Top Shot - Season 1

The History Channel Premiered Jun 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season Finale
    Episode 10
    The final four competitors compete against each other in some of the hardest shooting competitions they've ever faced. The first challenge is shooting a Beretta 92F at flipping targets to get them to face your color. In the second challenge, the Final Three get a choice of six different weapons and they get to choose the type of shot they want to do. The final two will face off in a battle of previous challenges put together in one. After a tight competition, one of them will be awarded $100,000 and the title of Top Shot.moreless
  • The Shortest Fuse
    Episode 9
    The teams are now dissolved and it is every man for himself. There are now only seven contestants left and three will go home. The first elimination challenge involves shooting the fuse off an explosive with a handgun (Beretta). The shooter that has the shortest fuse is eliminated. The second elimination challenge combines both stamina and accuracy. The contestant has to run up a hill with four stations increasing in height. At each station the shooter has to hit a target from a distance with the weapon stationed there. Weapons used were the TZ99 handgun (50 ft target),the HK93 (100 yards), the Mosin Nagant (125 yards), and the SVT-43 (150 yard target). The two marksmen with the slowest completion time will go home.moreless
  • The Razor's Edge
    Episode 8
    The Red and Blue team test their skills at throwing knives. The challenge course requires the teams to hit targets with a throwing knife, while balancing themselves over increasingly narrow planks. The first team to finish hitting all targets the fastest win. Meanwhile, a member of the blue team is considering dropping out of the competition. Elimination challenge involves hitting colored tiles with a slingshot. Whoever hits the most tiles in one minute wins the round.moreless
  • 7/25/10
    Contestants get a taste of trick shots in this episode. For the team challenges, teams try three trick shots. They use a Winchester 1873 rifle to shoot a bottle Annie Oakley style over their shoulder. They use a Smith and Wesson M&P to shoot nails. They use a Smith and Wesson Schofield to shoot cans that they have thrown in the air. For the elimination challenge, the two nominated players must use a Beretta Xtrema 2 Shotgun to shoot clay pigeons out of the air. The trick is, they have to throw the pigeons themselves and bring the shotgun up to shoot.moreless
  • Wild, Wild West
    Episode 6
    Contestants get a taste of the Wild West era. Speed is tested in the Team Challenge, where shooters have to shoot as many stationary targets on a Western-layout shooting gallery. First team to hit all 50 targets the fastest win the challenge. Gun used is the Colt Peacemaker. In the Elimination challenge, accuracy and poker skills are put to the test. Gunmen each have to shoot five cards on a stationary wheel and whoever with the highest hand wins. Colt Peacemaker was used once again for the challenge.moreless
  • 7/11/10
    Contestants are tested on their skills with revolutionary era rifles. Challenge is to hit targets from 25, 50, 100 and 125 yards away with the Kentucky Long Rifle. Team to hit their targets closest to the bulls-eye and earning the most points win. Elimination challenge is to be the first to hit a rope from a guillotine faster than the challenger. Weapon used was the Winchester.moreless
  • Friend or Foe?
    Episode 4
    Remaining 13 contestants are tested on how they distinguish friend from foe. Challenge adds memory into the equation, marksmen have to be able to hit hidden enemy targets after they are shown where they are for a brief amount of time. Weapon used in the challenge was an AR-15 rifle. Elimination challenge involved hitting swinging targets and being able to hit the "enemy" targets without hitting the "friendly" ones. Weapon used for the elimination challenge was the TZ99 handgun.moreless
  • Archer Enemies
    Episode 3
    Contestants are tested on their bow and arrow skills. The teams have to shoot their arrows at a 30 foot wide target 100 yards away using a Fiberglass Longbow. The team who shoots their arrow closest to the bulls-eye wins. Elimination challenge involves shooting with a crossbow and hitting apples from varying distances.moreless
  • Zipline of Fire
    Episode 2
    The contestants have their pistol skills put to the test. They have to use a Beretta 92F to hit the glass center of tubes, each one decreasing in diameter. We learn who are surprisingly weak against handguns and who are better than expected. Elimination challenge involves the marksman to sit on a chair attached to a zip-line. The rider has to then ride down the zip-line down the hill, and hit as many targets with the Beretta 92F before touching the ground.moreless
  • The Long Shot
    Episode 1
    First episode of the show briefly introduces us to the 16 contestants. The Red and Blue Team's first challenge involve shooting distant targets with World War I, II and Vietnam era rifles. Challenge involves running through obstacle courses and hitting distant targets with the rifles in the fastest time. The rifles used in this episode were the M14, M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, and the Mosin-Nagant. Elimination challenge involves using the Remington 700 rifle and hitting targets at 200, 400, 600 yards the fastest.moreless
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