Top Secret Recipe

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  • Season 1
    • P.F. Chang's
      Episode 8
      This week Todd is in Scottsdale, AZ, the home of P.F. Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps.Todd decides to try a whole new approach to his detective work this time, & gets himself hired as a waiter at a local P.F. Chang's, gaining valuable access to the kitchen.
    • 11/24/11
      This week Todd heads to Dallas to try and clone an American classic - Chili's Baby Back Ribs. After he stops off at Chili's headquarters to elicit some information, he sets out to replicate their famous entrée.
    • Mrs. Fields
      Episode 6
      This week Todd heads to Salt Lake City to take on the sweet treat that sparked his career as a food hacker -- Mrs. Fields Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie. There's definitely something that sets this recipe apart from your mother's, and Todd is on a mission to find out what that secret something is. In his quest to unravel the cookie mystery, he seeks help from some very special, "little" chocolateers, and he even finds himself doing some undercover work as an electrician in a Mrs. Fields store. Eventually, he tries to find the woman behind the cookie (Debbie Fields), but soon realizes she is impossible to find. As a last resort, Todd uses an unconventional method to make a connection to Mrs. Fields through psychic powers. Will he successfully uncover the secrets and finally get this recipe down pat, or will it take him another 20 years to crack the cookie code?moreless
    • Dippin' Dots
      Episode 5
      Watch the full episode.
    • 10/28/11
      Watch the full episode.
    • 10/21/11
      103: Outback Steakhouse
    • Cinnabon
      Episode 2
      Todd heads to Sandy Springs, Ga., to clone one of America's sweetest treats, Cinnabon's world famous cinnamon rolls. It's a race against time, and a multi-city whirlwind adventure as Todd tries to bake a batch of buns worthy of fooling the experts.
    • KFC
      Episode 1
      Todd takes on KFC's original recipe fried chicken. In his traveling kitchen that's known as the Mobile Food Lab, Todd finds his way to Louisville, Ky., to discover what it is that makes Colonel Sanders' recipe so finger lickin' good.