Top Gear

Season 9 Episode 5

Series 9 Episode 5

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on BBC Two
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In response to recent criticism regarding speed, Top Gear presents to you - and I hope in particular, the Scottish Green Party, the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. That's that criticism dealt with then. They get through a fair amount of petrol on Top Gear, so in an attempt to find an alternative source of fuel, The Captain, Brokeback and Murderer go green - slightly, by attempting to 'grow' their own fuel. The sight of tractors on the Top Gear track will undoubtedly delight and confuse in equal measure. The chance of a small fire is also quite likely. Also this week, Jeremy makes a public information film: this involves crashing a train into a people carrier - a French people carrier. It might not have the same effect as the public information films from the 1970s, but at least the clothing will be authentic. To the absolute delight of Jeremy, Kristin Scott Thomas is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.moreless

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  • An Espace is destroyed in a rail safety special, the presenters attempt to FARM petrol, quite a disaster. Hammond and May tease Clarkson on his attempts to make Kristin Scott Thomas (Star in Reasonably Priced Car) fall for him.moreless

    The start of the program sees a people carrier being destroyed in a safety demonstration to discourage people jumping the lights at a level crossing. While Clarkson's style loses the seriousness of the issue, the impact we see with the train is quite self-explanatory. That was some amazing damage and I sure will never jump a level crossing after seeing that (never did, never will).

    The lines for the presenters were superbly written as usual. Hammond and May taking the mick out of Clarkson's SUIT was hilarious. During Clarkson's conversation with Kristin, he liberally tells lies about which cars are cool/uncool, in contradiction with earlier Top Gear episodes, to match the lady's tastes! All too funny, classic Top Gear, exactly why I watch this show.

    As for the farming, we've seen it all before but it is funny every time - the presenters' idiotic antics are entertaining. The unique "drag" race was just great! We also have the usual mess-ups during the ploughing, cultivating and seeding.

    Simply classic Top Gear, clever scripts as usual. I'll give this a 9.4/10, bearing in mind 9.2 is "average at

    My "British University" rating...6.5/10, a 2:1 honours.moreless
  • Hammond destroys a one-off prototype Astra and chases some sheep, May can't drive a tractor and Jeremy blows stuff up and destrous an espace.. Just like old times!

    Another fantastic installment from the Top Gear team. They try to "grow" their own petrol with mixed (read:bad) results but, as always, it proves hilarious.

    After selecting their respective tractors, the boys set to work ploughing their rented field. James manages to make one pass and then gets stuck, Hammond breaks his tractor trying to turn around and Jeremy, being Jeremy, turns to explosives. As always for the Top Gear boys (and dog), everything that can possibly goes wrong, does.. Then some more stuff goes wrong that you woulnt even think could go wrong! But it's all in good fun.

    Jeremy takes the new Lambo monster out on the track and gives it a thrashing, which looks like a lot of fun. Before that, though, he turns his attention to public service announcements by putting an espace on a train track with some impressive footage and a somewhat misguided message to show for it.

    This was a very Jeremy-centered episode, which i have no problem with, especially since he wasnt in the Reliant Robin Rocket segment last week which took up a big chunk of the show. A great episode, 9.5/10 from me cuz i couldnt imagine it being much better!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • James May claimed in this episode that Phil Drabble was dead. He was in fact alive and well and living in Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire at the time this episode was shown. Mr. Drabble died on the 29th July 2007 at the age of 93.

    • The average viewing figure for this episode was 7.4 million, peaking at the end of the programme at 8 million.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jeremy Clarkson: Some say that he sucks the moisture from ducks. And that his crash helmet is modelled on Britney Spears's head. All we know is he's called the Stig.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: Speaking of which; how are the electric windows in your Porsche Boxster?
      James May: Fine.
      Jeremy Clarkson: Still broken?
      James May: No, they work. I'm not always in it when they work...

    • Richard Hammond: Hey, you can tell Kristin Scott Thomas is coming into the studio as a guest today.
      James May: How?
      Richard Hammond: He's wearing a suit, look at him!
      Jeremy Clarkson: All my jeans are in the wash.
      Richard Hammond: Oh really all of a sudden, 92 programmes we've done - you've been in jeans, now today when Kristin's coming in, they're all mucky.
      James May: I thought he was going for a job interview.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: [to James] Why don't you tell the ladies and gentlemen what happened when we all met up the other day to go on a shoot... met at the hotel we had to go to a location, you turned up in your Panda we had, I had an Aston that day and you [Hammond] had a 911.
      Richard Hammond: Yeah.
      James May: Well alright, but in fairness, I had only picked it up that morning and it only had eight miles on the clock and I didn't know what all the knobs and things did yet...
      Richard Hammond: What do you mean - there's only two knobs in it - well three if you count the one who bought it. It's a simple car.
      James May: Anyway, I said: 'look, I haven't got a map can I just follow you'? And they said 'yes, yes of course you can, come on off we go' and they went off at 120 miles an hour.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: This Maserati...
      James May: He's had his hair cut as well.
      Richard Hammond: He has! You have!
      Jeremy Clarkson: I have had my hair cut because it was too long.
      James May: Last week...
      Richard Hammond: Were you combing it frantically before...
      Jeremy Clarkson: Shut up! What did you say?
      James May: I was going to say, last week I had mine cut and you said: having your hair cut on a studio day was "gay".
      Jeremy Clarkson I said you should spend more than four pounds on a haircut, James. That's what I actually said.
      James May: So why didn't you?
      Jeremy Clarkson: Will you shut up!

    • Richard Hammond: So how do you clear sheep?
      Jeremy Clarkson: Call Fred Dibnah.
      Richard Hammond He's dead.
      Jeremy Clarkson: It's not Dibnah is it, it's Fred Drabble.
      James May You mean Phil Drabble. He's dead as well.
      Richard Hammond: So what shall we do?
      Jeremy Clarkson Could use dynamite.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Richard Hammond: So how do you clear sheep?
      Jeremy Clarkson
      : Call Fred Dibnah.

      Fred Dibnah M.B.E. was a steeplejack. Steeple-jacking and steam engines were his two main passions. He was the subject of many television programmes which involved his work as a steeplejack in the north west of England. According to his website, Fred would never use dynamite.

      This would exclude him from helping in clearing the sheep in this episode of Top Gear. In theory, he could have used his traction engine, 'Betsy', to flatten them, though.

    • James May: You mean Phil Drabble. He's dead as well.

      Phil Drabble O.B.E presented One Man and His Dog. A programme about sheepdog trials which at its peak, attracted an audience of around eight million. It was cancelled by the BBC in 1999 after twenty-three years on air. At no time was dynamite ever used instead of a sheepdog on One Man and His Dog. Maybe if they had used dynamite the programme would still be on television today.