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Season 2's Miltary contestants hurt the show.

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    As an American I'm proud to know anyone that has serviced our country with Military service. However, just because someone deems not to do so doesn't make them a substandard American citizen. Our country is run by people of all walks of life. And while some peoples jobs might give them a comfortable living or better opportunities. We are all citizens of a great nation. That said I felt that season 2 of Top Shot was reverse criticism of that Vietnam Vets received. Instead of civilians taking a negative view of those that served, We had military looking down at those that hadn't. A job is a job. It doesn't define what type of skills you will have. Librarian can be a crack shot with a rifle, A Teacher can be an ace with throwing knives and a Janitor could well be the best pistol shooter you've ever seen. Sometimes life might not allow you to use skills you excel at. Events happen that make your choices limited and just need to find work. I've had friends that are great artist but work as pest control, Housewives that cook on par with chefs and School Teachers that drive cars like pros.

    George Reinas seem to feel that the only true Americans are those that serve the armed forces. He held everybody that had a civilian life beneath contempt. He constantly belittled them. Sure he very talented at what he does. But what he didn't really see is that he is a one trick pony. He can shoot and that's it. He has no other skills. He can't teach golf, sell insurance, manage a construction site, nor is he trained as a police officer. George made sure at the beginning that he and his inner circle of friends never was put up for elimination, even if they deserved to be. Ashley found out the hard way that military or not. He wasn't one of George's friends.

    This show practically "Jumped the Shark" with season 2's Cabal of military working to push civilian and non friends out of the competition. What they forgot was that majority of viewers are non military, and we were insulted. Some of my friends stop watching the show as it became clear that civilians weren't wanted. I'm not saying that everybody that left the show didn't deserve too. But many times we had a military member give sub par performance and get a pass. While civilian members were put up even if they did well. Another pet peeve with Season 2 was the treatment of Jay. Nothing he did seem to impress the military members. They constantly called it "luck" or Jay seems to bring the "magic" Never did they say that Jay is a natural talent that picks up skills quickly or that he was expert marksman.

    By the end of Season 2 with all non red team members and only military remaining. I had no one to cheer for. They had all participated in kicking off better contestants. Joe should never had made it to the final rounds. George only agreed with that when it was his neck that was on the chopping block.

    However there seems to be a glimmer of hope for Season 3. The producers, while never voicing concern or outrage at the outcome or behavior of season 2, have made some clear changes with Season 3. First a lack of any career military this season. Second, even teams. Each team was divide by equally. Two women, Two homeland security agent, Two self taught etc.. Teams divided by winner and loser of first event. Now with these changes we can have a season based on who is truly the best of top shot. Sure we can still have the politics and backstabbing but now it won't be based on some smug military feeling that no civilian can shoot a gun as good as us.

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