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The History Channel Premiered Jun 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Can't believe the shots they make.

  • Great show

    I have watched every season and really enjoyed the show. It is a reality tv show but all about guns. This show is great and the competitors are even better. I love the guns they bring on the show and the challenges that come with it. This show has a lot of potential and I hope it makes it far. Mostly because i love watching it.
  • Awesome

    Who in their right mind would not like to do the things they do on this show. I mean, Shooting a granade launcher, 50 kal sniper rifle, Cannon, gat gun and many more weapons that you would never normally get the chance to use in civilian life.

    The skills shown and sometimes just pure brilliant luck are amazing to watch. Could do without some of the politics and psych games in the house (Jake) But overall a brilliant show to watch
  • Top shot brings 20 competition shooters from different disciplines together to find the very best among them. In the various competitions they often are forced to shoot with weapons they've never fired before.


    Hi. I enjoy it a great deal. Season after season, the competitors have been driven success oriented individuals, who obviously paid a high price gaining their respective marksmanship skills. Its also fun to watch the interplay between individuals from all parts of our country.

    This year, somehow a real jackass made it on the show. Instead of good natured, tough competition it turned in to a soap opera. Each week seemed to hinge less on the competition and more on just how was the foul ball going to sabotage things this week.

    I know thousands of people write in, hoping for the chance to be on the show. I hope this season was a as much of a wake up call for the producers as it has been for us fans. I hope they screen more effectively, and consider language in the agreement the competitors sign that the producers reserve the right to terminate a competitor, for behavior not in the best interest of the show.

    If they felt a bit of "spice might be a good thing" they couldn't be more wrong. If you haven't seen the show, this seasons brat, was about as enjoyable as a root canal, or being stuck in a broken elevator with 3 screaming infants, each trying to outscream the other two.

    Please, more drama about the competition. Less tension fueled by locking regular people in a competition with a sociopath.

  • Have watched every season and enjoy seeing all the weapons.


    Jake is an jerk. Thought Navy Seals were all about TEAM. Never seen such a self centered, pompous ass. Doesn't do the Seals or the military in general proud. Couldn't have found a better host than Coby. That there are both military and civilian shooters is pretty interesting in some of the challenges. Definitely can see the difference in training.

  • Eh..

    This show was pretty disappointing overall. I was very excited for it when I first heard about it, thinking "Awesome, finally a reality show worth watching!" but i was badly mistaken. This show, while still much better than any other reality show, was awfully put together. So much potential behind this great idea for a show, but it essentially was put down in the dust. This show has almost nothing to do with who is the best shot with all types of weapons as it is who can slip through till the end without drawing attention to themselves. I don't even like Kelly but he was definitely the best shot on the show, as he showed again and again, but he just drew the short straw over and over. Then his downfall was being the first to go in a race against time, showing the others exactly what they had to do to win. I guess this show got a worse rating from me overall because it was a severe disappointment from what i thought it had going for it.
  • my name is christi from D.C., I have been an officer for a little over ten years and I love this show. I recommend that everyone watch it at least once and bet that they continue throughout the whole competition.

    I love the nomination range because it is so real and all in your face about who is going to the elimination challenge. It leaves no guessing as to who voted for you. This is by far one of the most interesting reality shows on tv to date. I was expecting a lot more maturity from the more experienced officers and less back stabbing even though this is a competition. In this type of setting I beleive that the two officers on the bottom should go up for elimination on each challenge until the other team has been eliminated. The blue team is my favorite because the red team named them the surf's in the beginning and just knew that they was going to eliminate them with no problem. GO BLUE TEAM!! JJ, Blake and Tara are my favorites but I really want JJ to take it all.
  • Love this show!

    While I am not a huge gun enthusiast I greatly enjoyed this show. The challenges were entertaining and educational. I learned quite a bit about different guns and other weapons as well.
    Top Shot reminds of the Deadliest Warrior just a bit. Not only do you learn about weapons, but you get to see them in use. Unlike Deadliest Warrior though, this is a reality show contest.
    The blue and red teams were fun to watch, even though they seemed a bit unbalanced. The final challenge was amazing - it was fun to revisit some of the former challenges thought it.
    Overall, Top Shot is a great show to watch and learn from!