Top of the Pops (UK)

Season 42 Episode 36

4th September 2005

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Sep 04, 2005 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Onscreen Factoid: Gorillaz are in reality Damon Albarn (creator of Blur) and Jamie Hewlett (creator of 'Tank Girl').

    • Onscreen Factoid: Britney Spears once sang with the [Pussycat Dolls] girls as a birthday present for her brother.

    • Onscreen Factoid: They [The Specials] were pretty important, this fresh-faced bunch. Even today, everyone from The Streets to Gwen Stefani to Blur regularly name them as an influence. Not only that, founding member Jerry Dammers set up his own 2-Tone label to develop and produce other acts including the mighty Madness. The world literally wouldn't be the same without them.

    • Onscreen Factoid: Boy George once appeared in a Les Rythmes Digitales video.

    • Onscreen Factoid: Hayseed Dixie's new album is made up entirely of Kiss covers.

    • Onscreen Factoid: She's been around a long time has our Jessica starting out as a child performer on America's religious circuit. Then at the age of 12 she tried to follow the lead of Britney, Christina and Justin by auditioning for US TV's 'Mickey Mouse Club'. She's come a long way since then though with a Hollywood career and everything! Mickey Mouse must be kicking himself.

    • Onscreen Factoid: The Ordinary Boys take their name from a Morrissey song.

    • Onscreen Factoid: This [Rod Stewart - Maggie May] is one of those brilliant 'it had to be seen to be believed' moments. Not because it sees Rod reunited with his old Faces buddies, Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Lane. Not because it features a random appearance by the late, great, John Peel who's miming along on a mandolin. But because for the first time in his career Rod isn't the most oddly dressed man on the stage. Nice work fella!

    • Onscreen Factoid: Jamie Cullum sang at the Queen's 77th birthday party by request of Prince Charles.

    • Onscreen Factoid: Chartlotte [pun, not a typo] Church is a regular member of her gran's pub quiz team.

  • Quotes

    • Phill Jupitas: L-L-Little Fearne will now read the the top ten singles! (to Fearne) Cotton go!

    • Fearne: (about Pussycat Dolls) I love that song! It makes me slightly hyperactive!
      Phill: Yes, very excitable is my companion here.

    • Fearne: Now, a group of ladies who started back in the 90s as a saucy cabaret act in LA. (to Phill) Is that not how you started off Phill?
      Phill: Well, I look good in a bra Fearne.

    • Phill Jupitas: That's Homer Simpson there... I'm sorry, Jessica Simpson! Jessica Simpson, These Boots Were Made For Walkin'!

    • Phill Jupitus: I'm given to understand that Miss Church likes to start her evenings out with a beverage called the 'Cheeky Vimto'. There you go, didn't know that did you?

  • Notes

    • Archive Shows: Rod Stewart 'Maggie May' taken from Episode #420 broadcast 27th December 1971. Specials 'A Message to You Rudy' taken from Episode #820 broadcast 8th November 1979.

    • Live: Jamie Cullum, The Ordinary Boys, Hayseed Dixie, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Pussycat Dolls.
      Pre-recorded: Charlotte Church.

    • Mad Presenter: Most of what Phill Jupitas, normally a stand-up comedian (well versed in adlibbing), was saying seemed completely unscripted and poor Fearne frequently had a slightly uncomfortable look on her face as if she had no idea what Phill was going to say... or do, next.

    • Censorship: Due to the show's pre-watershed timeslot, the show producers censored the violence in the Jessica Simpson video. This was done by replacing the violent scenes with other scenes from the video. The sound from the bar fight is still included however.

    • Tribute: Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May' performance from December 1971 was included to mark the birthday of the late John Peel, former presenter of the show. John himself appears in the performance, playing the Mandolin.

    • Wardrobe Mishap: Charlotte Church's top gradually drops down revealing more and more of her pink bra and some kind of plastic thing.

  • Allusions

    • Phill Jupitus: "Can it be 10 years since the 'Brit-pop wars' ravaged our once tranquil country? Yes it was, and back then it was Blur that won the battle and once again Damon Albarn has taken those Gallagher's down to number 5 because at number one... it's Gorillaz!"

      Phill is referring to a time in the mid 1990s when Oasis and Blur consistantly fought for the Number One position by always releasing their songs at the same time.

    • Phill Jupitus: Miss Church likes to start her evenings out with a beverage called the 'Cheeky Vimto'.

      A 'Cheeky Vimto' is a cocktail served in many bars. It consists of a double shot of Ruby Port and a bottle of Blue WKD mixed together in a half pint glass. The result is a highly alcoholic drink that looks and tastes similar to 'Vimto' which is a popular British soft drink.