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BBC (Holiday Event 1964)

...with a very blunt axe.

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    No sooner had the 'last ever' episode of Top of the Pops been broadcast, a re-edited documentary was also broadcast which featured the BBCs Director of Telly stating that "Yes, there's going to be a Christmas special this year, The Top of the Pops Christmas special is here, it's not gone away" confirming what I believed all along, the show has not ended. A more accurate term if this was an American show would be that it's been put 'on Hiatus'. Crew and band members were also heard, within the documentary, stating they believed the show would be back. Others claimed that the closure had been handled poorly with very few people involved with the shows production, including the music industry itself, being warned of the decision before it was made. It was admitted that the show could've been saved if they had.

    It seems poor communication is definitely to blame all around, as the show producers have dutifully ended the show in a very final way, just as they were asked, which will now look quite silly when Sir Jimmy's Saville's off switch will mysteriously un-switch itself come Christmas Day.

    Silly Beeb!

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    What annoys me is that the reason's for ending TOTP was that there were other areas to get music - 24 Hour Music Stations. That's all well and good, but TOTP isn't for hardcore music fans. I see it more as something CASUAL music fans watch. People that like pop, but maybe don't like everything in the charts and wouldn't sit through an hour of videos on Flaunt (24 Hr Music Channel), but would sit through TOTP to see a few of their fave vid's or acts.

    If the BBC wanted to make it accessable 24/7, why not have it made available via the red button on BBCi? TOTP often do this with mini-concerts (e.g. Muse or The Streets).

    I want to see it back in a proper slot on BBC1 or given over to CBBC and on a Saturday Morning.
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