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  • Season 8 Episode 8: Series 8 Episode 8

  • Jenson Button and Jeremy talked to some extent about why Jenson had not won any races and how much he would like (and what he would give) to win a grand prix. One week later (6th August 2006), Jenson Button won his first race - the Hungarian Grand Prix.

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Series 8 Episode 4

  • Koenigsegg claims the improved time wasn't due to the wing!

    In June 2006, Swedish car magazine Bilsport published an on-line article where Koenigsegg spokesman Lotta de Salvatore claimed that the lap time was not due to the rear wing (as Jeremy claimed). Instead, a better chassis set-up had allowed the Stig to improve the Koenigsegg CCX's lap time by 2.8 seconds. The article stated: "The reason the Stig went off the first time was that we hadn't had time to set the car up properly, it was over-steering slightly. For the second attempt, the CCX had a perfect set-up and better grip. The wing doesn't do any good at the speeds seen on the Top Gear track, only above 300 km/h does it start helping".

  • In Series 8 Episode 1, the Stig was quoted as saying that if the Koenigsegg CCX had a rear spoiler to create down force on the rear of the car, the car would be around 4 seconds faster on the track.

    The new Koenigsegg CCX (with the 'Top Gear Wing') was 2.8 seconds faster and managed to beat the Zonda F by just under 1 second.

  • Season 8 Episode 3: Series 8 Episode 3

  • In the challenge to build an amphibious vehicle, Clarkson buys a Toyota Hilux and paints an extra "B" into the back, so it reads, "TOYBOTA".

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Series 8 Episode 1

  • It's hard to believe, but at least 280 people in the UK love the pink Micra C+C, which Richard drove in this episode.

    In 2005, Nissan pledged 90 pence to Breakthrough (a Breast Cancer charity) for each person who texted in to win one of five pink Micra C+Cs. The publicity from this charity initiated a run of 100 similarly produced Micras followed by a further run of 175 more Micras in 2006.

  • No, Koenigsegg is not the Swedish word for 'my head has just exploded'; it is in fact the name of the founder of the company Christian von Koenigsegg. If you were wondering, the correct translation of the phrase to Swedish would be: "Mitt huvud har precis exploderat"

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