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Chris Evans takes the Dodge Viper ACR to the home of Top Gun in Nevada, to battle Sabine Schmitz in a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Matt LeBlanc tackles wildest Morocco in Somerset's finest off-roader, the Ariel Nomad. Back on British soil, Evans and LeBlanc take a rather soggy road trip to Blackpool in a pair of roofless Reliant three-wheelers, whereupon they are tasked with defending the honor of their nations in a series of grueling UK-versus-USA challenges. Back in the studio, this week's celebrity guests are Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsey. Stay tuned for Top Gear: Extra Gear at the end of the episode!moreless
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May 30, 2016
Top Gear needed a full restart not someone trying to be Jeremy Clarkson. Chris Evans doesn't seem to be car crazy enough or to have a personal vision of what motoring should be about. As much as I like Matt Leblanc and Sabine Schmidt, where are the British petrol heads?
May 30, 2016
So ... 15 minutes into this ... and I want to cry. Matt is ok-ish ... but Chris - just so freakin' annoying. Looks the same with all the cut scenes, the Stig, blah blah ... Nope. No matter what budget they throw at these guys, it's just not going to be the same.

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