy and some fun and in places which are worth visiting. A site next to a motorway fulfills no such criteria.

    I have no memory of who the celebrity driver was, but he/she was funny too. What more can you ask for of a Sunday?moreless
  • Jeremy, James and Richard go on a caravan holiday

    This was absolutely brilliant! I still can't believe that they managed to destroy a caravan without actually meaning to. For the first time ever they were trying tp prevent the caravan from being destroyed and ended up destroying the tent of the people next to them! I loved this episode from start to finish even if Richard Hammond does annoy me. I still want to know why they got that dog though, especially since it doesn't like cars and it threw up in the car!

    Once again it was a brilliant episode and it's a shame that there are only a few episodes left in the seriesmoreless
  • Classic Top Gear. Fast Cars and dead caravans

    What a great episode. After years of killing caravans the boys go on a caravan holiday and the usual brand of top gear brilliance happens along the way like the crash which proves how bad a driver James May really is and the fire which although was good to watch I thought was probably staged. This episode was notable for Top Gear Dog's first out of studio apperance but all she did was be sick.

    One bad thing was the film out the sales reps cars whcih i though went on too long. this film was only entertaining because of Jeremy's rather stupid charts. I like the film about the indoor F1 car even if it wasn't exactly the result the producers were looking for I think

    Overall This was classic Top Gear showing why t is the best show on a sunday night and on BBC 2 all weekmoreless
  • why do people do caravaning? clearly not to torch the campsite

    for me after a long hiatus during the world cup et al it had to be good for me to get back into the groove and with this episode it came back with a bang both metaphorically and physically. there attempts of carvaning made me laugh to a point where tears coming out of my eyes partically during the fire and reversing scene. they attempts were feeble at best and 3 blokes who had not clue into this would be minimalling laughable and humourous but this episode ticked all the right boxes for me. for me a great episode which will stay in my sky+ box for a little whilemoreless

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    • Jeremy Clarkson: Some say he invented Branston Pickle. And that if you insult his mother, he will headbutt you in the chest. All we know is he's called the Stig.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: [Hears a train going by as he is lying in bed] Oh good, a train!
      Richard Hammond
      : Nice. That's nice.
      Jeremy Clarkson
      : Listen... how often is that gonna happen all night?
      James May
      : It's alright. It's romantic.
      Richard Hammond
      : Don't say things like that! I'm on the same bed as you!

    • Jeremy Clarkson: [referring to the Vauxhall Vectra VXR] There's only one word to describe this car... begins in 'S', ends in 'T' and it isn't 'soot'.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: A 161 mph Vectra. That's like watching someone from Weight Watchers do the four minute mile.

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    • Jeremy Clarkson: ..and that if you insult his mother, he will headbutt you in the chest. All we know is, he's called the Stig.

      This is in reference to an incident during the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final Game between Italy and France. Marco Materazzi of Italy was headbutted by Zinedine Zidane of France after Materazzi insulted Zidane's sister. Zidane was subsequently sent off.