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  • TOTP has been given a bad deal lately. If the BBC could just sort out the air times and promotion then i'm sure it could be successful again!

    TOTP has been around like, forever and I would personally like to see it around when my children are growing up too...and since I don't actually have any children yet that means it's got to stay for a long time!
    I don't actually watch TOTP as much as i'd like to. This isn't because I don't want to, it's because I never know when it's going to be on and the music isn't so good atm so I don't see the point sometimes.
    I think the change in music and how it's been aquired over the years hasn't helped. Back when 'pop' was king everyone used to watch we've got more grunge/rock etc and that really isn't my cup of tea. I love music, i'd rather listen to music that watch television - but I like decent music and not crap like McFly/brian mcfadden. These people don't appeal to me at all. I prefer artists like Delta Goodrem/Nelly/Kelly Rowland (bit of a contrast there lol) and I also like decent dance music - especially remixes of older tracks! lol.
    I guess music channels don't help but neither does this whole downloading generation. Don't get me wrong, it's convenient and cheaper, but it's just not the same. I do sometimes download music but even though i've paid for it I can't put it on my mp3 player - where's the sense in that?!? I prefer to actually have the cds, that way they're solid and they're just...there - you don't get that with downloads :p
    Besides, dont'cha think downloads are just [i]too[/i] convenient? There isn't the same amount of effort like there used to be. Clicking the mouse a few times isn't the same as being in a shop and buying that music off the shelf. It doesn't seem like fun anymore. People should get their asses away from the computer and get back to the real world!!!
    There's no surprise anymore 'real' competition. We need that element back asap!
    I don't get why TOTP has been moved to BBC2 - it should have stayed on BBC1 - that's it's home. We all know soaps are popular in the UK and they're continuous dramas so people will choose to watch something like Emmerdale at 7pm so they don't miss anything...TOTP is a fast moving show and people's tastes in music differ greatly so sometimes that's another reason why they don't watch it.
    I think for TOTP to be successful again it should go back to BBC1, air at 6.30pm so a majority of people can watch it instead of having to choose between TOTP and Corrie....but it should stay on a Sunday. I say this because people tend to go out on Fridays' and since TOTP airs that week's #1 it's aleady 5 days after it's been announced. By airing on Sundays more people are likely to be home for one, nothing else is generally on and you get to find out what is #1 as soon as it's official - you can't fault that!
    Of course...bringing decent artists like Delta Goodrem back to the UK would be a good thing too...and getting rid of Westlife...and anyone asssociated with them!
    All in all I think the show is decent enough, we just need more decent artists, more promotion for the show and a shake up of when and wher it is aired. TOTP has still got the magic...just get rid of this damn downloading crap and get back to the real music and the SHOPS!